Marvelon tablets, 21 pieces


Oral contraceptive, which has no allergens in its structure, does not cause unpleasant side effects with regular use, has a positive effect on the health of a young woman. Myth or reality? Thanks to the relentless development of modern medicine, it is possible to find such a medicine. Pharmaceutical miracle "Marvelon" - a drug that allows a woman to lead an active sex life, without worrying about the possible consequences. A contraceptive is given to women under 35 without bad habits, who have one permanent sexual partner.

In the immense flow of the benefits of combined oral contraceptives (COCs), the fact of an unambiguous guarantee of the prevention of unwanted pregnancy prevails. One such pill is more reliable than a condom, however, Marvelon, according to reviews, also successfully demonstrates its other positive possibilities.

Composition and release form

The appearance of the drug has the standard characteristics of the pill: round biconvex shape, light shade, neat engraving on both sides. On one side there is an ORGANON mark with a picturesque pattern of a five-pointed star, on the other - TR above the number "5".

In one blister - 21 tablets, the number of plates in the package varies from 1 to 6, the sachet is made of aluminum foil.

Among the active substances claimed:

  • desogestrel - 0.15 mg,
  • ethinyl estradiol - 0.03 mg.

As well as a whole arsenal of auxiliary elements, including lactose, stearic acid, alpha-tocopherol, potato starch.

pharmachologic effect

Marvelon is a combined oral contraceptive. Each tablet contains a small amount of two different female hormones - desogestrel (progestogen) and ethinyl estradiol (estrogen). Due to small amounts of hormones, Marvelone is referred to as low-dose oral contraceptives. Since all the pills in a pack contain the same amount of the same hormones, Marvelon refers to monophasic combined oral contraceptives.

The drug also has an additional non-contraceptive pharmacological effect:

while taking the drug, menstruation becomes less plentiful and painful,

women taking birth control pills are less likely to have anemia, certain diseases of the uterus, ovaries, mammary glands,

It has a beneficial effect on the skin, especially improving its condition in acne vulgaris.

After discontinuation of the drug, the ability to conceive is quickly restored.


Do not take Marvelon if you have at least one of those diseases or conditions that are listed below. This should be reported to the doctor before making a decision about taking the drug Marvelon:

Thrombosis (venous or arterial) at present or in history (including deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, myocardial infarction, stroke),

the presence currently or in the history of possible clinical manifestations of thrombosis (including ischemic disease or angina),

diabetes with vascular disease,

the presence of severe or multiple risk factors for venous or arterial thrombosis (see “Side Effects”),

the presence at present or in the history of severe liver disease (if the indicators of liver function have not returned to normal),

the presence or history of liver tumors (benign and malignant),

an established or suspected hormone-dependent malignant tumor of the genitals or mammary glands,

vaginal bleeding of unknown etiology,

established or suspected pregnancy, lactation,

hypersensitivity to any of the components of the drug,

migraine with focal neurological symptoms,

If the drug is used against the background of one of the following conditions, you may need to be monitored regularly by a doctor. Before you start taking the drug, be sure to tell your doctor about the following conditions / diseases:

You suffer from migraine

You have epilepsy,

you have diabetes,

you are overweight

you have high blood pressure,

you have a heart valve disease or heart rhythm disorder,

you have inflammation of the veins (superficial thrombophlebitis),

you have varicose veins,

The next of kin had a thrombosis, myocardial infarction or stroke,

you or your next-of-kin have high or high cholesterol or triglycerides in the blood,

one of the closest relatives had breast cancer,

you have liver or gall bladder disease,

you have Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis (chronic inflammatory bowel disease),

you have systemic lupus erythematosus,

you have hemolytic uremic syndrome (a bleeding disorder that causes renal failure),

you have sickle cell anemia,

you have or had chloasma (yellow-brown patches of skin pigmentation, mainly on the face). In this case, avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet radiation.

Mode of application

Inside, in the order indicated on the packaging, every day at about the same time, if necessary, with a small amount of water.

Take 1 tab. per day for 21 days. Acceptance of tablets from the next package should be started 7 days after the end of the previous one. During these 7 days, menstrual bleeding occurs. It usually starts 2-3 days after taking the last pill and may not stop before taking the pill from the next package.

How to start taking Marvelon® if hormonal contraceptives have not been used during the last month

Taking the pills should begin on day 1 of the menstrual cycle. You can start taking the drug at 2–5 days after the start of the menstrual cycle, but in this case it is recommended to use an additional (non-hormonal) method of contraception during the first 7 days of taking pills in the initial cycle.

Transition from other combined oral contraceptives

It is advisable to start taking the drug Marvelon® the next day after taking the last tablet of a previously used drug containing hormones, as a last resort, immediately after a break in taking the tablets or after taking a tablet that does not contain hormones.

Transition from drugs containing only progestogen ("mini-drank", injections, implants)

A woman taking a “mini-drank” can switch to Marvelon® on any day: using an implant — on the day it is removed,
using the drug in the form of injections - on the day of the next injection. In all cases, during the first 7 days of taking Marvelon®, it is recommended to use additional methods of contraception.

After abortion in the first trimester

A woman can start taking the drug immediately. No need to use any additional methods of contraception.

After childbirth or abortion in the II trimester

It is recommended to start taking the drug on day 21 or 28 after childbirth or an abortion made in the second trimester of pregnancy. When starting the drug at a later date, it is recommended to use barrier methods of contraception during the first 7 days of taking Marvelon®. In any case, if a woman after childbirth or abortion has already had sexual contact before taking the drug Marvelon®, you should exclude pregnancy before taking the drug or wait until the first menstruation.

The use of the drug is contraindicated during lactation.

In case of missing the next drug intake

If the reception of the next pill is delayed for less than 12 hours, the reliability of contraception is not reduced. A woman should take a pill as soon as she remembered it, and take the next pill at the usual time.

If the reception of a regular pill is delayed by more than 12 hours, the reliability of contraception can be reduced. In this case, the following rules should be followed:

A woman should take the missed pill as soon as she remembered about it, even if it means taking 2 tablets. at the same time. Then you should continue to receive the usual pattern. Additionally, you should use the barrier contraceptive method for the next 7 days. If a woman has had sexual intercourse within the previous 7 days, consider the possibility of pregnancy. The more pills missed, and the closer the break in taking the drug to the time of sexual intercourse, the higher the risk of pregnancy.

A woman should take the missed pill as soon as she remembered about it, even if it means taking 2 tablets. at the same time. Then you should continue to receive the usual pattern. Provided that the woman took the pills on time for the 7 days preceding the first missed dose, there is no need to use additional (non-hormonal) methods of contraception. Otherwise, or if the woman missed more than 1 tab., It is recommended to use additional methods of contraception for the next 7 days.

Reliability of contraception can be reduced due to the subsequent interruption in the intake of the drug. This can be avoided by adapting the regimen. If you use either of the following two schemes, there is no need for additional contraceptive measures, provided that the woman took the pills on time within 7 days preceding the first missed dose.

Otherwise, it is recommended to use one of the two following schemes and additional contraceptive measures over the next 7 days.

A woman should take the missed pill as soon as she remembered about it, even if it means taking 2 tablets. at the same time. Then you should continue to receive the usual pattern. New packaging should start as soon as the current one ends, i.e. should not take a break. The likelihood of withdrawal bleeding before the end of the second package is small, but some may experience a spotting or heavy bleeding even while taking the drug.

It may be recommended to stop taking the drug from the current package. A woman should take a break in taking Marvelon® for up to 7 days, including the days when she forgot to take the pills, and then start a new package.

When you skip the drug intake and the subsequent absence of bleeding in the near interruption in the reception should take into account the possibility of pregnancy.

Recommendations in case of vomiting

If vomiting occurs within 3-4 hours after taking the drug, absorption may be incomplete. In this case, you should use the recommendations regarding the admission of the next drug intake. If a woman does not want to change her usual regimen, she needs to take additional pill (s) from another package.

How to change the period of menstruation

In order to delay menstruation, you should continue taking the pills from another package of Marvelon® without the usual interruption in reception. You can postpone menstruation for any period until the end of the tablets from the second package. During this period, a woman may have a spotting or heavy bleeding. Reception of the drug in the usual way should be resumed after a 7-day interval in reception.

In order to shift menstruation on a day of the week, different from that which is expected if the usual regimen is observed, it is possible to reduce the usual interruption in reception for as many days as necessary. The shorter the break, the higher the risk of the absence of menstruation during the break and the occurrence of heavy or spotting bleeding while taking the drug from the second package.

Side effects

The following adverse reactions have been reported in persons taking Marvelon. They may occur in the first few months of use of the drug and usually decrease with time.

Headache, gastralgia, nausea, vomiting,
soreness and engorgement of the mammary glands,
increase in body weight, impaired glucose tolerance, fluid retention in the body, changes in libido, decrease in mood, eyelid edema, skin rash, nodular erythema, conjunctivitis, unpleasant sensations when wearing contact lenses, thrombophlebitis, thromboembolism hearing loss), generalized pruritus, cholestatic jaundice, cholelithiasis, increased blood pressure, intermenstrual bleeding, changes in vaginal secretion may develop vaginal candidiasis.

With prolonged use (extremely rare) - chloasma, hepatocellular adenoma.

special instructions

In the process of applying Marvelon shown systematic medical examinations.

With caution, the drug is prescribed with a high risk of thrombosis, signs of heart failure, valvular heart disease, atrial fibrillation, hypertension, epilepsy, migraine, Crohn's disease, sickle cell anemia.

Smokers over the age of 35 should stop smoking if they intend to use Marvelon for contraception.

Estrogen-containing drugs may temporarily increase the risk of thrombosis in patients undergoing surgery and prolonged immobilization.

In women with a tumor-like formation in the abdominal cavity and / or acute abdominal pain, the presence of a hepatocellular adenoma should be excluded.

Women who have chloasma (when using estrogen and / or progester-containing drugs) should avoid exposure to the sun.

The effectiveness of Marvelon may decrease if it is missed, as well as with diarrhea and / or vomiting that occurred during the first 4 hours after taking the drug.

Drug interactions

Interaction with certain medications can lead to heavy bleeding and ineffectiveness of oral contraceptives. Such cases were observed when taking hydantoins, barbiturates, primidone, carbamazepine, rifampicin, isoniazid,
they are possible with the appointment of oxcarbamazepine, topiramate, felbamate and griseofulvin. A decrease in the effectiveness of oral contraceptives was also observed when taking certain antibiotics, such as ampicillin, tetracycline, neomycin, penicillins, chloramphenicol, as well as activated carbon, laxatives.

Marvelone reduces the effectiveness of oral anticoagulants, anxiolytics (diazepam), tricyclic antidepressants, theophylline, caffeine, hypoglycemic drugs, clofibrate, glucocorticosteroids.

Always tell the doctor who prescribes birth control pills which medicines you already use. If a doctor prescribes other medications for you, let him know that you are taking Marvelon.

Release form

Marvelon is available in blister packs of 21 tablets each for oral use. In one package of the drug may contain 1, 3 or 6 blisters at the same time.

Tablets are round, biconvex shape, painted white. On one side there is the “TR 5” marking, on the other, the inscription “ORGANON” is extruded.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The contraceptive effect of the drug is determined by the ability of its active ingredients to suppress ovulation and increase the production of cervical (cervical) mucus.

Progestogenic substance desogestrel contributes to the inhibition of the production of gonadotropic cells of the anterior pituitary gland luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormoneswhich in turn impedes normal maturation follicle and, accordingly, blocks the offensive ovulation.

Besides, desogestrel:

  • Influences the composition of the mucus filling the cervical canal and provokes its thickening. As a result, cervical mucus becomes an impassable barrier to sperm.
  • Helps reduce levels estradiol to values ​​that are characteristic of the early follicular phase.
  • Does not provoke any significant disturbances in metabolic processes. carbohydrate and lipids. On the contrary, after treatment desogestrel blood plasma concentration increases lipoproteins high density (HDL) and level lipoproteins low density (LDL) at the same time remains unchanged.
  • It does not affect the blood coagulation parameters (hemostasis).
  • Reduces blood loss in women who have previously reported menorrhagia or, in other words, profuse menstruation, accompanied by excess blood loss.
  • Improves skin condition by having it on acne.
  • Promotes normalization menstrual cycle.
  • Prevents the development of certain gynecological diseases, including including diseases of a tumor character.

Ethinyl Estradiol is a synthesized hormone estrogenseries, which in its pharmacological action is similar to the main and most active female sex hormone for man estradiol.

On reception ethinyl estradiol in the body:

  • increase is observed endometrial tissue due to more active division of its cells,
  • stimulates the development of the uterus,
  • stimulates the development of secondary sexual characteristics in women (if they were underdeveloped),
  • mitigate and eliminate the consequences of inadequate gonadal function,
  • level indicators are decreasing cholesterol in blood,
  • stimulates an increase in blood levels beta lipoproteins,
  • increases the level of sensitivity to insulin,
  • normalizes the process of glucose utilization.

High doses ethinyl estradiol lead to a decrease, and small - on the contrary - to increase the activity of production of fpituitary olyculostimulating hormone (FSH).

Desogestrel when taken orally, it has the ability to quickly and fully absorbed from the stomach and intestines. In this case, the substance is biotransformed in etonogestrel.

Bioavailability desogestrel varies from 62 to 81%. His daily intake provokes an increase in concentration etonogestrel in serum about two to three times.

Desogestrel and the metabolites formed during its biotransformation are excreted by the kidneys in the urine.

Etonogestrel has the ability to bind to HSPG (globulin responsible for the binding of sex hormones) by 40-70%, as well as albumin. In the free form remains from 2 to 4% of the substance.

Ethinyl Estradiol provokes an increase in the concentration responsible for the binding of sex hormones globulin three times, thereby increasing the SHBG-bound fraction etonogestrel and at the same time reducing the fraction associated withalbumin.

Ethinyl Estradiol fully biotransformed in the body, and the process of its absorption when taken orally from the stomach and intestinal tract occurs quickly and almost completely. The bioavailability index of the substance is about 60%.

The main mechanism of metabolism ethinyl estradiol is anaromatic hydroxylation. Formed in the process of biotransformation of metabolites excreted by the kidneys in the urine, as well as along with the bile, in a ratio of 4: 6.

Marvelon instructions: method of use and dosage of the drug

Marvelon is intended for oral administration. Tablets are recommended to be taken at one, at the same time of the day, without chewing and washing down with a small amount of liquid, strictly following the order indicated on the package.

The duration of one course is 21 days. Further administration of the drug continues seven days after the end of the first course. This is due to the fact that during the specified seven days, the woman should have menstrual bleeding.

Most often, it starts on the second or third day after taking the last pill and in some cases may not be completed before starting a new course of taking Marvelon pills.

If hormonal contraceptives were not used during the previous menstrual cycle, taking pills is recommended to start from the first day of the new menstrual cycle.

It is also allowed to start taking the drug in the interval between 2 and 5 days of the cycle. However, it is important to remember that the contraceptive effect develops only after seven days. For this reason, in the first week of taking the first menstrual cycle, Marvelone tablets are recommended to be combined with the use of non-hormonal prevention methods. of pregnancy.

When going to Marvelon after taking other hormonal contraceptives, it is optimal to start taking the drug on the next day after taking the last pill of a previously used drug.

When going to estrogen-progestin contraception from progestin funds which include mini drank, implantsand contraceptives in the form of injections, start taking Marvelon:

  • any day, if previously used for contraception mini drank,
  • on the day of removal implantIf this method of contraception was previously used,
  • on the day of the proposed next injection, if previously used for contraception injection therapy.

Moreover, in each of these cases, during the first week of the course of taking the pill, additional methods of contraception should be supplemented.

Women who have suffered abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy, it is allowed to start taking the drug immediately, without resorting to additional contraception.

After childbirthand also after abortion during the second trimester of pregnancyThe course begins on the 21st or on the 28th day. If Marvelon is started on a later date, during the first week of the course it is combined with the use of barrier contraceptives.

Moreover, if a woman has after childbirth or procedures abortion before the start of taking the pills, sexual intercourse has already taken place; the likelihood of a new of pregnancy.

In accordance with the instructions for use Marvelon when skipping the next pill intake, the level of contraceptive reliability remains unchanged for the next 12 hours. A woman should take a pill immediately, when she remembers her, subsequent pills are taken in the usual way and at the usual time.

If the interval between taking pills exceeds 12 hours, the contraceptive effect of the drug is reduced.

If the skip occurred during the 1st week of Marvelon's course, the woman should take a pill immediately when she remembers (even if it means taking two tablets at the same time).

In the future, the course continues according to the scheme described above at the usual time, but the tablets are complemented using barrier contraceptives. In cases where a woman had unprotected sex during the previous week, it is important to consider that she could become pregnant at that time.

Moreover, the more pills a woman missed and the closer the pause in taking the drug to the moment of sexual intercourse, the higher the probability of pregnancy.

If the pass occurred on the 2nd week of Marvelon's course of administration, the next pill is recommended to be taken immediately when the woman remembers this, then the course is continued as described above.

If during the week prior to skipping a dose, the drug was taken daily, there is no need to use additional methods of contraception. If there were, or at the moment, missed more than one pill in the past week, you should use barrier contraceptives within 7 days.

If the pass occurred during the 3rd week of Marvelon's admission course, the degree of reliability contraception may be reduced due to the subsequent interruption in the intake of the drug. To avoid this, as well as the need to use additional barrier contraceptives, it is recommended to resort to adjusting the regimen.

A prerequisite is the absence of gaps in the pill for the previous 7 days. Otherwise, after the resumption of the course of pills, it should be combined with other methods of contraception.

A woman needs to take a missed pill when she remembers about her, even if it means taking two pills at the same time. The further course continues in the usual way.

New packaging of the drug begins when the previous one ends, that is, a break between the packages is not done. The probability of occurrence vaginal bleeding until the end of the second packaging is considered extremely low. However, it is possible that some women may appear slight spotting, and sometimes quite abundant, discharge even during the course of taking the drug.

Another option for adjusting the use of Marvelon involves discontinuing the drug from the current package and maintaining the seven-day interval before the next one. This should take into account the days in which there were gaps.

If the pass in taking the drug is accompanied by a lack of mensesthis may be evidence of pregnancy. Therefore, before resuming the course, it is necessary to exclude its possibility.

If, against the background of Marvelon's intake, such a side effect develops as vomiting, absorption of the drug may be incomplete. In such situations, you should resort to recommendations that relate to skipping the next pill.

If a woman does not want to change the usual regimen, the instruction recommends taking an extra pill of the drug (or additional pills) from another package.

If you want to postpone the time of menstrual bleeding, Marvelon continues to take, without making the usual seven-day break between packs. Postpone menstruation at the same time it is possible for any length of time before the tablets in the second package run out.

During this period, slight or abundant bloody vaginal discharge. According to the usual scheme, the drug is started to be taken after keeping the seven-day break in taking the pills.

If you want to shift the start day menstrual cycle taking the usual regimen of taking the drug to another one provided for in the instruction, the interval between packages is reduced by the required number of days.

The shorter the break is, the higher will be the risk of the absence of menstrual bleeding during the break and the risk of heavy vaginal discharge while taking Marvelon from the second package.


AND desogestrel and ethinyl estradiol are low toxic substances, so the likelihood of the appearance of symptoms that threaten a woman’s health in overdose is assessed as extremely low.

If you accidentally take multiple tablets Marvelon in some cases may be noted:

  • vomiting,
  • nausea,
  • minor bloody vaginal discharge (in young patients).

Antidotes to the drug does not exist. When signs of overdose appear, the patient shows symptomatic treatment.


Marvelon's contraceptive effect is suppressed when the drug is combined with:

In addition to reducing the effectiveness of the tool can also occur abundant vaginal bleeding.

The oppression of the contraceptive effect contributes to the simultaneous reception of Marvelon with antibioticsbelonging to penicillin row, antibiotics from the group tetracycline, neomycin, chloramphenicol, activated carbon and its analogues, drugs that have laxative effect.

In turn, Marvelon reduces therapeutic efficacy:

  • coagulantsintended for oral administration,
  • drugs anxiolytics,
  • tricyclic antidepressants,
  • caffeine,
  • theophylline,
  • antidiabetic drugs that
  • clofibrate,
  • GKS (glucocorticosteroidat).

Shelf life

The drug retains its pharmacological properties for 3 years. Use after the expiration date is prohibited.

Analogs of Marvelone:

Each of these drugs contains a combinationdesogestrel and ethinyl estradiol and, by and large, their main difference from each other is the price. For example, when prescribing Marvelon to a patient, the doctor may advise him on a drug as an alternative. Regulon.

If a question arises, what is better - Marvelon or Regulon, you should pay attention to the fact that the content of active substances and the pharmacological action of these drugs are absolutely identical. But the first of them is produced in the Netherlands, and the second - in Russia, which, in turn, significantly affects the pricing for the sale in pharmacy chains.

Marvelone Reviews

Doctors reviews about Marvelone allow to conclude about the effectiveness of the drug as hormonal contraceptive. At the same time, against the background of its intake, signs also disappear. hormonal imbalance in the body, which is expressed in the form of improved skin condition, disappearance acnestabilizing menstrual cycle.

However, the drug can sometimes provoke such an unpleasant phenomenon as weight gain. Also, some women have noted that Marvelone contraceptive pills help to reduce libido.

At the same time, there are many positive ratings of the drug on the forums. Accepted women emphasize good tolerability, the absence of any unwanted adverse reactions, as well as a decrease in pain and profusion. In some cases, adaptation to Marvelone occurs within two or three months after the start of the course of administration.

Given the fact that reviews of Marvelone are quite contradictory, when choosing it as a means of warning of pregnancy should be guided by the recommendations of your doctor.

Price Marvelon, where to buy

The price of Marvelon in pharmacies in Russia is approximately 580-600 rubles for one pack of 21 tablets. A pack containing three such packages costs 1170-1245 rubles.

In Ukraine, the average price of one pack of Marvelon is 155-160 UAH, and packs with three packs of tablets - 370 UAH.

Unwanted effects

Among the side effects of "Marvelon" can be observed:

  • headache,
  • epigastric pain,
  • nausea and vomiting,
  • breast tenderness,
  • swelling,
  • weight gain
  • skin rashes,
  • contact lenses intolerance,
  • intermenstrual bleeding,
  • arterial hypertension,
  • thrombophlebitis and thromboembolism.

In the first three months, most women have breast engorgement, decreased libido, drowsiness, and headaches. This is how the adaptation period goes, and this is a completely normal phenomenon while taking COCs. If after 3 months the condition of the woman does not improve, you should see a doctor. May need to replace the drug.

Application scheme

Tablets are taken orally, focusing on the instructions of the attending physician and the instructions enclosed in the packaging of the drug. You should take the medicine regularly: daily at the same time.

The course of medication is 21 days, after which a week-long break is taken. At this time, bleeding passes, similar to menstruation. As a rule, menstruation comes 2-3 days after the end of the course and lasts 3-5 days.

The drug is allowed to use 21 days after the birth of the child (provided that the woman does not breastfeed). In other situations during the first week of taking the drug, it is desirable to combine COCs with barrier methods of protection. During lactation, Marvelon is forbidden to take!

After the operation in the first trimester, the woman is allowed to take the pill immediately without using other methods of contraception. If the abortion was done in the second trimester, then the scheme is different. You should wait 21-28 days after the termination of pregnancy and throughout the first week use additional methods of contraception (condoms).

After switching from other contraceptives

  • after “mini-drank” - at any time
  • after implant or IUD - on the day of removal of a foreign element,
  • after injections - on the day when the next dose is due to be administered.

Tablet skip: what to do?

Week 1. A woman should drink a forgotten pill at the same time when she remembered about her. Next, you should take the drug, focusing on the old scheme. During the week you need to additionally use a condom.

Week 2 You need to take a pill right away. If before the woman took KOC on time, then there is no need to use other barrier methods of contraception.

Week 3 A woman should drink the missed pill immediately. If there was no interruption in the admission of COCs, the risk of unwanted pregnancy is minimal.

Important aspects

If vomiting or diarrhea appears within 3-5 hours after consuming the pill, then the drug may not be completely absorbed. Such a condition equates to missing a pill. What to do? Painted above. Reviews of "Marvelone" indicate that it was often vomiting or stool failure that caused unplanned pregnancy while taking COCs.

Antibacterial drugs reduce the effectiveness of Marvelon, which can lead to unwanted pregnancy. During the entire course of therapy it is necessary to additionally use condoms.

"Marvelon": analogues

The homeland of effective tablets is in the distant Netherlands, therefore the high cost of the goods is justified. However, you can save by choosing a medicine similar in composition.

The following drugs are related to Marvelon analogues:

The above drugs are similar in composition and principle of action, but the dosage of estrogen may vary. The contraceptive should be selected by a doctor. If you feel worse after taking the medication, you should also consult with a gynecologist. You may need to stop taking the selected drug or replace it with another contraceptive.

Pregnancy and lactation

The use of the drug Marvelon during pregnancy is contraindicated. In the event of pregnancy with the use of Marvelon should stop taking the drug.

Marvelon can affect lactation, because PDAs reduce the amount and change the composition of breast milk. Therefore, Marvelon is not recommended to apply until the nursing mother completely stops breastfeeding. A small amount of contraceptive steroids and / or their metabolic products may be excreted in breast milk.

Indications for use

The main purpose - the prevention of unwanted pregnancy.

Monthly after Marvelon's course becomes less painful and more regular. Therefore, it is also often prescribed to patients with disorders of the menstrual cycle - abundant, painful or irregular bleeding, with endometriosis.

When menopause, Marvelon eliminates hormonal imbalance. However, in this case, it can only be taken by healthy women in the absence of contraindications.

Drug action

Marvelon is a type of COC. Its synthetic components are analogues of natural female sex hormones, and desogestrel is a modern preparation of the 3rd generation of synthetic progesterones. His action:

  1. The main mechanism of action is the creation of such a dose of hormones as after the onset of ovulation. In this case, independent maturation and release of the egg does not occur.
  2. Desogestrel inhibits the formation of gonadotropic hormones in the pituitary gland, which are responsible for the maturation of the egg.
  3. Marvelon increases the thickness and viscosity of the natural mucous plug, closing the entrance to the cervix. This complicates the mechanical penetration of sperm.
  4. Also, this drug acts on the endometrium, reducing the likelihood of implantation of a fertilized egg.

During the normal menstrual cycle, hormone levels in the body change, causing ovulation and preparing the uterine lining for the upcoming pregnancy. If fertilization does not occur, at the end of each cycle, hormone levels decrease, and the endometrium of the uterus is rejected, causing menstruation.

Additional positive effects:

  • reducing the risk of iron deficiency anemia, which is especially important for bleeding caused by myoma,
  • reducing the likelihood of mastopathy,
  • prevention of inflammatory processes in the pelvis,
  • reducing the risk of ectopic pregnancy
  • reducing the incidence of cancer of the uterus and ovaries,
  • the ability to delay the beginning of the next menstruation, without taking a break between the packs.

How to take marvelon?

This is a monophasic drug. Each tablet has the same dose of hormones, it is taken daily for 3 weeks. After that you need a break for a week. During this period, the level of hormones in the blood decreases, which leads to the development of menstruation. After 7 days you should start the next pack of pills, even if your period is not over.

Medicines are packaged in blisters, on which the days of the week are marked to facilitate memorization. The contraceptive effect continues not only during the use of the medicine, but also during the 7-day break. This applies only to those cases if there were no misses of pills, and the use of another package was started in time, and nothing happened that could reduce the contraceptive effectiveness of the drug (for example, illness, diarrhea, or the use of certain medications).

You need to take the medicine at one time every day, this will help to avoid skipping. Each pill is washed down with water. It can be used regardless of the meal.

Start receiving

From what day to take the drug for the first time?

In an ideal situation, it should be used on the first day of the onset of menstruation. In this case, the onset of action occurs immediately, and there is no need to use additional contraceptives.

If necessary, you can start using the medicine on the 2nd - 5th day of your period, then there will be no need for additional protection from conception either.

However, with a short menstrual cycle (23 days or less) even the first dose on the 5th day may not provide sufficient effectiveness. In this case, you should consult with your doctor if there is a need to additionally use condoms in the first week of taking Marvelon.

With confidence in the absence of pregnancy, Marvelon can begin to be taken from any day of the cycle. But at the same time, a woman cannot be completely sure of the effectiveness of contraception, and in the first week of use she is additionally recommended to use condoms.

Reception after childbirth

In the case of childbirth and lack of breastfeeding, the drug should be started on the 21st day after the birth of the child. This will provide immediate protection against subsequent pregnancy without the use of additional contraceptives. If you start the course later than the 21st day, then it is recommended to use condoms during the first week.

Reception after abortion

If a miscarriage or induced abortion occurs within 24 weeks, you should immediately start taking the medicine, this will reliably protect you from subsequent pregnancy. If the interval between an abortion and the start of Marvelon is more than 7 days, additional contraception is necessary during the next week.

Late admission

If a woman forgot to take a pill, and the interval between the time of normal use and the time when she remembered him is less than 24 hours, you should immediately drink the missed dose, and at the usual time - the next one, even if the interval between them is much reduced.

A gap in use for more than a day is considered a pass. A woman should not be frightened if she missed a pill, but you need to be more attentive to the following recommendations.

Skip one pill

For example, a woman used the medicine on Monday, and on Tuesday she forgot about it, remembering the need to take a pill only on Wednesday. In this case, she should take a pill "Tuesday", and as soon as the usual time on Wednesday comes, use the next pill. There are frequent situations when the patient uses medication in the morning. In this case, on Wednesday morning, she will have to take 2 pills at once - for Tuesday and Wednesday. Additional contraception is not required.

Skip two or more tablets

If the patient forgot to take two or more pills or did not start using the medicine from the new package in time, she will not be protected from pregnancy.

Example: a woman took the drug on Monday, and again remembered it only on Thursday. In this case, she needs to take a pill “Monday” and “Thursday”, and throw the drug “Tuesday” and “Wednesday”. Then continue to use the medicine as usual and use condoms for the first 7 days to follow.

  1. If there are less than 7 pieces left in the current package after the last unaccepted pill, you need to finish taking the medicine from this package and not take a week break, but start the next package immediately.
  2. If there are 7 or more pieces left after the last missed, then you need to finish the packaging and take a week break, as usual.
  3. If there was unprotected sexual contact during the week before the drug was missed, emergency contraception may be necessary (Postinor and others). If necessary, consult a doctor.
  4. If a woman is confused in this information and does not know how to take the medicine, you should discuss the issue of contraception with a gynecologist. Perhaps the doctor will choose a more convenient method of protection.

Vomiting or diarrhea

If vomiting occurs within the next 2 hours after using the medication, its active ingredients have not yet completely entered the blood. Therefore, after feeling better on the same day, you can repeat the reception, and tomorrow continue it as usual. This does not affect the contraceptive capacity of the remedy.

If vomiting lasts more than a day, you need to take a pill at the usual time, and follow the instructions for skipping one or more pieces.

The same rules apply if there is diarrhea.

Important information

When taking hormonal pills should consider the following circumstances:

  1. The drug does not protect against sexually transmitted infections, so in case of sex with an unfamiliar partner, you must use a condom.
  2. When used for the first time, there may be irregular menses, spotting, untimely bleeding, or no menstruation. If bleeding is necessary, consult a gynecologist. If there are no monthly periods for 2 consecutive cycles, you need to perform a test to exclude pregnancy before starting the 3rd package of the drug.
  3. Compared with women who do not take COCs, the risk of venous or arterial thrombosis is somewhat increased, especially in smokers.
  4. The risk of blood clots increases with immobility. If the patient is going to have a serious operation, as recommended by the doctor, it is better not to take Marvelon for 4-6 weeks before the intervention. The COC course can be started no earlier than two weeks after recovery and recovery of physical activity.
  5. During a long trip or flight over 3 hours, it is recommended to do a warm-up for the legs regularly and wear special compression stockings.
  6. When taking COCs, the risk of breast cancer increases slightly. If the medication is taken for more than 5 years, the likelihood of cervical cancer increases slightly. All these issues need to be discussed with the gynecologist and determine ways to prevent and early diagnosis of these diseases.

You should immediately stop taking Marvelon and call a doctor in such situations:

  • stabbing pain or swelling of one of the limbs,
  • pain when breathing or coughing
  • hemoptysis,
  • sudden shortness of breath
  • sudden acute chest pain,
  • severe headache or migraine,
  • sudden impairment of sight, hearing, or speech
  • weakness or numbness of half body
  • loss of consciousness,
  • epileptic seizure,
  • significant increase in blood pressure
  • itchy skin of the whole body, strong urticaria,
  • yellowing of the eyes or skin
  • severe stomach pain,
  • severe depression
  • probability of pregnancy.

Side effects

Of course, not all women experience the following side effects of Marvelon. This list is provided only as a warning of possible negative effects:

  • nausea, vomiting, stomach pain,
  • migraine and headache
  • breast engorgement and tenderness
  • weight gain
  • vaginal candidiasis,
  • shorter periods or their periodic absence,
  • depression, decreased sexual desire,
  • high blood pressure
  • skin allergies
  • non-permanent dark spots on the face (chloasma),
  • liver dysfunction,
  • gallstone formation
  • thrombosis of arteries and veins.

Overdose rarely happens. Usually, it manifests itself as a violation of the stomach, smearing secretions and does not pose a danger to life.

Drug withdrawal

Marvelon can stop taking any day. After that, menstruation may occur. In order not to expose the body to such hormonal adjustment, it is best to stop using the medication, ending the next package.

Cycle failure during cancellation is unlikely. Usually, in the first days after it, menstruation occurs, and then the normal cycle is restored. If menstruation does not start, it is recommended to perform a test to exclude pregnancy or consult a doctor.

Pregnancy after Marvelon may occur already after the first menstruation, as the drug stops suppressing egg maturation and ovulation, without interfering with fertilization.

Complete analogues of the drug Marvelon composition and dosage:

Which is better, Marvelon or Regulon?

Since these are exactly the same drugs in action, a choice can be made for the price: a Marvelon package costs 600-800 rubles (300 UAH in Ukraine), a Regulon package - 350 rubles (170 UAH in Ukraine).

Drugs similar in composition, but which contain not 30, but 20 mcg of desogestrel:

  • Benidetta Mini,
  • Mersilon,
  • Model Ovula,
  • Novinet.

Choose a contraceptive must doctor.

What is better, Marvelon or other COC (Yarin, Jess, Jeanine)?

Drugs differ mainly gestagenny component. Each of them has features that only an experienced gynecologist can figure out. In addition, the body's response to hormonal intervention is different. Therefore, it is necessary to find a qualified gynecologist and apply for the selection of COC to him.

Indications for use

The main purpose of Marvelon contraceptive pills is to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

In addition, the drug is also used:

  • When diagnosed endometriosis,
  • For regulation menstrual bleeding, if they are too frequent or rare,
  • As prophylaxis cystic formations, as well as for treatment with an ovarian cyst,
  • For prophylaxis the appearance of fibrocystic, inflammatory, oncological diseases of the genital organs,
  • To avoid of pregnancy ectopic type.

Photo Gallery testimony:

Composition, release form

The drug is produced in the form of white tablets having a round biconvex shape. On one side of the tablet there is an engraving “TR” and the number “5”, and on the other side - “ORGANON” and a drawing in the form of a star with five ends.

Each tablet contains 30 μg of the active substance in the form of ethinyl estradiol and 150 μg of desogestrel.

Lactose monohydrate, colloidal silicon dioxide, povidone, alpha-tocopherol, stearic acid and potato starch are used as additional compounds.

Pharmacological properties

The drug belongs to the class of hormonal contraceptive pharmaceuticals.

Due to such components as desogestrel and ethinyl estradiol, an unplanned pregnancy does not occur as a result of the use of the medication.

Also, the drug has a number of other positive effects:

  • Lowers the risk of cancer,
  • Is prophylactic ectopic pregnancy
  • Prevents inflammatory diseases in the pelvis,
  • Interferes with development of formations of the cystic form,
  • Reduces the likelihood of fibrocystic disease,
  • Lowers the likelihood of anemia, which is associated with a lack of iron in the body,
  • The amount of bleeding during menstruation is significantly reduced,
  • The process of menstruation becomes more regular with less severe pain.

Dosing regimen

The medication is intended for internal use only. Tablets should be taken at the same time of day.

Each course takes 21 days. The next admission should be carried out a week after the end of the previous course. During this period, the patient must have menstruation.

If a woman first uses this drug, then start taking the pills is necessary on the first day of the menstrual bleeding.

After having had an abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy, it is recommended to start drinking pills immediately. Additional contraception can not be used.

After postponed labor and after an abortion, which was done during the 2nd trimester of pregnancy, the reception should be started after 21 or 28 days. If the drug was taken at a later date, then during the first week of admission should use additional methods of contraception.

If while taking the medication there are severe disorders in the work of the digestive tract, then the absorption of the drug may be incomplete. In this regard, the patient should use additional methods of contraception. In a situation where vomiting occurred within 3-4 hours after the use of the pill, you should follow the recommendations for skipping the next use of the medication. If the patient does not want to change her usual pattern of use, then 1 more (several) tablets from the next package should be taken (the number of tablets to be taken additionally is determined by the gynecologist).

If the patient has forgotten to take another pill for less than 12 hours, the safety of contraception does not decrease. A woman should take a pill as soon as she remembers this, and the following tricks should be carried out at the usual time.

In a situation where the pill is delayed by more than 12 hours, the safety of contraception is reduced. When a skip occurs in the first week of Marvelon, the patient needs to take a pill immediately when she remembers. Further reception continues in the usual way, but additionally used barrier contraceptives.

If the absence of the menstrual cycle has arisen as a result of skipping the medication, this may be an indicator of pregnancy. In this regard, before starting a new course you need to make sure that it is not available.

If you need to postpone the start of menstruation, the drug should continue to be taken without taking the usual seven-day break between courses.

Lactation, pregnancy

The drug Marvelon can not be prescribed to patients during lactation and pregnancy. If the pregnancy occurred during therapy, the use of the drug should be canceled.

The drug affects the lactation process, reducing the amount of breast milk produced and changing its composition. In this regard, it is not recommended to prescribe this drug until complete cessation of breastfeeding.

Instructions for use Marvelon dosage

Marvelon is used starting from the 1st day of the menstrual cycle for 21 days, 1 tablet per day at the same time. After this course, a 7-day break is needed, during which bleeding of the type of menstruation appears. The next 21-day course of taking the drug is started immediately after the 7-day break (even if the bleeding did not occur during the break), preferably on the same day of the week.

If the reception of the next pill is delayed for less than 12 hours, the reliability of contraception is not reduced. A woman should take a pill as soon as she remembered it, and take the next pill at the usual time.

The effectiveness of Marvelon decreases if you are late with taking the pill for twelve or more hours, if you take drugs that can interact with Marvelon, and if you have severe diarrhea or vomiting, they can interfere with the normal absorption of the drug components.

If this occurs within the last seven days of the Marvelon intake course, begin a new course without taking a seven-day break. In other cases, consult your doctor.

Application features

The doctor should make the prescription of the drug on the basis of a detailed medical history and a thorough examination, based on standard practice, including measurement of blood pressure, examination of the abdominal organs, mammary glands and pelvic (including cytological examination of the cervix).

A woman should be warned that oral contraceptives do not protect against HIV infection (AIDS) and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Always tell the doctor who prescribes birth control pills which medicines you already use. If a doctor prescribes other medications for you, let him know that you are taking Marvelon.

Marvelon ® does not affect the ability to concentrate.

Analogs Marvelon, list

  1. Regulon,
  2. Three mercy
  3. Mersilon,
  4. Novinet.

Important - Marvelon instructions for use, price and reviews to analogues do not apply and can not be used as a guide for the use of drugs of similar composition or action. All therapeutic appointments should be done by a doctor. When replacing Marvelon with an analog, it is important to get expert advice, it may be necessary to change the course of therapy, dosages, etc. Do not self-medicate!

Advantages noted by women taking Marvelon:

- Excellent protection against pregnancy,
- Improving skin condition,
- Breast augmentation,
- Weight control,
- Ease of use.

If you read the official instructions for use attached to Marvelon, you can see a large list of side effects that may occur while taking this drug. But most birth control pills have the same impressive list. But the most important feature of it is to prevent the onset of an unwanted pregnancy - and Marvelon copes with this task perfectly.