Climax: reviews of doctors, contraindications, prices, instruction


In this medical article can be found with the drug Klimaxan. Instructions for use will clarify in which cases it is possible to take granules or tablets, which helps the medicine, what are the indications for use, contraindications and side effects. The annotation presents the form of release of the drug and its composition.

In the article, doctors and consumers can leave only real reviews about menopause, from which you can find out whether the medicine helped in the treatment of menopause, menopause and menopausal disorders in women, for which it is prescribed. The manual lists the analogues of menopause, the price of the drug in pharmacies, as well as its use during pregnancy.

Homeopathic medicine, which is widely used in gynecology during the premenopausal and postmenopausal period, is Climaxan. Instructions for use indicates that homeopathic granules, lozenges have a sedative effect.

Release form and composition

Homeopathic drug Klimaksan presented in the dosage form of lozenges. The composition of the drug includes several active ingredients, their content in one tablet is:

  1. Apis C200 - 0.8 mg.
  2. Lachesis C50 - 0.8 mg.
  3. Cimicifuga C200 - 0.8 mg.

They are components of medicinal plants. The tablets also contain auxiliary components, which include microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, lactose monohydrate.

Climaxan tablets are packaged in a blister of 20 pieces. The carton pack contains 1 blister with pills and instructions for use of the drug.

In addition, white homeopathic granules of spherical shape are produced, which are sold in packs of 10 g each.

pharmachologic effect

The action of the drug due to the properties of the active components in its composition. The use of menopause contributes to the effective elimination of vegetative-vascular disorders that caused hormonal imbalance. The drug does not affect the hormonal status.

In addition, this tool has a moderate sedative effect. Climaxan is used in order to get rid of sweating, depression, hot flashes, irritability, heart palpitations, nervousness, as well as headaches associated with menopausal syndrome.

This remedy of plant origin has practically no contraindications and is allowed to be used simultaneously with other drugs.

Indications for use

What helps menopause? Instructions for use Climax recommends taking medication to normalize hormonal levels.

The main effect of the drug is aimed at relieving symptoms associated with hormonal disruption in the period of premenopause and postmenopause: sweating, persistent "hot flashes", rapid heartbeat, mood swings, chronic insomnia, a sense of disruption of the heart.

Instructions for use

Climaxan tablets are intended for oral administration before or after meals. The tablet is kept under the tongue until it is completely resorbed, after which the drug is washed down with a small amount of water.

The drug should be taken 2 times a day, 1 tablet. With insufficient therapeutic effect, it is possible to increase the multiplicity of techniques up to 3-4 times a day. The duration of therapy is 2-6 months.

Climaxan in the form of granules are also taken twice a day, 5 pcs. Without chewing or swallowing - they are held under the tongue until completely dissolved. In severe climax, prescribed by a doctor, it is possible to conduct repeated courses of treatment after 2-3 weeks.

Side effects

In general, the drug is well tolerated. When used in the recommended therapeutic doses, no symptoms of side effects have been identified to date. Sometimes it is possible the development of an allergic reaction (in individuals with food allergies or other clinical forms of allergic reactions) in the form of skin rash and itching.

special instructions

Lactose is part of the Climaxan tablets, and therefore it is not recommended to administer it to patients with congenital galactosemia, glucose malabsorption syndrome or galactose, or in congenital lactase deficiency.

During the course of treatment with a drug, it is recommended to consult with your doctor at least 1 time in 2 months with a view to possible correction of therapy. In case of an accidental overdose of menopause tablets, dyspeptic symptoms are possible, due to the fillers in the preparation.

Analogues of Medications Climax

For the treatment of menopausal and menopausal disorders in women prescribed:

  1. Miacalcic
  2. Klymen.
  3. Deprim.
  4. Bravinton
  5. Inoklim.
  6. Krategus.
  7. Femoston 1/5.
  8. Microfollin.
  9. Chlorprothixen.
  10. Klimaktoplan.
  11. Regeneur.
  12. Vinpocetine.
  13. Telektol.
  14. Ginodian Depot.
  15. Femoston.
  16. Gel for the normalization of the vaginal microflora Floragin Gel.
  17. Indivina.
  18. Ipronal.
  19. Estrovel.
  20. Kraynon.
  21. Cyclim.
  22. Revmelyd.
  23. Divigel.
  24. Deprim forte.
  25. Duphaston.
  26. Klimadinon.
  27. Ethinyl estradiol.
  28. Grandaxine.
  29. Feminine principle (Demeter).
  30. Sibazon.
  31. Relanium
  32. Flogenzyme
  33. Vitaprost Forte.
  34. Drops Beresh Plus.
  35. Ovariamin.
  36. Rudotel
  37. Proginova.
  38. Climara.
  39. Klimodien.
  40. Dermertil.
  41. Divitren.
  42. Sinestrol.
  43. Sagenit.
  44. Remens.
  45. Triaclyme.
  46. Ovestin.
  47. Diazepex.
  48. Menopace.
  49. Climalin.
  50. Estrimax
  51. Cliogest.
  52. Feminine
  53. Estrofem.
  54. Napoton.
  55. Klimadinon Uno.
  56. Pauzogest.
  57. Estrozhel.
  58. Cyclo Proginova.

The composition of "Climax", release form

I must say that the composition of this tool is quite exotic. The main active ingredients are snake venom (Lachesis), bee venom (Apis) and tsimitsifuga (Klopogon). The share content of the components is different: snake venom is diluted 1/50, bee venom and tsimitsifuga - 1/200. Auxiliary components of the drug differ in different forms of release.

The manufacturer offers its patients a homeopathic remedy in two forms of release: tablets and granules. So in tablets the auxiliary elements are lactose, microcrystalline cellulose and magnesium stearate. In the granular form of release, instead of these three components, only sugar is included. In connection with the natural origin of the drug "Klimaksan" reviews of doctors contraindications are virtually excluded.

Therapeutic effect of each component

The therapeutic effect of a homeopathic remedy is determined by the combination of the properties of its main components. Tsimitsifuga (plant root) is able to reduce the frequency and intensity of tides. Certain biologically active substances contained in the rhizome, will help minimize the sensations of heat. The plant has a complex effect on the female body - estrogen-like, relaxing and antispasmodic.

Snake venom, which is part of the drug "Climax", reviews of doctors regulate as a good tool for the normalization of sleep and relief of tachycardia, beats, arrhythmias. This substance, derived from the poison of the Brazilian viper surakuku, has a positive effect on the heart, the vascular system of the body, reducing sweating, relieving headaches and dizziness, minimizing the frequency and intensity of hot flashes.

Bee venom pays most of its attention to the central nervous system. This component reduces irritability and nervousness, relieves depression and apathy, smoothes frequent mood swings. For the poison of an ordinary honeybee, pronounced anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-edematous effects are characteristic.

Indications and Contraindications

"Climax" instructions for use, reviews of health workers and patients are recommended as an effective tool for the symptomatic treatment of pre-climatic and post-climatic syndromes provoked by hormonal disruption. The most prominent symptoms of these conditions are mood swings and chronic insomnia, sweating and constant flushes, tachycardia and a sense of disruption of the heart.

Any strict contraindications for the use of the tool "Climaksan" reviews of physicians and instructions for use do not reveal. Since the drug consists of natural ingredients, the most severe contraindication is the presence of hypersensitivity to any of the components. Well, paying attention to the specifics of the drug, I must say that it is not prescribed to men and children, pregnant women and women who are diagnosed with the presence of hormone-dependent neoplasms.

Tablets - use and dosage

Tablets "Climax" reviews of doctors and instructions for use is recommended to take one twice a day, morning and evening, no later than a quarter of an hour before meals. The combination of food and tablets is unacceptable. The drug is placed under the tongue and absorbed until completely dissolved. You cannot swallow or chew the tablets - its pharmacological properties in this case will be lost. If during 14 days the symptoms of menopausal syndrome do not completely disappear, you can increase the number of techniques of "menopause" up to 3-4 times a day.

To achieve the most positive result, it is recommended to take a homeopathic remedy for at least 6 months. During the entire period of treatment, patients must come to the appointment with the gynecologist. Frequency - at least 1 time within two months. This will allow the therapy to be adjusted if the need arises.

If over time the symptoms of climacteric syndrome reappear, the treatment with “Klimaksan” should be repeated by doctors (contraindications should be absent), while maintaining the time interval between treatment periods of at least 1-2 months.

Dosing regimen and granule application

The granulated form of the drug is recommended to be taken twice a day - in the morning and in the evening - 5 granules each. Optimally - in the same time period. The admission procedure is the same as for the pills. Put the granules under the tongue and hold, slowly dissolving, until completely dissolved. Do not chew, do not swallow, do not chew, otherwise the properties of means "Climaxan" (reviews of health workers confirm) will be lost. The same result (loss of efficiency) will be when filling up, jamming of the granules.

It is best to take the medicine 15 minutes before a meal, or 2 hours later. Just as in the treatment with a pill form, if 2 weeks after the start of administration, symptoms of climacteric syndrome are detected, the number of granules can be increased up to 4 times per day.

The duration of the period of treatment with granules should not exceed 1-2 months, then the medication should definitely be canceled. If necessary, a second course can be done no earlier than 2-3 weeks after the end of the previous one.

Possible side effects, overdose

Regarding the drug "Klimaksan" instruction, the reviews of the majority of consumers and gynecologists talk about the excellent tolerability of the homeopathic remedy, which practically does not cause any side effects. From time to time you can hear that the drug provoked the development of allergic reactions. The overwhelming majority of patients who use Climaxan for a rather long period of time, speaks of the drug in a positive way.

If we talk about exceeding the permissible dose, so far such cases have not been recorded. However, this is possible with tablets. If they are accidentally or intentionally taken over the norm, an overdose can occur from the auxiliary components of the medication. This can result in various dyspeptic manifestations (nausea, vomiting, discomfort in the epigastric area, stool disorders). To normalize the condition after taking a large dose of Klimaksan, the instructions for use (price, reviews are not the decisive factor in such cases) recommends taking any sorbent available (activated carbon, Polifepan, Filtrum, Polysorb, etc.) . p.) and take a break in the application of the drug.

Are there any analogues?

Despite the fact that there are practically no contraindications for the tool "Klimaksan", reviews of health professionals can offer a number of drugs, synonyms and drugs-analogues. The synonyms include drugs that contain as the main components of a substance similar to the components of "Climaxana". Drugs-synonyms for him are "Klimadinon" and "Chi-Klim". The main substance is cimicifuga extract.

Analogues of "Klimaksana" can be called drugs with other components as the main components, but having anti-menopausal effects on the woman's body. The most well-known of the analogs include such medicines as "Hormplex", "Indivin", "Klimaktoplan", "Klimodein", etc.

Myoma: Is it permissible to take Climaxan?

The most common disease in women of the late reproductive period and before the onset of menopause is uterine fibroids. The disease is a benign neoplasm in the muscle layers of the uterus. According to experts, the actual prevalence of this disease reaches 70% of the female population both in the Russian Federation and abroad.

Since “Klimaksan” is not a hormonal drug, it does not have any negative effect on the flow of fibroids, it does not provoke growth or degeneration. Therefore, the reviews of doctors contraindications or any restrictions do not impose on the reception of the drug "Klimaksan". Mature women may well take a homeopathic remedy against the background of uterine fibroids to relieve menopausal syndrome. At the same time, however, it must be remembered that no therapeutic effect on the Cliomaks fibroid itself will have, its sphere of influence is the elimination of unpleasant symptoms accompanying the onset of menopause.

Price range

And now about what the drug "Klimaksan" price. Reviews of the majority of consumers report on the financial availability of the drug for people with any income. In different regions of Russia, for example, a pack of 20 tablets will cost consumers between 85 and 120 rubles. Twice a large package (40 tablets) can be purchased for 95-125 rubles. Granules also will not cost customers a very large amount: 1 sachet (10 g) can be bought for 60-110 rubles.

Due to the high effectiveness of "Klimaksan", the instructions for use (price, patient reviews confirm the availability and high quality of the drug) recommends a wide range of patients in the period before and postmenopause.

Forms of release

Climaxan (instructions for use describes the form of the drug) pharmacological industry is available in the form of tablets and granules.


  • pills - rounded, flat, milky color with a risk to break,

  • granules - have a spherical shape, ivory color, without a specific smell.

Chemical composition

Climaxan has the form of granules and tablets:

  • Tablet Remedy The plant contains the black cohosh plant, Surakuku snake venom, Apis melix bee venom, milk sugar, natural polymer, stearic acid with magnesium.
  • Granules - this is dextrinized starch, which includes the branching plant cimicifuga, the poison of the Bushmeister snake and the poison of the honeybee.

The black cohosh plant is a plant estrogen that relieves menopausal symptoms. It has a slight sedative effect, thereby relieving the psycho-emotional stress.

Snake venom Surukuku - helps to normalize blood pressure, removes migraine headaches (which often torment women in the period before menopause) and stimulates the vascular system. The poison of the honeybee has a slight diuretic effect, removes the inflammatory process in the body and fights pain.

Therapeutic effects

Climaxan (instructions for use describes the effect of the drug on the body) - a drug that exhibits certain pharmacological properties.

For example:

  • struggling with painful manifestations of menstruation,
  • contributes to the normalization of menstruation in the premenopausal period,
  • reduces migraine headaches,

  • fights manifestations of spastic pain in the visceral organs,
  • reduces manifestations of psycho-emotional disorders in the form of - fear, longing, anxiety, anxiety, feelings,
  • relieves manifestations of hyperhidrosis in menopause,
  • fights tachycardia and other manifestations of arrhythmias,
  • reduces the manifestation of hypersensitivity to heat.

Advantages and disadvantages

Any drug has positive and negative sides and Klimaksan is not an exception.

Drug benefits:

  • affordable price,
  • free sale in the pharmacy chain,
  • removes PMS,
  • eliminates pre-menopausal symptoms,
  • fights psychoemotional instability, which can accompany PMS, menopause and just gynecological diseases,
  • does not cause disgust at reception (tastes good).

Disadvantages of the drug:

  • should not be used for allergies in history,
  • personal intolerance to the individual components of the drug,
  • the drug contains sugar - patients with diabetes should be careful when taking the drug,
  • taking homeopathic remedies can provoke an exacerbation of chronic diseases (due to the individual characteristics of the organism).

Features of the use of tablets Climax

Menopause in tablet form should be used in accordance with the description in the instructions for use or with the recommendations of a gynecologist.

The drug must be taken without chewing, and dissolve in the mouth until completely dissolved. It is necessary to use 1 tablet 2 times a day.

In the case of a severe pathological process, the dose of the drug should be increased to 3-4 doses per day, 1 tablet. The recommended course of therapy (according to the instructions for use) - 30-60 days. A gynecologist may prescribe another treatment option. If necessary, therapy should be repeated after 14-20 days.

Klimaksan granules: instructions for use

Klimaxan granules must be taken before meals, 5-6 pcs., Dissolving in the mouth until completely dissolved - 2 times a day. With severe pathology in the body should increase the number of doses of the drug up to 4 times a day.

The instructions for use recommended course of therapy for up to 180 days. Re-use of the drug in the future should be carried out only after consultation with the gynecologist.

Climax with myoma

A benign tumor of the uterus - fibroids, fibroids, delivers a lot of unpleasant side effects in the body of a woman, with which Climaxan will help to cope.

You should know that the drug does not treat the tumor itself, but removes the negative manifestations of the disease and can be used (as prescribed by the gynecologist) in the treatment of complex pathology. At the use of the non-hormonal drug Climax, tumor growth is not provoked.

In case of fibromyoma, the drug should be used to alleviate the symptoms of the disease in the amount of:

  • pills need to dissolve on the first - 2 times a day,
  • drug in the form of granules - 6 pcs. up to 4 times a day (depending on the course of the disease).

The duration of therapy is prescribed by a gynecologist.


Homeopathic remedy Climax is a pharmacological drug that can adversely affect the body.

Symptoms of intoxication or overdose include the following conditions:

  • bloating
  • liquid light stools with foam admixtures,
  • nausea,
  • vomiting reflex,
  • with intolerance to the components, allergic manifestations in the form of rash and itching are possible,

Climaxan can cause itching and redness of the skin.

  • heaviness and abdominal pain,
  • aversion to food
  • excessive perception of odors.
  • With all these symptoms, you should immediately leave the use of the drug, drink the sorbent and contact your doctor for recommendations.

    Use during pregnancy and lactation

    Climaxan (instructions for use of the drug prohibits taking the drug during pregnancy and lactation) - this is a homeopathic medicine, which consists of natural non-hormonal substances.

    In the practice of gynecologists there are indications when taking the drug during pregnancy:

    • irritability,
    • lack of estrogen
    • blood pressure surges,
    • nervous experiences
    • mood swings
    • swelling of pregnant women
    • weakness of the muscular system
    • arrhythmias,
    • inflammation of the uterus,
    • toxicosis of the second half of pregnancy, with manifestations of pre-eclampsia.

    In all of these conditions, if the history of the pregnant woman is not allergic, the gynecologist may prescribe Klimaxan 1 tablet (dissolve) before meals 2 times a day. But under the strict control of ultrasound of the fetus and the general condition of the future mother. In the postpartum period, breastfeeding Climax should not be consumed. The drug enters the breast milk.

    Interaction with other drugs

    From the instructions for use, you can learn that the medicinal homeopathic remedy Klimaxan can be combined with other drugs, or rather there is no evidence of incompatibility.

    But from the experience of medical practitioners, Klimaxan should not be used simultaneously with drugs that contain acetylsalicylic acid and drugs that inhibit thrombus formation. One of the actions of the homeopathic remedy (its components) is to thin the blood.

    Impact on the ability to drive vehicles and machinery

    There is no scientific evidence of the effect of Klimaxan on impaired reactions during transport control or when working with various types of mechanisms.

    But it should be remembered that the constituent components of the drug act soothingly on the nervous system and the use of the drug at work, where increased concentration is required, it is necessary to discuss with the gynecologist and draw conclusions from personal sensations while using the medicine.

    Side effects

    Any drug has side effects - personal intolerance to the components of the drug can provoke any reaction in the body of an individual.

    From scientific research and the experience of medical practitioners, taking of Klimaxan can provoke:

    • allergic skin reactions in the form of urticaria with itching,
    • abnormal vaginal discharge,
    • hypotension

    • pain in the mammary glands,
    • inflammatory damage to liver cells,
    • myositis
    • vomiting reflex,
    • anorexia
    • heaviness and pain in the epigastric region
    • relaxed chair
    • not menstrual bleeding,
    • bradycardia
    • disorientation.


    The main contraindication of the drug Klimaxan is individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

    But there are conditions of the body in which it is impossible to prescribe a remedy

    • history of epileptic seizures,
    • Hepatitis in any form
    • violation of the hepatobiliary system,
    • systemic use of hormonal drugs,
    • chronic diseases with the use of drugs that promote blood thinning,
    • treatment of NSAIDs,
    • alcoholism,
    • ischemic stroke,

    • heart failure,
    • thrombophlebitis.

    Where to buy Climax, and how much it costs

    Homeopathic remedy Klimaxan can be purchased at online pharmacies.

    It can be ordered online. The cost of the drug depends on the form:

    • Climaxan tablets - the price of the product varies from 70 rubles. up to 160 rubles,
    • the cost of homeopathic granules - ranging from 100 rubles. up to 140 rubles.

    Doctors reviews

    The opinion of gynecologists is ambiguous regarding the homeopathic remedy Klimaksan. Some doctors use medicine in their practice and are satisfied with the results, others use it only in complex therapy. But in most cases, the drug has found its place in medical protocols, and gynecologists are pleased that the tool helps alleviate menopausal symptoms.

    Women reviews

    Among women who are faced with the choice of drugs that would help in the period of hormonal adjustment of the body or relieve symptoms of PMS, there are three categories.

    The first is for women who do not trust homeopathic remedies and do not want to try them, the second is tried, and for some reason did not like the drug.

    And there is a third category of women and their reviews on the Internet quite a lot, left satisfied with the prescription of the doctor and the drug Climaxan, which helped to cope with the psycho-emotional and physical activity during menopause.

    Which is better: Qi-Klim, Klimadinon, Estrovel or Klimaxan?

    Drugs Tsi-Klim, Klimadinon - are analogues of Klimaxan not only in action and purpose, but also in chemical composition. Therefore, it is better to choose, you should listen to the opinion of the gynecologist and your own finances. Estrovel is a dietary supplement, which does not contain the components of Climaxan, but has a similar effect on the body of a woman.

    The composition of the medicinal supplement includes a number of vitamins, one of which is holicalciferol, which is an antioxidant and a stimulant of reproductive function, with such an effect the drug should be prescribed better with PMS. Such a manifestation of the tool is not always necessary when removing symptoms of menopause.

    But the last word always remains for the gynecologist who prescribes the drug.

    The climacteric period in a woman’s life does not always pass without negative symptoms. And homeopathic drug Klimaksan can help in case of a severe hormonal adjustment, the action of which is carefully described in the instructions for use.

    Article design: Lozinsky Oleg

    Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

    Included in the complex drug snake poison renders immunostimulating effecthas a pronounced antioxidant effect.

    A drug Climax used only in gynecological practice to eliminate the main symptoms accompanying women in premenopausal and postmenopausal periods. The drug is able to stop vegetative-vascular disorderscaused by imbalance in hormonal system.

    The drug has sedation.

    The active components of the drug affect the special structures (at the molecular level), which are directly involved in the regulation of production female sex hormones.

    The drug is homeopathic, not a medicine.

    Changes in the body of a woman during menopause

    Process menopause may last up to 5-7 years, and symptoms may appear occasionally and not in a pronounced form. Many experience only mild discomfort, rare hot flashes and sweating. During menopause, a woman's hormone levels change, her reproductive function gradually fades out, and her periods disappear.

    These changes strongly affect the psychological side, can cause severe irritability, depression. Many menopausal women lose their sexual desire due to a decrease in the female hormone. Some feel depressed and apathetic.

    Drug menopause

    The drug Menopause is used as a sedative, it has an estrogen-like effect. Climaxan significantly improves the quality of life, eliminating the difficult symptoms in women of mature age. Good effect on the psycho-emotional side, easily eliminates depression, apathy, irritability.

    A drug completely natural and does not affect the hormones. Climax has long been on the market for drugs that eliminate symptoms during menopause. I managed to gain popularity due to affordable prices, positive customer reviews and the lack of obvious side effects.

    About other sedatives, as well as antidepressants for menopause, read here.

    Non-hormonal tablets: principle of action

    The main three components of the drug can affect women's health during menopause.

    Tsimifuga - improves the cardiovascular system, skin condition, and also has an estrogen-like effect. This component has a psycho-emotional effect.

    Additionally, it has an antispasmodic effect, especially relieves pain in the lumbar region, while not provoking the occurrence of cancer cells. A small amount of the substance can not harm the body.

    Lachesis in the composition normalizes pressure and strengthens the vascular system. Mellifica or bee venom, which can have an anti-inflammatory effect, also improves the condition of the urogenital mucosa. This combination of ingredients can relieve menopause symptoms in women.

    In tablets and granules Klimaksana components may vary. For most women, the pills were more effective.

    Indications for use

    Menopause is prescribed as an effective remedy against symptoms in the pre-climatic and post-climatic period, which are provoked by a hormonal disorder.

    Recommended for sleep disorders (insomnia), anxiety, severe sweating, as well as in violation of the cardiac system and increased pressure. Some doctors prescribe medication for prophylactic purposes in the period of possible arrival of menopause, in order to improve the condition of the body and prepare it for dramatic changes.

    Dosage Form

    400 mg tablets

    One tablet contains

    active ingredient - beta-alanine 400.0 mg,

    excipients: magnesium stearate, glycerol palmityl stearate, hydrated silicon, wheat starch, purified water *

    * - not present in the final product.

    Tablets of white color, flat-cylindrical form, with beveled edges

    Pharmacological properties

    Data on the pharmacokinetics of the drug are not presented.

    Beta-alanine (the active substance Climalanine) is an amino acid that counteracts the sharp release of histamine, but does not possess antihistamine activity due to the absence of blockade of H1-receptors.

    Eliminates peripheral vasodilation, mainly of the skin vessels, which is the cause of vegetative reactions of the type of hot flushes, sensations of heat, heat, headache.
    The physiological mechanism of vasomotor reactions with a decrease in ovarian secretion of female sex hormones is caused by an imbalance of the neurotransmitter balance in the hypothalamus thermoregulatory centers, which leads to dilatation of the skin vessels. The drug helps to increase the sensitivity of peripheral receptors to neurotransmitters involved in this process.

    Dosage and administration

    The drug is used internally by 1-2 tablets per day. The dose can be increased to 3 tablets per day.

    The maximum single dose of 3 tablets.

    The maximum daily dose of 3 tablets.

    Duration of treatment from 5 to 10 days until the disappearance of the "tides". If symptoms recur, a second course of treatment should be given.

    Due to the fact that addiction to the drug does not occur, treatment can be extended for the entire period of vasomotor clinical disorders without limiting its duration.

    Initial stage: premenopause

    This stage of menopause begins for all women in different ways. Someone first symptoms appear in 38-40 years, and someone in 50 does not feel any change. Two years before the last menstrual period, the first hot flashes appear: headaches, irritability, causeless tearfulness. The menstrual cycle changes.

    Postmenopause: ending

    This is the stage from the last month and to the end of life's journey. At this time, as a rule, all the symptoms that manifested during premenopause and menopause, almost no annoyance, and if it occurs in some women, it is extremely rare.

    Signs of menopause and treatment

    Every woman should be aware of the symptoms of menopause, to take action on time getting rid of discomfort:

    • Hot flashes are a regular hot feeling with increased sweating.

    • Emotional instability - irritability can be replaced by melancholy and melancholy.
    • Periodic bouts of weakness.
    • Cardiopalmus.
    • The appearance of insomnia.
    • Weight gain
    • Problems in sexual life due to the reduction of natural lubrication of the vagina.

    To relieve these symptoms, which worsen the quality of life of mature women, hormone replacement therapy is needed to compensate for the lack of hormones in the body. Modern medicine offers many ways. It is important not to delay the treatment, which will greatly facilitate the health of women in the period of hormonal adjustment. Regular intake of pills will compensate for the lack of estrogen in the female body. It is very important to choose the right medicine. Any self-treatment is excluded.

    But synthetic drugs with all the effectiveness have many contraindications, their choice should be approached with caution so as not to harm health.

    Homeopathic treatment

    With the help of homeopathic medicines treat a variety of diseases. The principles of homeopathy were laid back in the 18th century by the German doctor Samuel Hahnemann. Similar is treated similarly, but in infinitely small doses, and the treatment for each person is chosen individually - this is how the basic rules of homeopathic treatment can be formulated.

    The natural drug Klimaksan belongs to homeopathic remedies and is intended to relieve the unpleasant manifestations of menopause. The feedback from women and doctors about Klimaxan is mostly positive, as it has proven itself and changed the lives of many women for the better.

    Climaxan: composition and action

    The homeopathic natural drug Klimaksan is used in gynecology to eliminate vegetovascular disorders due to hormonal imbalance. The use of the drug successfully eliminates symptoms of menopausal syndrome in women of a certain age, has a calming effect.

    Climaxan is available in the form of tablets and granules. Tablets of white color, a flat-cylindrical form. They are sold in packs of 20−30 pieces or more. Granules are also white, round, resembling dragees. Available in bags of 10 g.

    Both tablets and granules must be absorbed in the mouth to make their action more effective.

    The structure of Climaxana includes such plants and components:

    • Black cohosh (Tsimifuga) - C200,

    • writing - С50,
    • Lakhezis - C200,
    • lactose,
    • микрокристаллическая целлюлоза и стеарат магния,
    • сахар в гранулах.

    The therapeutic effect of Klimaxan is determined by the unique healing properties of plants that are included in its composition.

    Tsimifuga root relieves hot sensations. Its active substances compensate for the lack of estrogen, i.e. perform the role of hormone replacement therapy.

    Apis (bee venom) normalizes the nervous system, eliminates swelling and inflammation.

    Lachesis (snake venom) improves the cardiovascular system.

    The numbers and letters next to the name of the vegetable components indicate the degree of their cultivation. Indeed, in homeopathy, plant extracts are used in very low (trace) amounts.

    How to take the drug

    Tablets and granules of a homeopathic drug have an identical therapeutic effect. Everyone chooses what he likes. But those who are contraindicated in lactose, which is present in tablets, you need to take the drug only in the form of granules.

    According to the instructions, Climaxan should be taken regularly for six months. If necessary, repeated courses are held, but with a break of 1-2 months. It is necessary to visit the doctor in the course of treatment to adjust the therapy.

    Take menopause one tablet twice a day for 15-20 minutes before meals. They need to dissolve to complete dissolution to get the maximum effect.

    Granules also take twice a day, five pieces at a time, dissolving under the tongue. In this case, the treatment lasts up to two months, and then a break for 2-3 weeks is taken. How long the treatment will last depends on the woman’s well-being.

    Women feel much better after the first weeks of treatment. But if the climacteric symptoms do not disappear, the dosage of the drug is increased.

    The side effects of menopause is nausea, digestive disorders and allergic reactions that occur more often due to overdose of the drug.

    Analogs means

    Drugs analogues have a similar composition and action, but are made by different companies. These are Cyclim from the manufacturer Evalar and Klimadinon. The main component of each drug is Tsimifuga extract.. The following analogues have The same anti-menopausal effect, but have a slightly different composition:

    • Remens - take pills or drink drops.
    • Inoklim in capsules.
    • Climacterin - pills.
    • Climaxidine - tablets.
    • Klimara - a plaster.

    Climaxan: reviews

    Compliance with the instructions for taking the drug, shelf life (3 years), consultation with a doctor exclude any side effects.

    All women who took the drug, easily tolerated it even with prolonged use. The painful symptoms of menopause pass quickly, and you can lead a normal healthy lifestyle. Of course, not in all cases, treatment with Climaxan is successful. This means that such ladies need stronger means to get rid of menopausal syndrome.

    There are no strict contraindications of Climaxan, reviews of doctors confirm the high efficacy of the drug and ease of use. In addition, it has a low price and is quite affordable.

    Unfortunately, I later learned about such a wonderful tool against all the "joys of menopause." If I had started to apply Climaksan earlier, then I got rid of many problems. But it still made me feel much better.

    I was lucky: a friend told me about this drug before the onset of hot flashes. I began to take it as soon as I felt the first symptoms of menopause. My doctor did not dissuade, and even recommended taking the drug. I'm fine and I feel great.

    I had to repeat several courses of treatment with climaxan. The doctor said that I have too pronounced menopausal signs. While my condition has improved somewhat, but you may have to try other means. But the drug is good and I recommend to other women.

    Names and release forms

    Homeopathic remedy Klimaxan is produced in two forms:

    1. Climax tablets, which are absorbed in the mouth. Each pill is white and cylindrical in shape. Packaging Klimaxana can contain from 20 to 50 units: the number of tablets depends on the duration of the treatment course.
    2. Climaxan in granules - the second form of the drug. Small rounded granules also dissolve in the mouth and are colored in white. In many cases, granules are perceived by women as capsules or dragees.

    Many women are interested in the question of whether Klimaxan cream is released. At the moment, this form of release does not exist.

    The composition of Climax

    Each of the two forms has the same composition of the preparation, which includes three active components - snake venom, bee venom, tsimitsifuga extract. All homeopathic components have a minimum concentration, as if improperly dispensed they can provoke grave consequences.

    In addition to the basic elements, the drug contains additional components - lactose, microcrystalline cellulose, and magnesium. Sugar is used as an additional component of the granules.

    What effect does

    Climax homeopathic origin, therefore, has a useful natural composition. Each individual component provides a beneficial effect on the female body:

    1. Root zimizifugi helps reduce the frequency and intensity of tides, and also eliminates the feeling of heat, which often worries a woman with menopause. In addition, the plant has a beneficial effect by reducing menopausal symptoms and restoring the menstrual cycle. The main objective of the component is to increase the level of the hormone estrogen, which determines the functioning of the reproductive system. Deficiency of the female hormone causes the manifestation of unpleasant symptoms, so the woman begins to take hormonal agents that have side effects. The use of natural products, on the contrary, does not provoke the development of serious diseases, and therefore is safe.
    2. Snake venom helps normalize sleep, improves the cardiovascular system and eliminates the pathological processes associated with its functioning. Effective actions are complemented by a positive impact on unpleasant symptoms: reducing the frequency of hot flashes, normalization of sweating, relief of severe headaches.
    3. Bee venom improves the woman's psycho-emotional health, eliminating depressive state, nervous and physical stress, mood swings, excessive sentimentality, and increasing the level of stress resistance. In addition, the component provides analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

    Thus, it is possible not only to reduce the manifestation of menopausal symptoms, but also to improve the general condition of the patient.

    How to apply

    Tablets and granules of the drug provide a similar positive effect. In order to eliminate climacteric symptoms as quickly as possible, it is necessary to choose the medicinal type that is convenient for the patient to use. It is worth remembering that the composition of the tablets includes lactose, so patients who have an allergic reaction to milk sugar should take the drug in granules. Each form has its own instructions for the use of menopause.

    One whole pill must be placed in the mouth and slowly dissolve. It is forbidden to swallow and chew a pill - this is due to the fact that if used improperly, Climaxan becomes useless. The daily dosage is two tablets, which are divided into two doses - in the morning and in the evening. It is forbidden to use the tool during the meal, it is best to take it 20 minutes before breakfast or dinner.

    If, after a two-week application of menopause, the patient continues to disturb the patient, it is necessary to increase the dose to 4 tablets per day. The recommended treatment course is six months, followed by a break for two months. During the course, a woman visits the doctor at least three times: if necessary, the doctor makes adjustments to medical therapy.

    Granular views are also taken twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. For one application, no more than five granules are taken, then they are placed under the tongue and slowly dissolve. Chewing, swallowing, drinking liquid drops are prohibited. Combining the medication and food can not be: otherwise the drug does not provide a positive effect. Granules are taken 20 minutes before a meal or two hours later.

    If two weeks after taking Climaxan 10 granules per day, unpleasant symptoms are present, the dosage is increased to 15-20 granules per day. The duration of the treatment course must be at least two months, and then a break is mandatory. Repeated drug therapy is allowed after three weeks.

    Terms of sale and storage

    In order to purchase Klimaksan in a pharmacy, you must have a prescription from a doctor. In this case, special attention should be paid to the date of manufacture: the drug should be made no more than three years ago. Store the drug is recommended at 25 degrees in a dry dark place.

    There are a large number of drug substitutes. The most popular analogues of menopause:

    • Qi-Klim comes in the form of cream and pills,
    • Klimadinon is made in the form of drops, which are taken orally,
    • Estovel capsules contain active ingredients, as well as useful vitamins that ensure a young woman,
    • The main component of Klimalanin is beta-alanine,
    • Ovestin is available in the form of a cream created on the basis of estriol,
    • Remens comes in the form of tablets and drops,
    • Estrozhel has the form of a gel.

    Many of the analogues have a useful natural composition, which makes their use more effective.

    Most patients respond positively to the drug, because it provides high efficiency, convenient use, and is also available in price. Women note an improvement in the quality of life, an increase in working efficiency, the restoration of daily regimen, and the complete elimination of unpleasant symptoms. Often on the forums you can find negative reviews of menopause, due to the presence of an allergic reaction to the drug.

    Buying Klimaksan, reviews of doctors should be taken into account without fail.

    Oksana Soroka, gynecologist

    I do not exclude the fact that homeopathic remedies can produce a positive effect, but only when it is appropriate. The climacteric period is rather difficult for women to tolerate, and, unfortunately, is not completely eliminated. If a woman suffers from pronounced symptoms, it is necessary to apply hormone therapy, which is most effective. In the case of a slight manifestation of symptoms, it is recommended to take Klimaxan, which does not further injure the female body.

    Lapin Vladimir Petrovich, gynecologist

    I believe that any drug that provides a beneficial effect on the body should be used in medical therapy. Many are skeptical of homeopathic drugs, not taking into account the fact that they not only eliminate serious pathological processes, but also improve the general condition of the girl. According to my observations, the majority of patients taking the drug not only got rid of unpleasant symptoms, but also began to look better.

    Antonova Alla Vladimirovna, gynecologist

    The advantage of homeopathic medicines is that they do not provoke the development of severe complications. In many cases, I recommend Climaxan to patients, making sure in advance about the absence of individual intolerance. Finally, I always remind women that the drug will be useful only for them, and can harm men and children.

    Anastasia, 46 years old

    Took Climax at the initial stage of menopause. According to my observation, the drug is a good alternative to hormonal drugs. Firstly, it also produces a positive effect, but it does not provoke the formation of unpleasant side effects. On my recommendation, a friend started taking Climaksan two weeks ago and already got rid of her uncomfortable sensations. I will advise this tool to all friends who suffer from menopause.

    Climax is not the first drug I took during menopause, but it was he who remembered me more than other drugs. Undoubtedly, it is effective in combating persistent headaches and intense hot flashes. I was very happy when, a week after applying, my health condition noticeably improved, healthy sleep returned, my working capacity increased. In addition, the drug provides a calming effect. The husband noticed that he became calm and balanced.

    Catherine, 44 years old

    This tool was recommended to me by the attending gynecologist. The menopause period is accompanied by minor symptoms, so there is no need to use hormonal drugs. I studied reviews on women's forums and concluded that the majority of patients were satisfied with Klimaxan. Tomorrow I'll get it at the pharmacy.

    Klimaksan tablets, instructions for use

    The tablets are kept in the oral cavity until completely dissolved, without swallowing them whole and not chewing them. The drug should be taken in the morning and evening.

    The course of treatment is designed for 1-2 months.

    Application Climax may be increased to 4 times a day in severe cases menopause syndrome.

    After completion of treatment, it is possible to re-course through 2-3 weeks.

    Klimaksan granules, instructions for use

    Granules dissolve under the tongue. Take 2 times a day for 5 granules. Do not use with meals or immediately after meals.

    The course of treatment is designed for 1-2 months.

    Application Climax may be increased to 4 times a day in severe cases menopause syndrome.

    After completion of treatment, it is possible to re-course 2-3 weeks.

    Women's opinion about "Klimaksan"

    The bulk of the “audience” that hosts Klimaxan speaks of the medication only in a positive way. Almost all women managed to get rid of hot flashes, sweating, headaches, irritability. The fact that "Klimaksan" instruction (price, reviews work to increase demand) describes as a natural product that does not contain complex chemical compounds, only strengthens the patients' confidence in the drug. The expectation of long-term use (up to six months) frees a woman from the tedious search for other medicines. Already 2 weeks after the start of treatment, "Menopause" will show its effectiveness and eliminate almost the entire spectrum of unpleasant symptoms accompanying menopause.

    Doctors about medication

    Regarding the drug "Klimaksan" reviews of doctors may be diametrically opposed. One group - supporters of evidence-based medicine - considers it completely useless, because its effectiveness has not been proven in clinical studies. The approach is somewhat fanatical, but it has a place to be.

    Another group of doctors is ready to use any drugs that can actually alleviate the condition of a woman. These experts in the assessment of "Climaksan" are guided by their observations on the well-being of their patients. Therefore, if the drug really improved the condition of the woman, did not cause any bright side effects and was safe enough during the reception - a positive feedback from the doctor about the drug will be left.

    It is for this reason that reviews (use, as a rule, is safe, does not cause side effects and helps the majority of women) by the attending physicians have a positive direction.