Sore breasts before menstruation what to do


Normally, 2 times less than 7-10 days before menstruation you have:

  • sensitivity of SAH (nipple-areola complex) increases,
  • little nipples swell,
  • chest is poured,
  • you are more short-tempered than usual.

This is a normal reaction of your body to increase the amount of hormones in the blood. If the general condition worsens, if you have suffered an infectious disease, during stress or hypothermia, the discomfort may worsen. This is not considered a pathology if the phenomenon is a one-time. And your condition is further stabilized.

Significantly increase discomfort during monthly STIs. If you are infected, but the symptoms have not been noticed, and have not been treated, menstruation can proceed unusually painfully. With mastalgia, pain in the lower abdomen and vaginal itching.

Boundary state

If you have before menstruation and during bleeding:

  • chest hurts
  • stifles nipples
  • increase in the volume of the gland,
  • pain in lower abdomen
  • makes you sick
  • the temperature rises to 37.2 o C,
  • scant transparent nipple discharge appears.

These are signs of PMS. If the described phenomena by the end of menstruation or after their termination pass, the doctors say that there is no pathology. It means that there is no pathology of the mammary glands. However, PMS is not the norm.

Neither doctors nor women pay any attention to this symptom complex, because about 90% of the female population are faced with varying degrees of premenstrual tension. They solve their problem with a pair of antispasmodic pills or with a combination of antispasmodic + analgesic. Although to say that it is normal impossible.

Seriously, PMS, cyclic mastodynia and its manifestation of mastalgia (chest pain) are noticed when:

  1. Monthly flow hard and pain becomes almost unbearable.
  2. Accompanied by additional symptoms: increased sense of smell and swelling, cephalgia, increased blood pressure, severe mood swings.
  3. Woman loses performance.

Then apply hormone therapy and non-drug treatments.

For PMS, if there is an increase in mastalgia during menstruation, you need to contact a gynecologist or a breast doctor. Increased severity of discomfort can talk about the development of mastopathy.

What is not the norm?

For cyclic mastodynia is characterized by pain of both glands. If a:

  • one chest hurts,
  • there are secretions that are unrelated to menses and they are opaque and colored (yellow, greenish, dark, with blood),
  • seal appears,
  • the temperature rises to febrile numbers,
  • skin becomes hot, dry, rough and red,
  • the nipple swells, the engorgement does not pass after menstruation.

An urgent need to consult a doctor. Possible causes of your condition:

  • abscess,
  • fibroadenoma,
  • crayfish,
  • chest injury with the beginning of suppuration processes,
  • rapid growth of a cyst, lipoma, or other tumor under the influence of external or internal factors.

This condition requires immediate examination. You will need to do an ultrasound of the breast and female genital organs. To pass a blood test, including on tumor markers.

Well, when the chest does not hurt

Well, when the mammary glands do not bother any day of the month. But if you had cyclic mastodynia, and suddenly the pain stopped bothering, and you did not take hormonal drugs, you should think about the reasons for this phenomenon. Maybe you are pregnant?

When menstruation is not regularly conception can be missed. In this case, you should donate blood for hCG and go to a gynecologist. If the cycle is regular and you notice that a week before menstruation, all the symptoms of mastodynia were evident. Plus, you have a stomach edema, active gas formation began (you heard often rumbling), the favorite bra became small. And then:

  • nipples stopped aching, but menstruation did not go,
  • smells annoying you
  • nauseous
  • I want to eat unusual food
  • sleepiness comes on,
  • you get tired faster than usual.

This may indicate a successful conception. Perhaps, of course, you have PMS with a sympathoadrenal crisis, nausea and vomiting as a result of severe stress. And the monthly is about to begin. Or cycle failure due to physical or moral exhaustion. But I want to think about the best.

How to reduce pain?

What to do, you ask? Go to the doctor, do a pregnancy test and just relax if you can.

Soreness of the mammary glands (if we exclude the inflammatory process and cancer) is due to fluid retention and edema. It can be reduced by reducing the consumption of liquids and substances that contribute to its retention (spicy, spicy, salty foods). It should not be during painful periods to get involved in alcohol, coffee and chocolate.

Clothing is better to choose loose, avoid stress and hypothermia (if possible). Specialists can additionally appoint hormones, herbal remedies, vitamin complexes. Self-treatment is better not to do.

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Chest hurts before menstruation - what does it say? Find out what causes chest pain before menstruation and what to do when such pains appear.

Author: Natalie Arzhanova

Soreness and swelling of the chest before the start of menstruation in most cases is considered normal. Three major hormones, prolactin, estrogen and progesterone, are involved in any process related to the change of the mammary glands in women. They are included in the work during puberty, pregnancy, childbirth or postpartum production of breast milk. In individual cases, chest pain before the onset of menstruation indicates truly serious and even pathological processes occurring inside the female body. Find out the reasons for chest pain before menstruation and what to do with it.

Chest pain before menstruation may be mastodynia.

As a rule, mastodynia (this scientific name has a common breast pain before menstruation) manifests itself in the period of premenstrual syndrome. She is accompanied by factors known to many women that are difficult not to notice:

1. Mood shifts

5. Increased fatigue during the day,

6. Pulling pains with localization of the lower abdomen on either side or only with one,

7. Pain in the chest, localized on the sides,

9. Edema and the like.

According to statistics, about 70% of women of different ages suffer from this syndrome, and the more women are, the more often PMS symptoms appear. Nature has given us a unique opportunity: to give birth to children. However, we pay for it with multiple inconveniences that are usually caused by monthly changes in hormonal levels. There is nothing terrible about it, because as soon as menstruation begins, most of the symptoms disappear.

Mastodynia is often corrected by taking hormonal contraceptives, especially if it is also accompanied by a violation of the cycle, severe lower abdominal pain and heavy menstrual periods. But sometimes chest pain, unfortunately, can be menacing. It is disguised as a small hormonal failure on the eve of menstruation, however, it does not pass with the passage of time or, on the contrary, only increases. So, what to do if the pain suddenly appeared and became too strong? What factors should always pay attention?

Risk factors: chest pain before menstruation is dangerous.

Before talking about real risk factors, it is worth mentioning which condition is considered normal for premenstrual syndrome. The following feelings that a woman experiences one or two weeks before the onset of menstruation are variants of the norm and should not scare you:

• Sensitivity and coarsening of the nipples,

• General increase in breast sensitivity,

• Slight pain while touching the sides,

• discomfort while wearing close bras,

• Breast augmentation in volume.

It so happened that these feelings can occur in a pregnant woman. That is why you should take a pregnancy test when, together with the listed symptoms, menstruation is delayed.

As you understand, chest pain may be not only a symptom of premenstrual syndrome, but also a major factor in pregnancy. In addition, pay attention to the nature of pain and the time of its occurrence, as it is fully capable of indicating that not everything is perfect in the body. Painful sensations are also characterized by:

• diseases of the mammary glands of an infectious nature,

• Benign or malignant neoplasms,

• injuries and damage to the chest,

• Hypertrophic process of the mammary glands and other ailments.

Remember: if the breast is slightly sore before the menstruation, you feel discomfort, swelling and increased nipple sensitivity, it means that your body is preparing for the planned pregnancy. Breast tissues swell and grow, and after an unfertilized egg leaves during menstruation, they simply atrophy and die. This is considered a normal physiological process characteristic of most women.

Pay attention to the specifics of chest pain before menstruation.

In the case when the pain is almost constant in nature, it is localized not only on the sides of each of the mammary glands, and you also find several seals in yourself, this may already indicate the presence of a pathological process. Unfortunately, in the modern world one can often hear the diagnosis: breast cancer.

According to world statistics, more than a million cases of breast cancer are recorded within a year. And this figure is growing all the time, sadly. In addition to the pain experienced by the woman, there may be other symptoms as well. They should pay close attention and do not hesitate to contact a doctor, because otherwise the absence of treatment can certainly cost a woman life.

So, what you need to pay attention, in addition to chest pain before menstruation or at any other time:

1. Discharge secretions from the nipples. It may be clear, slightly whitish, pus-like, or tinged with yellow. It does not matter what kind of color you noticed. There should be no secret coming out of the chest, of course, unless you are a nursing mother.

2. Seals of a different nature. Usually they are clearly felt during palpation. On their own at home, it can be difficult for girls to determine if she has any seals, but a few simple manipulations will help to carry out self-diagnostics. For example, having thrown a hand behind the head, you should carefully examine the mammary gland with a second hand for unusual solid bodies, and also check whether there are no nipple secretions. The same process must be repeated with the second mammary gland.

3. Deformation of one or several glands, the appearance of unusual stains or ulcers on them. If you clearly see that one breast has become deformed, has changed its hue, or it often began to appear damage in the form of wounds or sores, which heal for an extremely long time - this is a cause for concern. Sometimes the color changes the nipple and the halo around it.

By these signs, it is already possible to understand that negative changes occur in the body and to visit the doctor-mammologist as soon as possible. Breast cancer, which was diagnosed at an early stage, often responds well to medication, and in most cases, the tumor is benign.

Chest pain before menstruation, as one of the symptoms of mastitis

The increase or growth of breast tissue, which is pathological in nature, is called mastopathy. By itself, the disease does not pose a danger to the patient's life, but without adequate therapy, it can easily transform into breast cancer.

This pathology has several phases of development:

• The first of these is characterized by chest pain before the onset of menstruation, which first increases, and with the arrival of menstruation completely disappears. Also, a woman may feel on palpation small or medium nodules that can appear and disappear at different stages of the cycle. It is because of this factor, many women do not pay attention to the disease and are in no hurry to see a doctor.

• The next stage is more serious. The formations inside the mammary gland are getting bigger, taking on the appearance of a ball. They take the form of large painful nodes. In addition, there may be swollen lymph nodes, localized in the armpit. Sometimes pain causes such discomfort that it is impossible to touch the chest and armpits. Subsequently, the nodes can turn into a malignant tumor.

What can affect the development of mastopathy:

1. First, the body's hormonal dysfunction. If you do not turn to a gynecologist in time, a hormonal disruption can reach the point when pathological processes begin to develop in the body.

2. Secondly, sexually transmitted diseases and urinary infections can become provocateurs. In this case, self-healing on the advice of relatives or friends, you risk to earn a lot of problems.

3. Thirdly, frequent abortions also have no benefit to the female reproductive system. They are also considered to be a provoking factor for the development of hormonal disruption.

4. Stress, depression, increased anxiety always affect a woman’s health, as a result of which a whole complex of undesirable diseases can appear.

What to do if chest hurts before the start of menstruation

Of course, the first and main advice will be the following: it is imperative to visit the gynecologist at least once every six months, and with this the mammologist about once a year. He will do an examination of the mammary glands and possibly prescribe an ultrasound scan and a mammogram. A visit to the doctor is especially relevant for women who have crossed the age threshold of 40 years, because it is during this period that breast cancer most often develops. According to the results of the examination, the doctor will send you to an oncologist or an endocrinologist to clarify the diagnosis and further therapy. Remember: the sooner the diagnosis is carried out and the correct diagnosis is determined, the sooner it will be possible to begin treatment, respectively, to save yourself from death, if breast cancer is confirmed.

If the pain is only temporary, an irregular anesthetic medication, such as ibuprofen, is allowed.

When a woman has a hormonal imbalance, the gynecologist may prescribe drugs that stabilize it. This can be herbal medicines (Mastodinon or Cyclodinone), as well as drugs that normalize hormonal metabolism.

At home, in order to get rid of chest pain, you can use warm compresses and lotions with decoctions of herbs. Well affect the muscles of the chest, soothe pain and relieve tone:

However, it is worth remembering that the chest can hurt and after a traumatic impact. In this case, you need to wait a period of 3-4 days before using warming compresses.

To relieve pain will also help decoction of medicinal herbs that can be consumed inside. For example, mint, lemon balm, chamomile, field horsetail or St. John's wort is an excellent herbal collection from which you can make fragrant tea and drink it throughout the day for half a glass. And besides, before the onset of menstruation, it is recommended to drink a diuretic drug, so that the swelling of the breast is not so strong.

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What causes women breasts to hurt before menstruation

Each woman increases breast before menstruation. However, some beautiful ladies swell their breasts quite a bit before menstruation, while others feel an increase in the bust size of almost a full size. And in the third, the pain in the chest before menstruation is simply unbearable.

Young girls, whose monthly began very recently, get scared most of all, because they still do not know the characteristics of their body. Therefore, questions about pain, swelling and discomfort in the mammary gland during the approaching menstruation are quite reasonable and correct questions that concern a woman.

It all started with the fact that my little crumb, began to refuse to eat. He ate like a t-shirt, he was tormented by abdominal pain. He got parasites. Children are pulling in their mouths to avoid getting infected. Read in full >>

What causes pain and swelling of the breast?

Состояние, когда болит грудь при месячных, в медицине называется мастодинией или масталгией. Живя в 21 веке, женщина должна знать особенности своего организма и разбираться в ряде симптомов. Thus, swelling of the breasts in the premenstrual period for each woman can occur individually: some have chest pain 2 weeks before menstruation, others have 2 days before the onset of bleeding. And it does not speak about the development of pathology. On average, the entire menstrual cycle for one woman is 26-31 days.

After the cessation of menstruation, the hormones progesterone and prolactin begin to be actively produced in the body. This process occurs at 11-15 days of the monthly cycle. The more active ovulation occurs - the higher the level of hormones. This is a natural process of preparing the female body to conceive a baby, which occurs monthly.

Ovulation is manifested by a number of symptoms, one of which is a swollen chest before menstruation.

The female mammary gland inside has a lobular structure. The composition of such lobules, in addition to various tissues, includes milk ducts. When the level of estrogen increases, the woman notices an increase in breast. The volume increases due to an increase in adipose tissue. The swelling of the mammary glands before menstruation changes the structure of the mammary gland itself, since the endocrine system is now focused on preparing for the production of breast milk. Therefore, it is absolutely normal that during this process a woman develops pain, sensitivity increases, the bust increases in size, etc.

Now it is clear why the chest hurts before menstruation. But how much severe pain can be in this case, what can be the nature of pain, how does the bust increase and when engorgement of the mammary glands before menstruation can be a signal of the disease? Let's see, because when one left chest hurts, or vice versa, the right chest may not be a “side effect” of the next few days before menstruation, but a symptom of the disease.

When severe chest pains before menstruation are not normal

A woman is also important to pay attention to how chest hurts before menstruation. Deviations from the norm is considered to be a strong painful pain when touched. In addition to pain, they also speak of a pathological condition of spasms, with a message to the back or pelvis, thickening, swollen lymph nodes, bloody or purulent discharge from the nipples. Such symptoms are a reason for an urgent appeal to a gynecologist and may be signs:

  • mastopathy,
  • cancer,
  • ovarian dysfunction,
  • hormonal failure,
  • gynecological disease.

However, painful sensations, changes in the appearance and shape of the breasts can be in a healthy woman. In some women, breast engorgement and soreness disappear immediately after the onset of menstrual flow. And for others, the soreness and swelling of the bust continues during menstruation. Fertilization of the egg does not occur, menstruation begins, the structure of the breast tissue is restored. Disappears swelling, soreness, decreases the amount of glands. But this is after menstruation.

How can change the state of the breast before menstruation

Where is the boundary between the norm and pathology, why is it important to pay attention to the bust condition before menstruation? Because the chest before menstruation hurts and in a perfectly healthy woman. We considered the pathological states, therefore, in order not to panic during each menstruation, remember how a chest hurts during a period of time in a healthy girl or woman. Normal can be observed:

  • breast engorgement and enlargement,
  • increased blood flow and increased nipple sensitivity,
  • slight tingling or burning inside the nipple, squeezing,
  • small discharge from the nipple, completely transparent or similar to milk, without impurities of blood or unpleasant smell. That is why nipples before menstruation hurt many women.

Causes of chest pain before menstruation

Painful sensations in the chest about 10-12 days before the beginning of menstruation have a scientific name - mastodynia. This phenomenon is absolutely normal, often due to the proliferation of glandular tissue of the mammary glands. This is due to the fact that before the ripe egg cell leaves the follicle (second phase of the menstrual cycle, about 12-14 days), there is a sharp production of estrogen hormones (the body is preparing for pregnancy), which affect the mammary glands. Their fabric has a lobed structure, each of the lobules includes glandular, connective and adipose tissue and has a milky duct. It is in the fatty tissue that estrogens are localized, with an increase in the level of which increases the volume of adipose tissue. Glandular areas also increase in preparation for lactation. Under the influence of prolactin and progesterone, engorgement and swelling of the mammary gland occurs, increasing its sensitivity, hence the pain. Most often, the appearance of such a physiological state in women is promoted by stress and nervous strain.

The intensity of pain in each case is expressed differently, which is determined by many factors that affect hormonal levels (lifestyle, age, health, etc.). About 10-12 days the chest hurts before menstruation, with the onset of menstruation, that is, not the onset of pregnancy, they immediately disappear.

What to do if chest hurts before menstruation

If such a physiological condition does not affect a woman in any way, does not cause discomfort, then she is worried and does nothing. If the chest pain persists even after the onset of menstruation, you should visit a specialist as this is a deviation from the norm, in this case there can be various causes (gynecological diseases, hormonal disorders, colds, nervous stress, tumors, etc.). ).

To worry about chest pain should be a dramatic change in the course of the cycle. For example, your chest before menstruation never really hurt, or vice versa, you always knew about the imminent onset of menstruation because of an unpleasant sensation in the chest - both options are the norm. But if you see that the cycle is not as usual, and repeated several months in a row, then you need to contact a specialist. A visit to a doctor is also worth it, when the usual engorgement and chest pain before menstruation is suddenly not observed. This may be due to a decrease in the level of progesterone, which negatively affects the ability to conceive and bear a child.

To be sure that such a physiological condition is normal in your case, it is recommended to visit a gynecologist twice a year, a mammologist once a year and a breast self-examination once a month (alternately pick up the left breast from the bottom with your left and right hand with your right hand, pads of your index, middle and ring finger of your free hand, feel your chest with spiral movements, starting from the base to the nipple).

If you identify during the self-examination of the seal in the mammary glands or bloody (purulent) discharge from the nipples, you should contact a mammologist, but if there are no such signs, you should visit a gynecologist. Time to identify and eliminate them is a priority. In each case, the doctor acts individually. There are no general methods for troubleshooting.

To establish the cause of chest pain before menstruation, several tests are prescribed:

  1. Blood test for hormones (prolactin and thyroid hormones).
  2. Analysis of tumor markers - indicators of the risk of cancer of the female reproductive system.
  3. Ultrasound of the pelvic organs (7 days after the end of menstruation).
  4. Breast ultrasound (second phase of the menstrual cycle).

How to reduce pain?

To alleviate unpleasant sensations in the chest before menstruation, an integrated approach is needed, including a second phase diet of the menstrual cycle with restriction of fluid, salt, fat, refusal from tea, coffee, alcohol, from wearing tight, tight or squeezing chest clothes. In the second half of the cycle, specialists may prescribe magnesium containing drugs, hormonal contraceptives, and herbal preparations against the development of mastodynia. It is good to take anti-inflammatory and soothing charges, which include such herbs as sabelnik, tatarnik, nettle. peony, Hypericum perforatum, series, meadowsweet, dandelion root, celandine, cuff.

To prevent chest pain before menstruation, avoid hypothermia and stress. Most importantly, do not self-medicate, in case of pains that bother you, contact the specialists.

Lyulash, I have the same misfortune - my monthly well is very painful (and it would be okay the first day only, like most girls, it’s not so - I suffer for 4 days, although for the last time I was advised to take Menalgin to the pharmacy, so surprisingly everything went perfectly as soon as I felt discomfort on the first day, I took the pill right away, pah-pah, there were no more unpleasant feelings, then, however, I took it the next day, and everything was fine, without pain

Just one thing - the pain is strong, the other when you feel that the chest is poured - these are different things. The second is the norm before menstruation, but to endure severe pain - even in the chest, even in the stomach - no. My chest was really sore and my stomach was terribly painful during menstruation, and in general it was somehow problematic, the cycle was irregular. She then took it on the advice of the doctor's Time Factor, a cycle was improved from him, and everything is not so normal now, and her mood and well-being are quite normal.

Breast Physiology

Why does chest discomfort relate to the phases of the menstrual cycle? Female breast is directly related to the reproductive system. The entire menstrual cycle is a kind of preparation of the body for the possible conception of a child. This applies not only to the pelvic organs, but also the mammary glands. The size of the breast and the functions it performs depend on the amount of hormones produced by the body. The main task of the gland is to produce milk for offspring, so the breast is also included in the preparation phase for a possible pregnancy.

Before menstruation, there is an increase and swelling of the breast, a woman feels a feeling of fullness, some pain. Can only one chest hurt before menstruation? These changes are quite physiological and are a reaction of the body to hormone jumps. Breast hypersensitivity appears on the eve of ovulation. At this time, there may be pain and other symptoms, it occurs about a week before the onset of menstruation.

Why does one chest hurt

Everyone has a different physiology, and every woman feels such discomfort in her own way. Repeated monthly chest pains before menstruation are designated by physicians as cyclic mastodynia or mastalgia, and are one of the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. On average, unpleasant symptoms can occur in about 10 days.

Mastodynia can manifest itself without any regularity and periodicity, while it is possible that only one breast hurts.

Mastodynia may be accompanied by poor health, depression and other symptoms of PMS. Discomfort goes away after the onset of menstruation, usually in 2–3 days. Sometimes chest pains stop before menstruation after a few years suddenly stop, why is this happening?

This is due to the establishment of a balance and the necessary amount of hormones that the body produces. The formation and normal functioning of the mammary gland depends on the main hormones: estrogen, prolactin, progesterone and testosterone. Excess of some and lack of others leads to discomfort, ill health and illness.

The pain is due to the fact that conception happened. The body reacts with a sharp change in hormonal levels. Menstruation does not occur, and pain appears in one or both mammary glands.

Causes of pathological pain

Often the reason why the chest hurts before menstruation is mastopathy. Pathology affects women between the ages of 20 and 60 years of age; every third representative of the fair sex in the world suffers from this disease. Painful sensations are present both before menstruation and after it ends. The doctor during examination and palpation of the mammary gland can feel the small nodules and seals characteristic of mastopathy.

After clarifying the diagnosis, the patient is prescribed a course of treatment. If a woman ignores the advice of a specialist and is not treated, a benign or malignant tumor may develop in the chest. When oncological neoplasms appear, the pain is weak at the first stage. Over time, the symptoms increase, and the pain can spread to the other chest. The progression of the disease contributes to the "dispersion" of metastases in the body.

Gynecological diseases can provoke pain in the mammary gland. In parallel, symptoms such as itching in the vagina, failure of the menstrual cycle. Usually, an adult woman knows well the peculiarities of her body, therefore, when strange and incomprehensible symptoms appear, you should not waste time, you should immediately consult a doctor.


If a woman cannot determine for herself why her chest hurts, you should visit a doctor. In addition to a mammologist, you will need to consult a gynecologist and an endocrinologist. To find the cause of the pain and make a diagnosis, you will need the following procedures:

  • mammography,
  • in the second phase of the cycle, breast ultrasound is performed,
  • study of the level of sex hormones and thyroid hormones,
  • samples for tumor markers,
  • ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs,
  • radio thermometry procedure.

In addition, any woman will be useful to learn to examine her breasts. Inspection should be carried out every month, standing in front of a mirror. First, you should visually determine if there is a change in the shape of the breast and nipples. Then with one hand you need to lift the corresponding chest from the bottom, with the other to feel from the periphery and moving to the nipple. You must ensure that there are no bumps, strands, seals, and there is no discharge from the nipple.

A woman should remember that sometimes a pronounced pain syndrome does not correspond to the severity of the disease, for example, in the mild stage of mastopathy. And sometimes serious oncological pathology develops almost asymptomatic. Therefore, it is better to be safe, and at the slightest unusual painful sensations in the chest, it would seem to the doctor.

Treatment and Prevention

If before the menstrual period the chest is slightly sore, and after a few days the discomfort disappears, treatment is not required. With mastopathy, pain may be present all the time. There are two forms of the disease: diffuse, when the chest is evenly enlarged and thickened, and fibrous.

The fibrous form is characterized by the formation of nodules in the thickness of the mammary gland.

The main symptoms are feelings of heaviness and distention, while the nipple becomes very painful. Why does mastopathy develop? The disease is caused by endocrine disorders, while the treatment mainly consists in the use of drugs that stabilize hormones.

A woman, for her part, can improve her health by reviewing the diet, eliminating fatty foods, salt, strong tea, and coffee. It is also necessary to reduce the amount of fluid. Before menstruation, it is better not to wear tight chest clothes. Bra should be in size, comfortable and soft, but securely fixing the chest.

The best prevention of chest pain will be the transition to a proper lifestyle and healthy eating. It must be remembered that constant anxiety, stress or depression adversely affects women's health and the mammary glands, in particular.

Good article, detailed. It explains a lot) I also had a period in which my cycle was lost. And when he himself recovered with grief in half, his chest often became ill with PMS. It turned out that hormones “went a little”, but everything could be returned to the place without OK, I got to the doctor in time) I was prescribed Edas-127 Mastiol and watch the diet, rest in the fresh air. It became much better with time)

Why there is breast tenderness before menstruation

Cyclic pain in the mammary glands before the onset of menstruation may develop for the following reasons:

  1. Change hormonal levels. Under the influence of estrogen and progesterone, breast swelling occurs, namely the growth of glandular tissue, an increase in the milk ducts and an increase in blood circulation in this organ.
  2. Chest pain can also be one of the symptoms of premenstrual or menstrual syndrome.

Cyclic pains before menstruation may accompany a woman constantly, and sometimes partially, that is, in one menstrual cycle pain syndrome is pronounced, and in the other it is absent. For your own peace of mind, it is worth noting such manifestations on the calendar and see the doctor for examination.

Mastalgia before menstruation can occur once or it can be disturbed only occasionally, it can be associated with a woman’s lifestyle, her weight, the state of the nervous system and the quality of food consumed. Therefore, if such symptoms began to appear due to such circumstances, the first thing you need to adjust your daily routine.

Нециклическая, или по-другому, функциональная природа происхождения болевого синдрома развивается в силу факторов, не связанных с физиологическими изменениями.

Сюда можно отнести такие причины:

  • механическая травма молочной железы,
  • наличие инфекции в организме и развитие воспалительного процесса в груди,
  • боли в грудных мышцах, вызванные усиленными физическими упражнениями,
  • наличие злокачественных и доброкачественных новообразований,
  • taking certain groups of drugs (diuretics, steroids, antidepressants),
  • alcohol abuse, smoking, etc.

Clinical manifestation of mastalgia

Such different clinical manifestations depend on the individual characteristics of the woman’s body and the cause that provoked the pain.

Nevertheless, it is possible to make a general symptom with this physiological manifestation:

  1. The pain in the breast glands is intermittent or may accompany the woman constantly until the onset of menstruation.
  2. By the nature of the severity, women may be bothered by aching, burning, or stabbing pain, while in some cases the pain becomes unbearable, which requires immediate medical intervention.
  3. In addition to algezii in the mammary glands, pain in the lower abdomen is also observed in some cases, which is characteristic of premenstrual syndrome.
  4. Before menstruation, the breast becomes very sensitive due to increased blood flow to the mammary gland and its swelling.

If all these changes are poorly developed and do not bring much discomfort, then such a manifestation is considered the physiological norm.

Unfortunately, sometimes the pain in the chest before menstruation can carry a functional cause of appearance, and at the same time pathological symptoms in the form of:

  • aggravating and incessant pain in the breast,
  • discharge from the nipple or vagina with an unclear etiology (bloody, brown, with an unpleasant odor, etc.),
  • fever, general weakness, weakness, loss of appetite,
  • seals seen during self-examination of the breast.

If such symptoms appear, you should immediately contact a specialist for examination in order to identify the true cause of the disorder and in case of anything, start timely treatment.

How to reduce pain

When a pain syndrome occurs in the chest, a natural desire arises to reduce these pains and ease one's well-being.

In this regard, there are some recommendations that should be followed during this period:

  • Sometimes the pain before menstruation may increase due to increased nervousness, so you should eliminate all stressful stimuli and try to relax, for example, by taking a warm bath or reading a favorite book.
  • Tight bra breaks blood circulation and puts pressure on the already painful chest. In such a period, it is best to abandon the lace underwear and give preference to a supporting bra from natural fabrics with adjustable straps.
  • Contrast douches not only reduces pain, but also increases the elasticity of the mammary glands.

  • Sleep is best on the back, so as not to expose the breast glands to excessive load.
  • In consultation with the doctor, you can take painkillers, but still it is best to do without them.
  • Revise your diet and limit yourself to the use of foods high in salt, alcohol, strong coffee and tea.
  • When mastalgia is severely expressed, the doctor may prescribe hormonal contraceptives, magnesium, herbal preparations, soothing charges based on nettle, peony, train, St. John's wort, dandelion root, celandine, etc.

The female body is a complex mechanism that harbors many secrets, one of which is chest pain before menstruation. We found out what are the causes of pain, and its clinical picture. Therefore, when symptoms appear with the physiological norm, there is no need to panic; this is just a special kind of manifestation in the body. In the case of pathological signs, you should immediately take measures to eliminate them, because women's health is an invaluable gift that must be protected.