Is sexual life possible during menopause


The desire to look young, bright and modern wardrobe, stylish hair and makeup, activity and an abundance of interests - all these features are characteristic of modern women who have crossed the threshold of the fiftieth anniversary.

Complementing this set is the ability to have sex during menopause, because intimate relationships is one of the basic human needs. Unfortunately, not all women manage to keep unchanged such a source of positive emotions as a full-fledged sexual contact.

Not everyone knows that sex is able to preserve and prolong youth, and the sensations from intimate contacts at this age can start playing with new colors. Statistics obtained a few years ago showed that one third of the women surveyed have sex before age 70-79 and older.

To sexual activity and after menopause delivered a feeling of fullness of life, it is worth knowing some important nuances of this delicate topic.

How does the onset of menopause affect the sex life of a woman?

Libido can not remain unchanged throughout human life. And if men try to keep having sex as long as possible, then many women lose interest in this side of life too early.

Possible reasons for abandoning intimate relationships:

The restructuring of the body, reducing the concentration of sex hormones.

The reproductive system has fulfilled its functions, the biological meaning of the sexual desire for menopause has been lost, the power of libido decreases. Rational nature is not configured to waste resources on an unnecessary function, so sex after menopause is no longer an important need.

Reducing the amount of cervical secretions, vaginal lubrication, the thinning of its walls leads to discomfort during sex.

Rare intimate contacts reduce the likelihood of an orgasm due to the weakening of the vaginal muscular wall tone. Pain, discomfort become companions of each sexual intercourse, and the woman believes that sex after menopause is not so necessary.

Problems with well-being.

By the threshold of menopause all come with a different stock of strength and vitality. Joint pain, loss of flexibility and ease of movement, frequent fatigue, unmotivated mood swings prevent you from reaching orgasm, push sex life to the background.

Meanwhile, many men aged 55-60 years are not at all inclined to stop intimate life. The contradictions between the partners exacerbate the already complex relationships in many families, which is not the best influence on the psycho-emotional state of a woman.

Do I need sex after menopause?

There is no doubt whether you can have sex with menopause - intimate relationships should be maintained as long as possible. The positive effect of sexual contact on a woman's body:

  • Increased self-esteem from being needed, desired, attractive,
  • Pelvic floor muscles strengthen, vaginal tone increases,
  • During intercourse, blood circulation is restored in the pelvic organs,
  • Increasing the level of serotonin and endorphins - "joy hormones" improves the psychological state of a woman, she less often suffers from depression, sleep disorders,
  • The skin becomes taut and elastic.

It is also important that the harmony of sexual life of partners significantly heals the family microclimate. A man stops feeling unnecessary, longer retains erectile function.

How to raise libido?

It’s hard to have sex if you don’t want to do it. This paradox is explained by several reasons, most of which are related to the peculiarities of female psychology in the period of menopause:

Lack of confidence in their attractiveness for a partner.

Skin problems, pigmentation, excess weight, wrinkles - all these changes deprive a woman of self-confidence. It seems to them that an imperfect body makes it undesirable for a partner, although in most cases a woman does not lose her charm and sex appeal at all.

The way to solve the problem is to strive for a well-groomed appearance, to use beautiful linen, to increase self-esteem by auto-training.

Adherence to stereotypes that claim that sex life during menopause is no longer needed.

Not always the dominant opinion in society - this is the right belief. Some women believe that with the advent of menopause, sexual relations should be stopped, they are not needed, because "the age is not the same."

Physiological symptoms of menopause that interfere with normal intimate contact.

Vaginal dryness, uncontrolled urination, nighttime flushes that occur during menopause due to hormonal changes in the body, cause a woman to refuse intimacy, causing a kind of inferiority complex.

The way to solve the problem is to use drugs of hormone therapy, phytotherapy and other methods to compensate for negative symptoms recommended by the doctor.

The psycho-emotional swings that make a woman experience the whole gamut of feelings from euphoria to depression for a short time do not have the best effect on the sexual desire of both partners.

The desire for intimate contact depends on the complexly mixed cocktail of biochemical processes, psychological aspects of personality, relations between partners. Maintain the same libido as it was in his youth, it is hardly possible.

Some cases of its multiple increase after menopause are explained by pathologies of the endocrine system. But a sharp decrease in sexual desire is often explained by widespread stereotypes and prejudices.

How to cope with dryness in the vagina?

Vaginal dryness is caused by hormonal imbalance of menopause, but this condition can and should be corrected. The less a woman has sex, the more the vagina atrophies - its mucous membrane becomes thinner, it becomes dry. In order not to experience discomfort, you need to continue intimate life.

It is important to pay sufficient attention to the rules of intimate hygiene:

  • Use a hypo-allergenic soap,
  • Use high-quality toilet paper and wipes.
  • Wear cotton underwear,
  • Wash underwear hypoallergenic powder.

The use of water, silicone or oil based lubricants is used as a substitute for natural lubrication. To maintain the hormonal levels, you can use vaginal suppositories with minimal doses of estrogen as recommended by your doctor. As a result of their use, the mucous membrane becomes thicker, its functions are restored.

For similar purposes, use vaginal rings remaining in the vagina for 1-2 months. Estrogen secreted by the rings restores the normal functioning of the vagina, without penetrating the blood and causing side effects.

Is an orgasm possible after menopause?

Often women complain that orgasm during menopause is not so bright and intense, or it does not exist at all. Meanwhile, it is not only possible, but also capable of bringing more subtle and sensual pleasure.

Changes in previous sensations can be affected by changes in hormonal status, disturbances in the vegetative circulation, stress factors, and a lack of understanding between partners.

How to save an orgasm after menopause:

  • Consult a sex therapist,
  • To use lubricants with a warming effect to stimulate blood circulation,
  • To practice the Kegel gymnastics, which strengthens the pelvic floor muscles and encourages the return of vivid sensations from intimacy,
  • Discuss a problem with a partner, share your feelings with him,
  • Use any available method of auto-training.

Sex after menopause

With the advent of menopause, life does not end. There are still many years ahead, which need to live with maximum fullness and positive attitude. One of the means of preserving youth is sex, and it only depends on a woman how long this bright line will be in her life.

A few tips on how to have a long sex life:

To not doubt its attractiveness, to be in great shape, you need to become physically active. - do yoga, swimming, pilates, shaping, ride a bike, do jogging in the morning. Rational nutrition, cessation of smoking and alcohol is another step towards attractiveness.

Openness in a relationship with a partner, mutual understanding are very important factors in achieving sexual harmony.

The appropriate entourage can be tuned to a romantic mood - music, beautiful bedding, candles, and dinner with products containing aphrodisiacs (nuts, fruits, seafood).

Do not hesitate to visit the sex shop. The sexual entertainment industry has gone far ahead, and will be able to offer interesting toys for every need. Bold experiments, acceptable by both partners, will bring a fresh stream into the sex life.

But most importantly, without which these tips will become a hollow sound, you need to be sure of the need for sex at any age, to strive to keep it as long as possible.

Features of sex life of a mature woman

After menopause a woman undergoes a hormonal adjustment, her reproductive ability disappears. Before the cessation of menstruation, before sexual ovulation, sexual desire could increase, since this is the most fruitful time for conception, and the body itself signaled this. Reducing the level of estrogen in the body leads to the fact that this no longer happens.

Intimate life is an integral part for most people, and here it’s not just a desire to conceive and give birth to a child. For couples, this is an opportunity to show love, tenderness to each other and have fun, which means that a woman needs sex after menopause.

In menopausal age, many have more time than before, because children have already grown up, it's time to retire. Thanks to this, ladies can devote more time to themselves and their partner, which means romantic relationships and sex during menopause. And the fact that the onset of pregnancy in menopause becomes impossible, sometimes only liberates partners.

However, a decrease in estrogen affects not only the level of sexual desire, but also the physical component. The mucous membrane of the vagina becomes less moisturized, for which reason discomfort during sexual contact, pain, bleeding after sexual intercourse is possible. For this reason, a woman may not want sex during menopause, because it is associated with pain.

For more information about the treatment of vaginal dryness, we recommend reading in a separate article on our website.

Another hormone that affects intimate life is testosterone. Although it is a male hormone, its low level in the female body can negatively affect the libido. The decrease in testosterone during menopause may be affected by the use of oral contraceptives in the child-bearing age. Systematic intake of hormones from the outside leads to the fact that in the body, some of them begin to be produced in very small quantities.

Woman’s dissatisfaction with her appearance, and sometimes with her partner, does not increase the chances of regular sex during menopause. The symptoms of menopause, such as persistent flushing, excessive sweating, urinary incontinence, loss of the vagina or uterus, are even more aggravated. But despite all these factors, menopause and sex-compatible concepts and with the right approach, physical contact is possible.

Can I have sex after menopause

The appearance of free time, the impossibility of unwanted pregnancy lead to the fact that sex during menopause becomes even brighter than before its occurrence. From a medical point of view, having sex during menopause is not only possible but necessary. Regular intimate contacts, especially those ending in orgasm, have a positive effect on the tone of the vagina and uterus, which decreases significantly during menopause.

From the psychology side, having sex during menopause is also very useful. The development of endorphins will help improve mood and easier to endure all the unpleasant symptoms that accompany the period of menopause. Partners who are starting to devote more time to each other, stir up sex in themselves and their beloved, are able to re-experience the delights of the honeymoon, and thus get great pleasure from life. Some call such moments the second youth.

On the part of doctors there is practically no ban on intimacy in adulthood. Therefore, it all depends on whether a woman wants sex after menopause. And psychological factors play the biggest role in this, because it is much easier to eliminate physical discomfort.

Does a woman experience orgasm during menopause

The moment of peak pleasure is one of the most desirable during intimacy. However, to achieve orgasm with menopause becomes more difficult.

Due to hormonal changes, it is very difficult to achieve the same arousal during intercourse as before menopause. Sex during menopause is not accompanied by sufficient secretion of natural lubrication, dry mucous membranes do not allow the necessary slip on contact. The use of lubricants helps to solve this problem.

The main reason for orgasm in women is the stimulation of the nerve endings of the vagina and clitoris. After menopause, having sex does not always give effective stimulation, the excitement does not increase with the same strength, which makes it difficult to obtain pleasure. Only a good attitude and special attentiveness to a woman from a man can help here.

To test an orgasm after a climax each representative of the fair sex is capableIf you take into account all the important points, pay a lot of attention to the preliminary caresses and the romantic part of the process. Since even in the childbearing age, when there are no additional problems, not everyone manages to reach orgasm, the essence lies not only in sufficient moisture of the mucous membranes. From which we can conclude that a careful partner, the right attitude and the lack of psychological clips primarily affect whether a woman gets an orgasm or not.

How to improve sex life after menopause

Bright sex life makes a woman happy. But what kind of intimacy can there be if you don’t like your reflection in the mirror, and the sexual act itself causes discomfort. You can ask these questions to modern medicine, which will tell you how to get rid of physical discomfort and renew sexual desire.

Appealing to a gynecologist, a psychologist or a psychotherapist, as well as a sexologist will help resolve any questions that may arise. A general number of recommendations on how to improve sex after menopause looks like this:

  1. Hormone replacement therapy, in addition to reducing the negative symptoms of menopause (for example, hot flashes), will increase libido. Most experts recommend phytoestrogen-based drugs because they are safer than chemical hormones that increase the risk of breast cancer. The doctor may also prescribe local creams with testosterone or candles with phytoestrogens to produce natural lubrication and increase libido. You can take these medicines only after consulting a doctor.
  2. Physical activity. Physical therapy classes will help in restoring the tone of the smooth muscles of the female genital organs. Very effective exercise Kegel (alternate reduction and relaxation of intimate muscles). Yoga classes are just a godsend for menopausal women: there are special practices aimed at strengthening the pelvic floor muscles (which also protects against the prolapse of the vagina and uterus), disclosing sexuality and increasing sexual desire.
  3. Proper nutrition during menopause, which will help maintain the shape, tone and elasticity of the skin, hair and nails, as well as vigor and well-being. All this is the key to beauty, which is important for a woman at any age: dissatisfaction with oneself is detrimental to sexual desire.
  4. The use of vitamins and minerals aimed at maintaining immunity, appearance and overall health,
  5. The use of water-based lubricants. Silicone-based lubricants are highly undesirable because they destroy the latex from which condoms are made, and they are necessary to protect against sexually transmitted diseases. The risk of such an infection after menopause increases due to a decrease in the natural lubrication of the vagina. Condoms also provide better gliding.
  6. Full sleep, at least 8, and preferably about 10 hours a day. It is important to go to bed and get up at the same time: adherence to biorhythms will ensure good health.
  7. A visit to the psychologist in the presence of blocks in the sexual plan. You may have to go to several sessions with a partner to return to their mutual understanding. Консультация сексолога также благоприятное влияние на интимные отношения.
  8. Создание антуража и расслабляющей обстановки перед сексом. Это может быть горячая ванна, свечи и благовония с афродизиаками, приятная музыка, массаж.
  9. Maintaining the appearance of visiting beauty salons, spas. Shopping with friends, the result of which will be a new lingerie, a beautiful dress, as well as hair and makeup will return the former self-confidence to any woman. After all, mature age is the ideal time to enjoy yourself.

Sex during menopause helps a woman not only to preserve muscle tone of the genital organs, but also confidence in herself and her beauty. Discuss with your man how important this is.

Do not get very upset if something in the intimate life is not so, despite all attempts to maintain and improve it. So, it's time to take a break, enjoy intimacy with a partner, talk more, go for walks, go to the cinema or theater, if you can even go on a trip. Strong platonic and romantic relationships, enjoying each other will bring intimate life to a new level, and then the orgasm after menopause will not take long.

Adult sexual relations are natural for a woman. This period does not always affect sex in a positive way, but it occurs. With the onset of menopause, intimate life can become brighter and richer than it was before. Perhaps, to achieve this, you will have to seek help from a gynecologist and other specialists, but the minutes or even hours of intimacy with your loved one are worth it.

Is sex possible with menopause: changes in the body

Climax is the physiological condition of the female body. It occurs after 45 years (mean age 47.5 years). It is characterized by inhibition of the functions of the ovaries, which produce the female hormone estrogen. This substance is responsible for a large number of processes, chief among which are:

  • The maturation of the egg. This process requires a certain amount of estrogen. With its deficiency, the egg matures longer, the duration of the menstrual cycle increases (blood discharge may be absent for several months). In this regard, the risk of pregnancy is reduced, but this possibility remains, therefore, it should be protected.
  • Preservation of female forms. The female hormone can also be secreted by adipose tissue, so there is often a sharp weight gain of up to 5-8 kilograms or more, which is quite difficult to lose.
  • Thinning of mucous membranes, dry vagina, its narrowing. At the same time sexual intercourse begins to cause discomfort, after it there is a burning sensation, pain.
  • The characteristic symptoms that most women face are hot flashes, insomnia, and sleep disorders. As a result, they become irritable, the mood changes dramatically, tearfulness appears.

Many women deny themselves and their partner in the vicinity, believing that he is contraindicated to them.

Does sex affect menopause?

Studies have shown that there is a direct relationship between sex and the severity of menopausal syndrome. Many ladies deny themselves the pleasure, noting a decrease in libido. But is it? Often, the problem lies in the following aspects:

  • Psychological. Physiological changes, instability of mood lead to the fact that a woman is not satisfied with herself. She considers herself unattractive, unworthy of attention from the man. This is especially happening against the background of weight gain.
  • Physical. Hormone reorganization provokes a low release of natural lubrication, therefore, instead of pleasure, it gets discomfort.
  • Social. Lack of a sexual partner, health problems of the husband make sex impossible. Also an important role is played by education, which speaks of the unacceptability of sexual life in adulthood.

At the same time, it is determined that regular sex life stimulates the production of lubrication of the genital organs, increases physical exertion, which, in turn, accelerates the metabolism. Also, the production of certain hormones, which are also produced by the consumption of confectionery, sweets. Thus, sex helps to lose weight, look better. Therefore, the answer to the question whether it is possible to have sex during menopause (including oral) is unequivocal - not only possible, but necessary!

How often can you have sex with menopause?

Scientists have found that during menopause, many people want sex even more than before this period, especially since it is absolutely not harmful to the body. In this regard, the question arises about the permissible frequency of intimate life. There are certain statistics:

  • Once a week allows you to make your partner happier. The body begins the production of happiness hormones. Mainly it has a positive effect on self-esteem, the partner feels beautiful, attractive.
  • 2 times a week helps to strengthen the immune system. A special immunoglobulin is created on the mucous membranes, which prevents various pathogenic viruses, infections and bacteria from getting inside.
  • 3 times a week, intercourse with a regular partner reduces the risk of myocardial infarction. This is due to the expansion of blood vessels, increasing blood flow.

When menopause is required to use contraceptives, as there is a chance of pregnancy. The method will help pick a doctor.

Lack of sex during menopause

If you do not want sexual relations or they are for any reason impossible, this is reflected in appearance and psychological state. The most common symptoms of this are:

  • Appears insomnia, sleep quite sensitive. In the morning a woman wakes up broken, with poor health, absolutely not sleep.
  • The appearance of inflammation on the skin of the face. Reduced immunity becomes the cause of "teenage" problems: acne, acne.
  • Dramatic aging of the skin, the appearance of wrinkles. During intercourse, collagen is produced - a substance responsible for skin elasticity.

Discomfort treatment

As we have already found out, many women deny themselves sex during menopause for a number of reasons. It should be noted that their presence is not a sentence, it is enough to follow the following recommendations:

  • When gaining weight, you should review your diet in the direction of taking low-fat foods, eat more vegetables and fruits, and control the number of calories. You should also lead a more active lifestyle: go in for sports (you can choose, for example, yoga), make daily walks. Drink at least 1.5 liters of water.
  • Dry mucous membranes is also not a contraindication. It is enough to use artificial lubricants. These are gels that are applied before sexual intercourse.
  • You can get rid of other unpleasant symptoms in a complex way by taking hormone replacement therapy, which is useful in menopausal syndrome. These are special preparations that contain estrogen, progesterone, essential minerals, vitamins. They compensate for the lack of natural female hormone, restoring the normal functioning of other organs and systems.

Pregnancy and contraception

An important issue is the need for contraception. Some believe that after 45-50 years it is impossible to get pregnant. But they are wrong, because the maturation of the eggs slows down, but does not stop. This is true for periods of premenopause and menopause. Therefore you should be protected in one of the ways:

  • condoms - additionally protect during spontaneous sex,
  • intrauterine devices, for example, spirals,
  • hormone-based oral preparations.

The use of any of them requires consultation with a gynecologist, who will help determine the best method. Get a free consultation, make an appointment here http: //45plyus.rf/registration/