Is it possible to do abdominal exercises during menstruation?


When a woman begins her period, additional brake lights light up for her. Some are justified, others can be classified as myths and superstitions. Here is a list of "no", which adheres to the majority of women during menstruation:

  • go to church,
  • put the dough, cook from flour,
  • bath babies
  • wear white and tight
  • bathe or take a bath
  • do sport.

During menstruation earlier, women were forbidden to plow, sow, and weave linen. So for a few days you have the right, with a clear conscience, to push your plow behind the sofa, covering it with a loom.

Pro white and tight is at your own peril and risk. Some run and do not grieve, others sadly sit at home with a pack of pads, similar to mini-mattresses for a hamster. Individual physiology can not be helped.

Whatever dear women believe, not a single thing brings together so many disagreements around it, like playing sports during menstruation.

Opinion of physicians: menstruation is not a disease, and therefore moderate exercise only strengthens the muscles and blood vessels, you should only limit or completely eliminate the load on the group of abdominal muscles. This statement, of course, will not be fair for those women who experience acute painful menstruation. The only exercise available for them in this state is to “climb the wall,” and this is not a bit funny. By the way, in this case it is not necessary to endure and suffer, if the pain is really very strong, you should consult a doctor.

Why does pain arise during menstruation?

The condition of a woman with menstruation is her rehearsal of labor contractions, or contractions in miniature. The painful picture in the lower abdomen and in the lower back is the same, their reason is the opening cervix. During pregnancy, for example, the cervix is ​​compressed so that it does not miss the needle, and during menstruation it opens by 0.5 cm. It is this dissonance of muscle tension that causes pain.

Why is there blood?

Here we will stop in more detail. Everyone knows about mucosal detachment, but where does the blood come from?

The structure of the uterine wall is represented by three layers:

The mucous layer is called endometrium and consists of two layers:

Such a detailed analysis is as follows: exercises on the muscles of the peritoneum that cause uterine contractions do not cause increased bleeding!

However, the exfoliating epithelium has nerve endings, and before menstruation it becomes loose and edematous. So before you go to the gym, imagine a little swelling finger. It is unlikely that you will knock them on the table and sentence them: “From the point of view of medicine and histology, there is no reason to lower the burden placed on you!”.

So is it possible to pump a press during menstrual bleeding?

The answer is yes. Start pumping the press, carefully listening to your own feelings. Still, the pain - a warning signal of the body, do not ignore it. If the pain during the exercise has increased, set it aside for tomorrow. Practice alternative stretching or sit on the exercise bike.

The desire for health and the desire not to miss sports are worthy of praise. Enjoy your fitness!

How to download press during menstruation?

In order not to abandon training the abdominal muscles during menstruation and at the same time avoid dangerous consequences, the following recommendations should be observed:

  • The first day of menstruation is the most difficult and painful. On this day, it is better to skip the workout, even the smallest, because the body is weakened.
  • For 2-3 days you can do a warm-up, stretching, running exercises, with good health, you can make one small approach to the load on the abdominals.
  • In the following days, menstruation can gradually increase the load, but not more than 80% of the usual.
  • It would be more correct to perform exercises that give a load to the upper part of the rectus abdominis muscle and oblique muscles.
  • The pace of exercise should be moderate, weight lifting is prohibited! Therefore, weights, barbells and other goods let them wait a little while.
  • Excessive load will cause pain and suffering, and easy, simple training of the abdominal muscles will bring relief.
  • Remember that playing sports can trigger an increase in the amount of discharge, so take care of additional padding (or tampon).
  • After a workout, take a warm shower - this will relax the muscles that were particularly active.
  • It is better to swing the press during menstruation upright on a special horizontal bar - it will be easier for the body. In no case do not perform exercises in which the legs rise above the navel.
  • If during a workout a headache appeared, a dizzy, sharply ill stomach - immediately stop the sports activity and rest.

Classical exercises for the abdominals:

  1. Starting position - lying on the floor, legs bent at the knees, heels closer to the buttocks, hands behind the head. Carry out the lifting of the body, although for the load on the upper abdominal muscle it is sufficient to simply tear the shoulder blades off the floor.
  2. Training oblique abdominal muscles - the starting position is the same, arms bent behind the head with the elbows forward, lift the body with a slight displacement so that the right elbow touches the left knee and the left elbow touches the right knee.
  3. Exercise without lifting the body - lying on your back, arms extended along the body, legs bent at the knees (feet as close as possible to the buttocks). Try to wrap your hands around the ankle on the inside, which will also bleed the oblique abdominal muscles.
  4. Exercise on the bars for the press - straightened legs raise to the level of the abdomen. If straight legs are difficult to lift, then bend them at the knees, but try to keep them as straight as possible.

As you can see, the implementation of exercises for the press does not require special training or skills, training can be carried out not only in the gym, but also at home. With a normal flow of menstruation, it is not forbidden to rock the press; you just have to be very sensitive to the body’s response to physical activity.

Finally, we recommend watching a video on the topic (training for menstruation):

We listen to our own body

The onset of menstruation is often accompanied by unpleasant sensations - a pulling pain in the lower abdomen, dizziness, nausea. In this state, very few people will come up with the idea of ​​intense training. Any physical activity should be commensurate with their well-being, but in some cases they are strictly prohibited, for example:

  • for medical reasons, when the examination revealed the presence of any gynecological diseases, acute vaginitis, cystic formations, inflammatory processes are especially dangerous,
  • if menstruation is accompanied by severe pain, heavy discharge, bleeding and lasts more than 7 days.

But if your condition during menstruation is satisfactory, if you want to play sports and the process of training causes a surge of positive emotions, you can perform the usual set of exercises without any fear.

Are there any restrictions for sports during menstruation?

Nevertheless, despite the excellent state of health, you should refrain from additional loads on the lower abdominal muscles, at least in the first 2-3 days of the beginning of the menstrual cycle. Why it is impossible to download a press at monthly? Such minor restrictions will not affect the fitness of your body, but will prevent the development of endometriosis.

The fact is that during this period endometrial rejection occurs, which is accompanied by micro-rupture of blood vessels. Any additional load increases blood flow and can cause increased blood loss. During menstruation, the uterus increases in size, its contractions occur, and spasms may occur. In such conditions, it is not recommended to load the inflamed organ.

Tips for supporters of an active lifestyle

The menstrual process is invariably accompanied by a rather significant drop in hemoglobin level, which leads to a decrease in endurance. Therefore, it will be quite logical to slightly reduce the intensity of training during this period. The use of simple rules for sports during your period will keep you in good health and help protect you from possible complications:

  • cardio exercises, exercises for the upper and oblique abdominal muscles,
  • when performing strength exercises, you should slightly reduce the usual load,
  • Do not perform exercises in which the rise of the legs above the navel.

In general, sports activities facilitate the flow of menstruation, reduce the manifestations of premenstrual syndrome, reduce pain, retain vitality and a positive attitude. Compliance with these recommendations will allow you to remain active for the rest of the month and achieve impressive results without losing your health.

How to reduce pain during menstruation

It is no secret that athletes endure pain much easier during menstruation. Exercise medium intensity improves blood circulation, helps leveling hormonal levels and, as a result, brings relief from minor ailments. Answering the question whether it is possible to pump the press during the month, it should be noted that complete rejection of sports training is not the best solution.

Sports activities lead to the release of endorphins, which are beneficial to women's health. If training does not cause negative feelings, you should not drastically change your lifestyle during critical days. Easy jogging, squats, Pilates, dancing - any physical activity is permissible, if it is not accompanied by deterioration of health.