Can I run during menstruation


Whether it is possible to run at monthly is almost a topical problem. Fighting overweight brought thousands of women into the sport. Physical activity helps not only to improve the shape, but also to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Regardless of which sport you choose, be it fitness, yoga, jogging, gym, or athletics, each woman has individual characteristics of the body. So, someone can be engaged daily in the morning, and someone allocates a couple of evenings a week to the load.

Each of the ladies at least once asked the question "Is it possible to run at monthly?". Opinions of practitioners and theorists on this subject differ greatly. In this article, we will look at how physical activity affects our body on critical days and what the opinion of experts is.

What happens in the body during menstruation

So, we all know that once a month a woman begins a period when menstruation occurs. The duration and symptoms of this physiological process are purely individual. Is it possible to run when menstruation is going on? This is a personal question.

A prerequisite for the appearance of menstruation is the preparation by the body of the egg to conceive, due to the fact that fertilization has not occurred in the blood, the level of hormones decreases. As a result, the blood supply to the uterine mucosa (endometrium) is reduced, which causes exfoliation and rejection of the mucous membrane, which has increased over the month. Clots of the envelope come out with blood.

Thus, the critical days - this is the period when the female body is cleared from the growing endometrium. During rejection in the uterus, new layers of the mucous membrane are already beginning to grow, this process occurs before the start of a new cycle. Due to blood loss in the body, the level of hemoglobin and red blood cells is reduced. It turns out that internal organs lack oxygen, hence weakness and painful sensations.

Exercise, on the contrary, contributes to the enrichment of blood with oxygen, so the sport helps to get rid of indisposition. However, about whether you can run during menstruation, you should consult with experts.

Consultation with a gynecologist

A female gynecologist is the first doctor to be visited after the therapist. Everyone knows that with age, our body undergoes tremendous changes and those diseases that were not manifested in youth, are capable of delivering huge problems during climax. There are a lot of diseases that are asymptomatic, so regular visits to the gynecologist is not a whim, but a guarantee of health.

Consultation with a gynecologist is an important issue, because each of us may have personal contraindications to this or that stress. There are a number of diseases in which sport during menstruation is prohibited. These include adenomyosis, uterine fibroids, etc. Most doctors, of course, advocate that during the menstrual cycle it is better to refrain from serious loads. As an option, it will change the type of activity for this period or remove some of the exercises from the complex. Believe me, it's better to endure a few days than personally ruin your health. An important issue of consultation is proper nutrition, because during this period the body should be provided with all the necessary trace elements.

Ladies who gave birth, or expectant mothers are obliged to protect their health. After all, it may happen that once overpowered pain can prevent you from becoming pregnant.

Medical research

Scientists, of course, have repeatedly investigated this problem. Scientific experiments have shown that sport is not only harmless, but also useful for women during critical days. So, it has been proven that some exercises can reduce pain and cramps.

Movement and load contribute to the acceleration of metabolism, as well as the production of endorphins. Some exercise complexes help the body to clear more quickly, so the number of menstruation days can be reduced.

Can I run during menstruation? Definitely a positive answer. At the same time, it is important to behave intelligently: it is not necessary to increase the tempo too sharply and step on hemp or tussocks. Even such minor movements are dangerous in such a period.

By the way, during this period water is retained in the body, so additional discomfort may occur.


As already mentioned, running is useful in any condition and even on critical days. Among all sports, scientists have identified this one. With the answer to the question "Can I run during menstruation?" we have already decided. Now consider what is so useful is running.

So, running is able to maintain the tone of the muscles of the whole organism. During the run, the muscles of the legs, feet and body are involved. Also, while running, the lungs and heart work intensively. People who regularly go in for sports know that even 15 minutes of a morning warm-up give a charge of cheerfulness for the whole day. When running, a lot of calories are consumed, because an innocent chocolate bar or loaf will not linger on your waist.

However, do not force yourself to train when you feel unwell. The same statement applies to girls who go to school. To the question "Is it possible to run during menstruation on physical education?" the answer is rather negative. After all, schoolwork involves certain physical activities and the implementation of standards that are acceptable for the normal state of the child. Individual approach in this case will not be a way out.

Class schedule

Some women mark the dates of the onset of critical days and it is very convenient. This time is accompanied by abundant sweating and constant inflows of discharge. This is easier for you to determine if you can run on the first day of your period. After all, each has a different selection, someone can not move freely on the first day, and who has this peak overtakes on the second day. On the first day, you can reduce the time of training, reduce the pace and intensity of running.

Training time

It is especially important to approach the time of the procedure. Depending on when you feel comfortable doing. Whether it is possible to run in the mornings or evenings during the month is also a matter of hygiene. Because after physical education you need to take a shower. For many girls, the most abundant discharge is accompanied in the morning. Will there be enough time for hygiene and how appropriate it is to work in the morning to decide for you.

What are the contraindications

Another important point that you need to pay attention to when deciding whether it is possible to run during your period is how you feel. Factors such as heavy discharge, severe dizziness and pain, nausea, say that you should not do. There is no consensus, but your body is the best adviser in this case.

There are a number of exercises that should not be done during "critical" days. These include: swing press, stretching, intense leg kicks, power loads and others.

As for running, you need to postpone for a while high-speed races and run with obstacles.

Speed ​​walking can be a good alternative to running. This exercise affects the same muscle groups.

No need to focus on one sport. Skipping a run, you can easily do exercises at home or go to yoga. In the end, menstruation is a natural process that is created in order for the body to cleanse and rest and recover. In pursuit of beauty, there is no need to counteract physiological processes. Rest is just as important as the load.

How to run during menstruation?

Examination and consultation of a doctor is necessary in order to correctly determine the additional physical activity on critical days. The specialist will develop for you an individual technique. But only you decide whether to run during the month. You should listen to your feelings during this period. Are there pain, discomfort, apathy. If, suppose, today you feel great, then why not run for a while and for short distances?

Research results have shown that after physical exercise, many people feel better, they decrease pain. The main thing is that the loads are not intense. No need to worry about the results - enjoy the process. Choosing the right pace, reducing the number of workouts these days is a guarantee of health and good mood.

During menstruation in women, the process of sweating goes faster, therefore during this period it is important to choose suitable clothes for running. The suit should not hamper your movements. During the workout, the room should be well ventilated; you should not supercool or overheat. With the help of running, you will feel lightness, pain in the lower abdomen will go away.

When running during menstruation is not worth it

If you have gynecological diseases or medical contraindications, if your doctor advises you not to run during your period, listen to it so as not to harm the body. You should not run if the discharge is abundant, and the pain is strong if it hurts and dizzy. Increased loads during this period are fraught with serious gynecological diseases.

If in the process of running you feel an attack of weakness or dizziness, stop, rest. To saturate blood with oxygen, run on such days, not in the gym, but in an open stadium or in a park. Do not run for long distances - as soon as there is a feeling of discomfort, stop. If the pain in the lower abdomen appears while running, it is better to stop exercising until you consult with a specialist.

How does running affect the body?

Running is one of the most accessible and simple sports. It is very useful for strengthening the cardiovascular system, respiration. While running, a person breathes purposefully and deeply, because oxygen literally bursts into the body, sweeping through all organs, enriches the blood with its composition. With oxygen, the metabolic processes are activated, the state of health improves, you get a charge of vigor, energy and positive emotions. Running is the training of muscles that are strengthened by oxygen. Outside goes carbon dioxide, due to the intake of a large amount of oxygen. Therefore, it is intensively cleaned. The nervous system calms down, which means that depressive states disappear, the level of nervous tension decreases, and the happiness hormone endorphin is produced. When running, you get rid of excess body weight and gain self-confidence.

Is it possible to run if menstruation began

Menstruation is a natural process for the body of every woman, which is accompanied by the following symptoms: headaches, pain in the lower abdomen, general malaise. In addition, a woman may feel depressed, accelerated heartbeat. The cause of this condition is a decrease in hemoglobin and erythrocyte levels in a woman’s blood. A woman's body is enriched with oxygen worse, so endurance during exercise decreases and a female representative gets tired much faster.

Stopping jogging during the critical days is not mandatory, you just need to adjust the load.

Opinion of doctors

Scientists in the field of medicine have long investigated the question of the influence of physical activity on the course of menstruation and tried to find out whether it is possible to run during menstruation. The experiments that were carried out gave reason to believe that jogging is not only not prohibited, but even useful for the female at critical days. This opinion is based on the following facts:

  1. The ability of such loads to eliminate pain and cramps in the lower abdomen has been proven.
  2. Moderate runs accelerate the body's metabolism and contribute to the production of such a hormone as endorphin.
  3. Thanks to running, the body of the beautiful half of humanity is cleared faster during menstruation, so that there is a chance of reducing the duration of critical days.
  4. Slow jogs during menstruation contribute to the improvement of blood circulation in the pelvic area, relieve tension.

Running during menstruation once a day will not harm health if a woman follows the pace (do not increase the speed too sharply), pay attention to the landscape and do not step on various hummocks. These rules are necessary.

It is recommended to reduce the intensity of training and their duration by reducing the distances for jogging and the time of loads up to one hour per day.

Running at the beginning of critical days

Most often, women are concerned about whether you can run on the first day of your period. In the first 1-2 days of menstruation, doctors advise to refrain from exercise, due to the fact that the body of women during this period is significantly weakened. It is recommended to go in for sports not earlier than on the 3rd day if the woman feels better.

The reason why it is impossible to run during menstruation is an increase in the inside of the abdominal pressure, as a result of which there is a likelihood of endometrial separation.

In the premenstrual period, sports are also allowed.

The only negative consequence of running with menstruation may be an increase in the profusion of bleeding. In order to cope with this problem, you need to adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Use personal care products with a high level of protection against possible leaks. These can be gaskets or tampons that have a helium base.
  2. You need to run in comfortable and loose clothing.
  3. It is important not to forget about the water procedures in the days of menstruation. After all, water is a source of energy, relaxing and giving strength.
  4. In the absence of the opportunity to take a shower, use a variety of gels and napkins that are designed for women's intimate hygiene. It is important to choose such high-quality products and only natural ones.
  5. During menstruation, you need to do physical exercise without a visit to the pool or sauna.
  6. After a workout, do not forget to praise yourself for the work done. But the very promotion of sweet and fatty foods is better to exclude. Allowed to use dried fruits or fresh fruits and vegetables, you can also drink sweet tea with honey or sugar. These foods contribute to the restoration of the body and give it energy for the whole day.

Choose yourself when it is more convenient and comfortable to start training (in the morning or evening), because this is a matter of individual preferences. Consider whether it will be possible to take on the completion of a workout shower, and have time to work if you prefer morning jogging.

When running is contraindicated

To find out if you can do jogging during menstruation, as well as the individual reason for the ban on training, you need to visit a gynecologist before starting training. This will help prevent possible negative consequences.

Running exercises should stop if during this period a woman is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • severe and sharp pains in the female genital area (this may be the cause of the reproductive system),
  • dizziness and weakness
  • headaches at which a woman feels that she may faint,
  • heavy discharge (this may contribute to the loss of blood in large quantities).

When a female representative has noticed the above symptoms, you should immediately visit a gynecologist and undergo a specialized examination.

These symptoms may indicate the presence of diseases of the reproductive system, having an inflammatory or infectious nature.

It is recommended that girls and adolescents also abstain from physical activity and physical education lessons. Indeed, in this case, physical work can disrupt the process of establishing a cycle, which occurs between the ages of 9 to 15 years.

What exercises to replace jogging

If you feel inconvenience and discomfort while running, you should refrain from it during your period. You can replace the run with other types of physical activity.

The alternative can be the following types of activity:

  1. Morning work-out. It will help keep the body in good shape, however, it should be carried out in an abbreviated version and exclude power loads and abdominal exercises.
  2. Brisk walking (sports). This sport is less intense than running and copes with the burning of extra calories.
  3. Yoga practice. Due to the complex of such exercises, all major muscle groups are strengthened, and the general condition of the body during menstruation improves.
  4. Moderate and easy stretching. Helps to relieve pain during menstruation.

Considering the information outlined above, it can be concluded that jogging during monthly periods should be done with extreme caution. Если специальные противопоказания медиков отсутствуют, и девушка не ощущает особого дискомфорта от данного вида активности в период менструации, прерывать занятия не нужно. Чтобы иметь хорошее самочувствие после бега, нужно следовать рекомендациям врачей. Всегда помните, что здоровье женщины должно быть на первом месте!

Что происходит с организмом?

During menstruation, the functional layer of the endometrium is rejected, which is accompanied by bleeding. This happens because the blood vessels become bare when the uterus mucosa separates. The processes affect the composition of the blood: the number of red blood cells and hemoglobin decreases. Together with them, the inflow of oxygen to the internal organs worsens.

On such days, women feel worse, their working capacity decreases, their mood is unstable. This is due to changes in hormonal levels. Also slowed down the reaction, increased heart rate, change blood pressure indicators.

First days

The first one to two days of menstruation is recommended to take a break in training. During this period, the body is experiencing the greatest stress. Resume jogging no earlier than the third day, when the state stabilizes.

One of the reasons why gynecologists prohibit exercise is an increase in intra-abdominal pressure, which may cause endometrial separation.

Benefits of running

Sport during menstruation is useful. Moderate loads help to cope with weakness, pain in the abdomen. Running at a slow pace improves blood circulation in the pelvis, relieves stress. The body produces endorphin - the so-called happiness hormone, which fights stress, depression, improves mood.

But in the days of menstruation it is better to reduce the length of the distance. You cannot strive to set a record, overcome obstacles, resort to interval training. Employment should be easy, feasible. The right track suit is selected so that the trousers and jacket and T-shirt do not hinder movement. Clothing matches the weather: it is equally bad to overheat and freeze.

If during jogging there were unpleasant feelings - abdominal pain, weakness, dizziness, increased bleeding, stop training. If necessary, refer to a gynecologist.

Jogging not allowed

Despite the positive effects, running on critical days is contraindicated in a number of conditions. These include:

    A consultation with a doctor will not be superfluous.

  • excessive bleeding, which may increase with additional loads,
  • severe spasms that become more intense when moving,
  • general malaise, dizziness, weakness,
  • violations and ailments that are associated with the monthly cycle,
  • urogenital diseases.

When in doubt about the state of health, it is necessary to consult a "female" doctor. If a specialist believes that it is better to refuse to run for a while, his opinion should be considered.

Schoolgirls need to abstain from menstruation during menstruation.

What can replace running?

If the gynecologist is against running, but there is a need for physical activity, you can consider other sports that keep the body in good shape.

  • walking - burns calories
  • morning exercises, but in the light version and shorter in time, exclude power loads, abdominal exercises,
  • stretching - delicately tones up muscles, eliminates pain,
  • Yoga is the most gentle practice for such days.

However, such a “harmless” activity is told to the doctor, since all sports have contraindications.

Opinion of experts

Anita Lutsenko, coach, master of sports: “During menstruation, it is not forbidden to go in for sports. But all individually. Need to focus on well-being. When training is contraindicated, it is sufficient to moderately, but fully, eat in order to maintain shape. Exercise easily transferred? Walk around the city, go shopping. If you want to run, then reduce the distance by a third. "

Changes in the body during menstruation

Some people think that in this issue one should listen to the opinion of doctors, others rely on the experience of girlfriends / colleagues / advisers from online forums, and still others rely solely on their well-being in “those days”. Understanding whether you can run during menstruation will help understanding the physiological processes occurring in the female body during this period.

When fertilization of a ripe and ready to conceive egg does not occur, the amount of hormones and their concentration in the blood significantly decreases. Because of this, the endometrial blood supply (as scientifically called the uterus mucosa) decreases, it begins to exfoliate and eventually rejects, which manifests itself in the form of blood discharge. Getting rid of the body of the old mucous membrane and the accumulation of new layers of the endometrium is just called monthly.

All these complex mechanisms entail a sharp decrease in the number of red blood cells and hemoglobin levels. At this point, you should take special care, because as a result:

  1. Internal organs feel oxygen deficiency.
  2. Woman - changes in well-being (slower reactions, increased heart rate, pressure jumps, mood swings, etc.).

Menstruation is a difficult period for the body, the blood is completely renewed, which requires enormous reserves of energy. Hence the constant breakdown, fatigue, psychological instability. With all this “bouquet” of unpleasant symptoms, it is rather unreasonable to arrange additional loads for yourself, therefore many women consider that running exercises during the period of critical days should be abandoned.

Running during menstruation: Pros and Cons

Information about the prohibition of sports during menstruation is no longer relevant. In fact, moderate exercise will not bring harm, especially if the periods pass without pathologies and pains.

Doctors recommend to exclude from their lives intense sports activities in the first three days of menstruation. The trainers are not so categorical and believe that practicing a measured small-scale run even in the first days of the cycle will have a beneficial effect on the female body. But with one important condition: the load will be dispensed correctly and reasonably.

Is it possible to run during menstruation - every woman decides for herself, carefully examining the pros and cons of such training and focusing on her own feelings / well-being on critical days.

You can even run during menstruation: this increases the flow of oxygen into the bloodstream, which helps to minimize pain. For many professional athletes, jogging is needed to make it easier to suffer premenstrual syndrome. It has been scientifically proven that in the process of not too intense physical exertion in the body, the hormone endorphin is produced, and a good mood on critical days will not interfere with any woman.

It is better to run at a slow pace, jog, without overcoming obstacles, avoiding interval training and bumps. On the first day of menstruation, it is worth significantly reducing the time interval for a run. By following these simple tips, you can get the most out of cross-country workouts:

  • blood circulation in the pelvis will improve,
  • pain and cramps will disappear
  • the nervous system will calm down, which means that nervousness and depressive states will not be felt,
  • metabolism will accelerate
  • a charge of positive emotions, vigor and energy will be received.

Among other things, as a result of running loads, the disposal of the old endometrium is accelerated, respectively, the monthly run out is slightly faster than usual.

If running on critical days were characterized by exceptionally positive moments, probably all women would be engaged in it at the beginning of the menstrual cycle. But there is a flip side to the coin.


Strong contraindications for jogging are situations when:

  1. Monthly prolonged, abundant, accompanied by severe spasms. To do sports in this case is impossible, because intensity of discharge may increase, and pain due to active movements - increase.
  2. A woman feels severe discomfort during critical days: dizzy, there is general malaise, nausea, weakness.
  3. The lady suffers from diseases of the genitourinary system.
  4. There are serious menstrual irregularities.
  5. Observed apathy and unwillingness to engage in any sport.

During menstruation, it is forbidden to run if a girl is diagnosed with gynecological pathology, for example, adenomyosis or uterine myoma. The training regime can also be affected by such a cause as pain in the genitals. To run in this case it is impossible, the selection of unusual colors also become a reason to stop playing sports and visit the gynecologist.

If you independently identify your contraindications and find out whether jogging can be done during critical days, it is difficult, or your intuition tells you that it is better to be safe in this matter, consulting an experienced doctor will help you to dot the “and”.

Recommendations for running in monthly

If the question “is it possible to run during menstruation?” The woman answers in the affirmative for herself, it would not be superfluous to listen to the advice of experienced runners and gynecologists:

  • Before training it is necessary to equip with women's hygiene products. The main recommendation for them is the gel absorbent inside and maximum absorbency. You can do as with a tampon in the vagina, and with the usual pad on underwear - here it is to whom and how comfortable.
  • Because during the menstrual period, sweating in many women increases, attention should be paid to the selection of the "right" clothes - from natural, breathable fabric that can quickly absorb moisture.
  • Categorical no intense training! You can run at the monthly, just enjoying the process: at a quiet pace, jogging, eliminating any sudden movement.
  • The distance run on normal days should now be reduced by a third.
  • For maximum blood oxygenation, it is better to run in the days of menstruation in the open air - in an open stadium, in a park / square, etc.
  • If you experience pain of any nature, nausea, shortness of breath, muscle spasms jogging should be stopped.

Experienced trainers know that the energy consumption in the female body during menstruation increases by 300-500 kcal / day, so proper nutrition, contributing to the rapid recovery of strength after jogging, is especially important these days. In the diet should prevail dishes with plenty of vitamins and minerals, a high percentage of iron. Restrictions on food are fraught with severe dizziness during exercise.

Most ladies choose to run morning. But the selection in the first half of the day is more abundant, and no one has canceled the obligation of taking a shower and changing the gasket / tampon after a run. Therefore, the convenience and feasibility of sports in the morning should be seriously considered.

It would not be superfluous to consult with a doctor before menstruation - is it worth running in the first days of the cycle, what can be fraught with for health, is it possible to combine running with other loads (fitness, swimming, dancing, etc.).

What to do if your stomach hurts after running

Specialists in this case recommend three main options:

  1. If the pain is not too intense and occurs rarely, you can drink painkillers, but you should not abuse the pills.
  2. Not too useful, but an effective method would be a hot-water bottle on the stomach (as an option - a plastic bottle with hot water, a warm salt compress).
  3. Aromatherapy. Apply natural essential oils of cinnamon, juniper, lavender, mint. A few drops of oil gently, barely perceptible movements rubbed into the stomach.

If severe pain and weakness after jogging are observed regularly, this indicates a number of problems in the reproductive system. In this case, operative consultation of a gynecologist is necessary, only a doctor after a series of necessary studies will be able to select the correct and effective treatment.

Opinions of doctors

You can meet different and sometimes completely opposite opinions of physicians on issues of physical activity on critical days. However, every doctor who has at least an indirect relationship to sports medicine will agree that there is no categorical ban on jogging during this period.

The body of each person is unique, therefore, recommendations / contraindications to girls cannot be the same. Regular consultations with a gynecologist will allow you to have information with maximum accuracy about the state of your reproductive system, the presence of certain gynecological diseases and pathologies. Such anamnesis combined with the peculiarities of the menstrual cycle, the volume and specificity of the discharge, as well as general well-being are the main indicators to determine whether a woman can run, twist the hoop, or practice some other sport during her monthly periods.

Can I run during the first days of menstruation?

For 1-2 days of menstruation, it is better to refuse to run, and give your body a rest. At the present time, a rather intense load is being created on it, it is not necessary to tire it and deplete it even more.

Running during menstruation is allowed from 3 days after they start. Then the body gains some strength, and the general condition is normalized.

One of the reasons why you should not run until the end of your period is the ability of this sport to lead to an increase in intra-abdominal pressure. This, in turn, can lead to a violation of the rejection and removal of the endometrium. This is the opinion of most gynecologists, so they should not be neglected.

Why is it useful to run during menstruation?

So, having figured out whether it is possible to run during the first days of menstruation, it is necessary to dwell on an equally important question: what is the use of running on “these” days?

Sport during menstruation is very useful. This is especially true of running.

If you run during this period correctly, you can get rid of menstrual pain in the lower abdomen and lower back, improve the psycho-emotional state, eliminate irritability and sleep problems.

Moreover, a rational approach to running contributes to the intensive production of endorphin - the hormone of happiness. In addition, small jogs relieve tension in the pelvic area, so jogging during menstruation is not only possible but necessary. Of course, if you do it wisely. And only if there are no strict bans.

The reaction of the body to menstruation.

You can, of course, not understanding all the subtleties of the reaction of the body, rely on your health or the opinion of friends, neighbors on the porch or work colleagues. But it is better to contact your gynecologist, who will not only tell you about the physiological changes in the body, but also give practical advice on how to proceed on “critical days”.

Due to the unfertilization of a ripe egg by the sperm cell, the concentration of hormones in the blood drops markedly. In connection with this, the blood circulation of the uterine mucosa decreases. The consequence is the separation and separation of the old mucous membrane and the buildup of fresh layers. This process is accompanied by vaginal discharge in the form of blood, which is called menstruation. As a result of blood loss, the level of hemoglobin sharply decreases, the internal organs lack oxygen and the woman begins to feel discomfort. Her pulse quickens, the pressure “jumps”, the reaction slows down, her mood often changes.

The renewal of blood in each girl proceeds individually and may be accompanied by different symptoms: when one has fatigue or fatigue, another can endure this process without noticing anything like it. But nevertheless, you should not give yourself extra loads.

Running during menstruation: the benefits and harm.

Opinions of physicians and coaches in the question "To run or not to run during menstruation" are opposite. If the doctors of the first three “critical” days do not recommend giving the body an extra load, then the coaching staff believes that jogging these days will have a positive result, provided that the forces are properly distributed. In any case, each runner solves this issue herself, having studied in detail all the pros and cons of running and appreciating her well-being.

The benefits of running.

During the run, a greater amount of oxygen enters the bloodstream, which means that painful sensations decrease, and it is easier to overcome the premenstrual syndrome. This is due to the fact that in the process of training the body produces endorphin (the so-called hormone of joy), girls' mood improves, depression disappears. However, running on critical days should be slower than with regular workouts. At the same time it is necessary to avoid obstacles, hummocks. It is also necessary to reduce the run time to 30-35 minutes. If you follow these simple recommendations, then the run will be useful because:

  1. due to the improvement of blood circulation, pain and spasms will disappear in the small pelvis,
  2. work of the nervous system is normalized, and therefore nervousness, depression will disappear, stresses will be more easily tolerated,
  3. metabolism will improve
  4. there will be a charge of freshness, optimism, vigor,
  5. as a result of additional loads, the detachment of the mucous membrane is accelerated, therefore, menstruation will pass a little faster than the usual period.

But despite the positive characteristics of running during menstruation, there are several negative points.

Recommendations for running on critical days.

To run or not to run during menstruation, every woman decides for herself. Но если на этот вопрос она отвечает: «Да, бегать», то ей стоит прислушаться к мнению опытных спортсменок и гинекологов.

  1. Заниматься можно с любым гигиеническим средством защиты – тампон или обычная прокладка с максимальной впитывающей способностью. Но в любом случае необходимо иметь в запасе дополнительный комплект подобного средства.
  2. In the period of monthly sweating increases. For this you need to choose the right training suit. It should be made of natural fabric, able to freely pass air and quickly absorb moisture.
  3. Say "No!" To enhanced training. Running should be fun, for this to run during the month must be calm, slowly, avoiding any sudden movements.
  4. It is necessary to reduce the jogging distance by at least one third and set the time to 30 minutes.
  5. Run during menstruation is best in the open air, along the banks of a river or lake, or in an open stadium. In this case, the blood will receive more oxygen, which will have a positive effect on the body.
  6. If you experience any pain symptoms, spasms, nausea and other disorders, you should stop running and consult a doctor.

During the monthly energy consumption in the body of a woman increases by 350-500 kcal / day. Therefore, for the fastest recuperation, it is necessary to carefully balance the diet. In this case, the menu should be more dishes with vitamins, microelements, iron, as their restriction in food can lead to weakness and dizziness.

Mostly women try to run in the morning. But due to the fact that in the first half of the day the menstruation is more intense, moreover, it is necessary to take a shower and change hygiene products after the run, it is worth thinking about changing the training regimen and postponing the time of jogging to the evening.

Before you start your period, you can talk to the gynecologist, talk about the problems that concern the girl, ask for advice: does it make sense to run during the menstrual cycle, taking into account the state of health, what additional load can be given to the body during this period (swimming, gymnastics, aerobics, etc.) .). And only after that make a specific decision.

What to do if after jogging stomach ache.

There are cases when a woman has pain in the lower abdomen while running or after it. If the pain is not too strong and does not occur often, you can put a warm compress on the stomach from a salt dissolved in water, an ordinary heating pad or a bottle of hot water. A more effective method is to take a painkiller, but it must be remembered that doctors warn that excessive use of medications can damage health. You can also resort to the method of aromatherapy: lightly rub a few drops of essential oils from the herbs of lavender, cinnamon, mint into the stomach.

If the pain after jogging occurs constantly or they are strong, then there is a need to consult a doctor, as these symptoms speak about the problems of the reproductive system. Only a gynecologist after a series of tests and a full examination can make recommendations on the selection of medicines for proper effective treatment.

What can replace running.

There are cases when there is a need for jogging, but for medical reasons such classes are prohibited, you can consider other, lighter, but no less effective types of load:

  1. The most lightweight yoga classes in the "critical" days,
  2. With the same result and on the same muscle groups as running, it is provided by walking,
  3. Morning exercises can be done at home, while doing easier, gentle exercises,
  4. To relieve pain in the abdomen, gently tone the muscles will help stretching.

But before doing any physical exercise, you should consult with your doctor to avoid undesirable consequences.

Sports and monthly

Very many modern girls and women are concerned about this question: Can I run during menstruation?

Nowadays, sport (and generally, a healthy lifestyle) is very popular. Therefore, the representatives of the weaker sex are happy to visit the gyms, athletic fields, stadiums, or make regular jogging in the park. Every year such girls and women become more and more.

However, during menstruation, due to the fact that the hormones are changing, there is a risk of disruption in the body's cardiovascular system. Increased blood pressure may also be observed, muscles may lose tone, and reactions may become slow. Also, the representatives of the weaker sex during this period may feel depressed, depressed, stressed ...

Physiological processes in the female body

In order to decide whether it is advisable to run during the menstruation period, it is necessary to take into account medical conditions.

You should first consult an experienced gynecologist if you intend to continue training during menstruation. This is because individual women may experience a variety of pathologies that interfere with sports during menstruation.

These pathologies are:

  • acute and intense pain in the genital area on “critical days”.
  • headache, very severe, as well as the presence of dizziness, a feeling that you can faint.
  • very heavy discharge (large blood loss).

At the same time, if your period passes with you almost imperceptibly without heavy discharge, severe pain and poor health, then you can not change your normal lifestyle.

It should be, perhaps, only a little to reduce physical exertion, since during physical activity the blood circulation is especially intensive, including in the area of ​​organs responsible for the reproductive system. And since blood loss occurs during menstruation, oxygen starvation and head dizziness may appear, a girl may feel weak.

Load limiting

Interestingly, some medical examinations show: not too intense sports exercises (we emphasize - in a mild form) during the "critical days" can have an extremely positive impact on the process of menstruation.

The types of such small physical exercises include, for example, jogging.

However, one should not forget: since there is a lot of blood loss during menstruation, the body’s resources are limited. Overload them just not worth it. So all runners during the period of menstruation should reduce physical activity, reduce the pace, intensity of training, as well as the distance and time to overcome the distance.

When not to run?

It is no secret that during the menstruation the body is renewed. However, for the body itself is quite a serious burden.

Therefore, the additional load in the form of sports (and jogging in the morning as well) is another reason for wasting energy and strength that the body needs in a given period of time. That is why most doctors say "no" when asked whether to continue running training during the "critical days".

In addition, according to some experts, the female body is not designed for such a load and may fail, which, in the first place, may affect the girl's reproductive function. Therefore, doctors recommend during menstruation to give the body a rest and at least a couple of days to give up training.

Monthly Tips for Running

If, after all, you made the decision to go jogging during “critical days”, we will give you some tips to make this process safer and more comfortable for you to feel.

  • During cross-country workouts, you should choose sanitary pads or tampons with a high level of absorbency to prevent leaks. It is best to give preference to such options where there is a gel adsorbent.
  • Particular attention should be paid to hygiene. After jogging a careful shower with soap or gel is a must. In addition, water has not only a cleansing effect, but also improves the body's tone and mood.
  • the cervix during menstruation is ajar, so there is a danger that various harmful microorganisms will penetrate there. Therefore, special attention should be paid to hygiene, as mentioned above.
  • during menstruation it is impossible to combine running with swimming, especially in open water, as well as visiting a bath or sauna, as this can adversely affect the intensity of menstrual flow and lead to weakness, dizziness or even anemia.
  • should follow the diet, it is desirable to exclude spicy and fatty foods. However, should not overeat.

Also on the day of running classes should eat the following products:

  • bitter chocolate,
  • dried fruits,
  • coffee or tea with sugar,
  • fruits, juices.

All these products will help to saturate the body with essential nutrients and trace elements, as well as restore the strength that was spent on training.

Alternative methods of training

There are several alternative options for running during “critical days”.It:

  • cardio training at the gym,
  • Pilates or yoga classes.

When it is better not to run

Strong menstruation can dramatically reduce the number of red blood cells in the blood, which means a slow transfer of oxygen to the muscles. You may feel tired, feel weak and dizzy, so forcing yourself to go jogging in such a situation may not be the best solution.

If such side effects are not observed, then almost all sports physiologists are unanimously inclined to believe that running during menstruation is safe, provided that there is not too much pain and no abnormalities.

Running makes it easy

Many women use this fact. It is all about producing a large number of endorphins that can drown out the pain and level off the bad mood, which is a frequent companion these days.

In addition, running improves blood circulation and oxygen supply to tissues, efficiently stimulates metabolic processes and the general health of the body. Therefore, in sports women, periods are more relaxed.

Scientific data

The most recent research on our topic was conducted in 2011 and showed that differences in heart rate, respiration, energy consumption or accumulation of lactic acid (lactate) at different times of the menstrual cycle were not detected. True, it was not about running, but also about cyclical sport.

Run at a quiet pace

Despite the fact that many elite women often finish on marathons during menstruation, showing the highest results, experts still advise to focus on jogging, that is, to run at a low pace. This is due to the fact that running can increase the likelihood of more bleeding.

However, more than half of good-looking girls just provide the body with a couple of days of rest only at the initial stage of menstruation, and then the usual training process follows. In general, rest in the first days of menstruation is a universal advice that can be given to the entire beautiful half of the running community.

How to run during menstruation correctly?

In order to run during the menstruation only brought benefits, you need to remember a few simple rules:

  1. Jogging should be done only at a slow pace. So, during menstruation, you can jog, and only for short distances.
  2. It must be remembered that physical activity should be feasible. Running should not cause a woman discomfort, discomfort or excessive muscle contraction in the pelvic area.
  3. You can run during menstruation, but not for long. You should not try to break the time record - this can only harm your own health.

And one more important nuance: you should not add any other exercises to the run. This will create an additional, absolutely unnecessary load on the body, which will only aggravate the condition of the woman during the critical days.

When you can not run during menstruation: contraindications

So, running during critical days is strictly prohibited if:

  • there are heavy bleeding from the vagina,
  • a woman suffers from severe cramps and lower abdominal pain,
  • general malaise, weakness, dizzy spells, fever, extremity tremor,
  • developed diseases, failures or deviations directly related to menstruation,
  • pathologies of the genitourinary tract occur.

Whatever it was, and run during menstruation should only be after this opportunity will be discussed in detail with the gynecologist. If a “female” doctor deems it appropriate and necessary for the patient to stop running before the end of her period, his advice will need to be followed.

Only a specialist can assess the degree of risk, as well as tell about the possible consequences that excessive physical activity sometimes leads to during these “days”.

What can replace jogging during menstruation?

If the doctor categorically forbids running during menstruation, a woman should not be in a hurry to get upset, because there are several warrants that will help maintain normal physical activity during this period. These possible "substitutes" for running include:

  • athletic walking
  • a somewhat lightweight version of the morning exercise, with the exception of all abdominal exercises,
  • stretching exercises
  • yoga

But even such seemingly innocuous sports activities require the woman to agree in advance on the possibility of holding them with the attending gynecologist. No exercise can be completely safe for health during critical days - neither running nor fitness, nor even yoga beloved by many girls. Therefore, before continuing classes during menstruation, it is necessary to think carefully: will they harm an already weakened organism?

Positive sides are as follows:

  • exercise is beneficial for the female body during menstruation,
  • with active movement (running) in the body endorphins will be produced, which will improve mood and help relieve nervousness,
  • blood is enriched with oxygen, which it loses due to critical days,
  • running can relieve pain and cramps that accompany menstruation,
  • In some cases, menstruation ends a day earlier, because under the influence of physical exertion, the body clears faster.

If this were all over, then every girl would go for a run at the beginning of her menstrual cycle. But in order to understand whether it is possible to run during menstruation, it is necessary to consider the negative consequences of such an activity.

  1. Excessive activity can adversely affect well-being. If you run as many on critical days as you do on normal days, then expect trouble.
  2. Exacerbation of various diseases in which you can not run.
  3. Violation of the menstrual cycle, if you run with contraindications.

In order to better understand the essence of the negative consequences, it is necessary to consider cases when running during menstruation is undesirable.

Consultation gynecologist

A gynecologist should be the best friend of a woman who wants to have a normal cycle and a minimum of monthly problems. It is clear that few people want to go to the doctor to find out if you can run during menstruation. If during this period everything is normal on the part of women's health, then it is possible not to consult. However, it is highly advisable to go to the doctor in the following situations:

  • irregular cycle
  • strange color of discharge,
  • different duration and intensity of menstruation,
  • regular aching pain in critical days or aches throughout the body.

In all these cases there may be something wrong with the body. In order not to aggravate this problem with loads from running, you need to consult a doctor.