How to correct the symptoms of menopause and delay the onset of menopause


Climax is called the period of characteristic changes in the sex glands associated with the general aging of the body. Since this stage is often accompanied by unpleasant feelings and a special activation of various diseases, it is necessary to figure out in advance how to delay the onset of menopause, and therefore, to prolong the internal youth and external attractiveness.

The main feature of menopause is its duration, since the decrease in the activity of the female sex hormone estrogen occurs gradually. Thus, the whole process of stopping the menstrual cycle and completely stopping the functioning of the ovaries lasts about 3 to 5 years, depending on the individual characteristics of the organism itself.

When comes female climax

As a rule, the beginning of menopause is diagnosed at the age of 40 - 45 years. We are talking about the onset of a pre-menopausal period, when during the functioning of the ovaries less and less estrogen is produced, which leads to menstrual disorders. The period of the onset of menopause may occur in absolutely different ways in each individual case, but there are also general signs of its onset. It is not only about failures in the menstrual cycle (early menstruation), but also concerns:

  • characteristic tides, accompanied by a feeling of heat,
  • accelerated heartbeat without any exertion or cause
  • insomnia,
  • artery calcification (calcium salt deposition),
  • weight gain
  • reduction of skin density and elasticity,
  • increased blood pressure
  • increased irritability and mood swings.

Symptoms of onset of menopause can manifest as excessive sweating, as well as bouts of severe pain in the head. Disorders in the ovaries can also affect the level of patient performance. This also applies to the general weakness of the body.

The climax itself is usually divided into three main stages: premenopause, menopause and postmenopause. Premenopause takes the entire period when estrogen production gradually decreases and menstruation stops. Menopause is the stage lasting a year after the end of the last menstruation. The age at which we should talk about the onset of menopause is completely individual and primarily depends on the patient's genetic predisposition. At the end of menopause comes postmenopause.

One of the most tangible features of the onset of menopause is an increase in the activity of already existing diseases, especially gynecological ones, as well as a predisposition to new formations and disturbances in the work of the genitals. That is why only the attending gynecologist will be able to suggest how to delay menopause most effectively and without any further complications.

As for the signs of this period, they can be observed both individually and several at a time. The main reason is precisely the restructuring of the reproductive system in the body and a decrease in estrogen levels, a violation of the usual hormonal balance.

Causes of Premature Menopause

Too early onset of menopause is a pathology and requires a mandatory gynecological examination, as well as the advice of a doctor. This is especially true of how to stop menopause if pregnancy is planned. It is necessary to consult a gynecologist if menstrual irregularities are observed systematically without any obvious reasons.

Among the main causes of early menopause in women it is worth highlighting:

  • individual (genetic) predisposition of the organism,
  • constant stress and depression,
  • excessive alcohol consumption and smoking
  • previously difficult labor
  • prolonged abstinence from sexual activity
  • thyroid disease,
  • surgical interventions
  • past infectious diseases
  • high degree of obesity
  • disorders of the central nervous system
  • postponed chemotherapy,
  • prolonged fasting and adherence to radical diets.

As practice shows, individual predisposition to early menopause is quite rare. To a large extent, everything depends on the lifestyle of the patient himself, including with regard to physical activity and a full-fledged diet.

Is it possible to stop menopause

It is important to consider that the onset of menopause can be postponed only if it occurs prematurely and the menstrual cycle is caused by characteristic changes in the body's hormonal balance (the ovarian production of estrogen gradually decreases). The climax can only be postponed until the age of 50 years or older (the period of menopause after the end of the last menstrual periods).

The ability to halt the development of menopause allows you to feel the stage of aging more brightly and fully, without the intense manifestation of characteristic menopausal symptoms, such as increased pressure and sweating, excessive facial flushing. In this case, only the attending gynecologist will be able to correctly diagnose the patient’s condition, as well as prescribe an effective and, most importantly, the most careful treatment to remove the aging period of the body.

How to delay the onset of menopause

Since menopause is a completely natural physiological period in the life of every mature woman, the time of its occurrence depends on many factors, including the methods chosen to postpone menopause, which means women always have the opportunity to preserve external beauty and well-being for longer. It is only important to recognize its arrival as it is an obligatory natural process in the body and to strictly follow the recommendations of the attending physician after receiving the results of the research. For delaying menopause, various medications can be used, as well as folk remedies, but the most important thing from the beginning is to establish a healthy lifestyle in compliance with the requirements of proper nutrition and active leisure. It is these factors that largely determine the time of menopause.

Proper lifestyle and regular checkups

This method is often referred to as natural therapy, when the process of estrogen production and the general state of the reproductive system of the body are affected by changes in diet, giving up bad habits, as well as getting rid of excess weight. These tips are relevant already for women whose age is about 38 years. This period is considered the moment of early manifestation of menopause and requires special attention from both the patient and the doctor.

To successfully delay the first characteristic symptoms of menopause, it is recommended:

  • eat right,
  • conduct regular gynecological examinations (at least 1 time per year),
  • periodically visit an endocrinologist, a mammologist and a therapist,
  • timely treatment of existing diseases (especially for the urinary system of the body),
  • avoid stress and excessive experiences for any reason.

Each of the listed points has its own peculiarities. For example, the bad habits of overeating should be abandoned in advance, because it is in the fatty tissues that excessive hormones accumulate that interfere with the normal functioning of the reproductive system.

Regular examinations and medical consultations, as a rule, concern the delivery of a blood test, an ultrasound examination of the thyroid gland. It is also important to monitor the work and the state of the internal organs, including in the pelvic area. In addition to proper nutrition and active rest, special attention should be paid to the absence of constant stresses and psycho-emotional upheavals, due to which the production of cortisol is provoked in the body. That he is able to disrupt the process of development of the main female hormone estrogen, because of what to avoid manifestations of menopause will be much more problematic.

Of the elements of natural therapy is to pay attention to yoga, provoking the achievement of peace of mind and balance. Auxiliary means in such cases is mint tea or valerian.

Hormone therapy

Therapy for the early manifestation of menopause due to the intake of medicines should be carried out exclusively under the careful supervision of the attending physician. As a rule, hormone preparations are prescribed, which contain estrogens, which means that they postpone menopause and normalize the necessary hormonal balance in the body. The dosage and duration of treatment can be determined only by the attending physician.

In this case, hormonal preparations are taken only after a complete medical examination of the patient and the absolute exclusion of possible contraindications. If you take the funds as self-treatment, you can provoke the manifestation and development of malignant tumors.

A way to delay menopause can serve as a drug Ovestin, the main substance of which is estrogen. It can be taken as a cream, pill or candle. A worthy alternative can be considered Estrofem tablets or Divigel (in the form of a gel). Klimonorm, Norkolut or Femoston should be distinguished from the number of combined medicines, which include progesterones and estrogens at the same time.

In any case, an independent adjustment of the dosage of the drug or the duration of the general treatment course is not allowed. The state of the body should be monitored by the attending physician. Any manifestation of self-treatment most often leads to reverse effects.

Non-hormonal products

The basis of non-hormonal drugs is phytoestrogen. The substance itself is very similar in composition to the female sex hormone estrogen, which is responsible for the functioning of the reproductive system of the body. A feature of this therapy is the ability to slow the onset of menopause with a lower risk of side effects (compared to synthetic hormones). Despite this, their reception is allowed only under the supervision of a physician and subject to careful observance of all recommendations.

Before prescribing non-hormonal drugs, which delay menopause more gently and safely, the patient must undergo a full medical examination, which includes:

  • Ultrasound of the pelvic organs,
  • blood test for hormones.

The peculiarity of treatment with non-hormonal drugs lies in their cumulative method of exposure. The doctor may recommend the use of Estrovela or Feminal. Both drugs are relevant in the diagnosis of early menopause. In the first case, it is recommended to use 1 to 2 tablets during the day after meals, and the therapy process itself is calculated on average for one month. In the second case, the treatment process takes from 2 to 6 months of regular use of the drug.

Effectively delay the onset of menopause and allows reception Feyvella, which includes phytoestrogens of soy and red clover, as well as a vitamin complex. The drug is calculated on 1 tablet per day, and the duration of the course is determined individually in each case.


The necessary delay in the onset of menopause can be achieved and folk remedies. Due to the special properties, they not only increase the body's immunity, but also interfere with the aging process. Postponing the climacteric period allows the reception of a special monastic tea, which includes rosehips and hawthorn, thyme, St. John's wort, and motherwort, sage and oregano. Herbal teas allow you to adjust the performance of internal organs, as well as normalize metabolic processes.

The use of herbal remedies can be based on the decoctions of the lung box, directly stimulating the production of female sex hormones. For such phytotherapy help, you will need 1 tablespoon of dry grass and a glass of boiling water. Insist decoction is necessary for about half an hour. It is recommended to use ready-made infusion 30 minutes before meals. Medunitsu can be replaced by a combination of horsetail, sage and rhizome of calamus. The use of funds is carried out similarly. The main feature of the use of folk remedies is the absence of side effects.

The functioning of the reproductive system is more dependent on the existing hormonal balance. A sharp change in the amount of produced estrogens and progesterones can lead to both early development of menopause and its distancing. Self-treatment in this case is dangerously increased risk of manifestation of malignant tumors. That is why before taking any medication, as well as a folk remedy, you need to consult a doctor and a full preliminary examination of the body. Only in this case is it possible to adequately assess the patient’s condition and effectively treat an early onset of menopause.

Stages of development

The upcoming menopause can last more than one year, therefore it includes three main stages, each of which has its own characteristics:

  1. In the first stage, the hormonal level slowly decreases. Premenopause makes adjustments to the menstrual cycle, making it irregular, but longer. As a rule, girls begin to look for a way to push off menopause, forgetting that they may well become pregnant. In order to avoid complications, doctors strongly recommend not to exclude contraceptives and regularly take the necessary drugs.
  2. The period of the last female menstruation is considered to be menopause. At this stage, the hormonal level reaches a minimum.
  3. At the final stage, there are minor changes in the body due to the disappearance of hormones.


Women as much as possible delay the arrival of menopause due to the formation of various problems in health. The most frequently observed failures are:

  • rapid weight gain, leading to obesity. The age and period of menopause do their work: the abdomen, buttocks and thighs increase,
  • increased risk of thrombus formation,
  • losing its former elasticity and chest deformed,
  • pigmentation,
  • memory is broken,
  • risk of diabetes or diseases directly related to the cardiovascular system.

Early menopause

Climax begins to bother those women over the age of 45 years, but there are also cases where menopause occurs much earlier - at 35 years old. As a rule, this pathology entails a number of serious complications that markedly worsen the health. In such cases, patients are given appropriate treatment. First of all, the medical doctor determines the factor that has accelerated the climacteric process.

The main reasons considered to be:

  • taking contraceptive and hormonal drugs that cause changes in the hormonal background of a woman. As a result, female reproductive function does not work correctly, thereby accelerating the aging of the body,
  • the presence of genital pathology,
  • heredity,
  • abuse of bad habits
  • weak immune system
  • unsuitable climatic conditions and ecology,
  • stress and frequent shocks.

Early menopause involves a thorough examination every 6 months. Girls need to visit a gynecologist, who will assess the overall condition of the body, as well as an oncologist, to make sure that there is no cancer.

Late menopause

While one half of women are looking for ways to delay menopause, the second half is dreaming about its occurrence. If menopause occurs in women who have reached 55 or more years old, the presence of abnormalities in the body is also diagnosed. You should immediately contact a specialist who can determine the cause of the pathology. Most often, the violation occurs due to hereditary predisposition or the presence of malignant neoplasms.

Ways to prevent early menopause

As mentioned above, menopause is considered a normal process in the body of women, women should move this period comfortably and without damage to their own health.

There are several methods to delay the arrival of menopause:

  1. Adherence to a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Proper nutrition.
  3. Treatment with non-hormonal drugs.
  4. Acceptance of hormonal drugs.
  5. Folk remedies.
  6. Phytotherapy.


One of the most effective methods to delay menopause is considered to be a healthy lifestyle. First of all, a woman should fall in love with the sport, with the help of which the body is supplied with many useful substances. A morning jog will be useful, which will set a good mood for the rest of the day and will tone the muscles. You can also do fitness and yoga, which will contribute to the flow of normal metabolism. In no case it is impossible to postpone classes, since physically training will benefit only if they are held regularly.

Equally important is the presence of a healthy sound sleep, which lasts at least eight hours. Stresses and experiences, on the contrary, need to be reduced, since the nervous system is directly responsible for the functioning of the reproductive function.

The age exceeding the mark of 40 years, says that the fair sex must regularly visit the gynecologist and carefully monitor their health.

Healthy food

To stop the development of menopause and to maintain external beauty as much as possible will help an active lifestyle. Harmful habits, alcohol abuse and smoking, on the contrary, contribute to the extinction of the female body. In order not to wrestle with how to delay menopause, it is necessary to adhere to a healthy diet. As a rule, the girl should increase the amount of vitamins, which are rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. Semi-finished products, flour and sweet, coffee drinks should be eliminated, or reduced to a minimum. Fatty and fatty foods are also considered harmful.

It is important to remember that torturing an already weakened diets should be avoided.

Adhering to the elementary rules, the girl can not only delay menopause, but also warn herself against many diseases of a somatic nature.

Non-hormonal therapy

Drug treatment is prescribed by the attending physician after examining and passing all the necessary tests. Self-treatment in this case is strictly prohibited, because only a specialist can tell how to postpone the onset of menopause. Preparations of this type are considered less effective and fast-acting than hormonal, but at the same time they are more natural and gentle for a girl.

If you want to postpone menopause, do not forget about contraindications to the use of drugs:

  • diabetes mellitus,
  • presence of dilated veins and abnormal blood circulation,
  • tumors.

Hormonal drugs

This method is considered to be the most effective and popular. One of the components that is part of a hormonal agent is an artificial hormone, whose properties are close to the natural hormone. That is why, using medicine, menopause can be postponed.

Treatment should take place under the supervision of a gynecologist, who, based on the examination, will write out a prescription for the drug.

You can start taking hormones not only in the case when the first symptoms appear, but also after 40 years. Their main advantage is the preservation of the beautiful appearance and duration of youth.

The following drugs are considered the most effective:

  1. Melsmon in the form of injections - different natural composition, thereby bringing minimal harm to the body. Highly synthesizes sex hormones.
  2. Logest - supplies the body with hormones.
  3. Ovestin - rich in the content of progestan, which performs slowing down manipulations in hormonal changes.


The treatment of folk remedies is considered the most accessible and safe way. Each women's forum is filled with different recipes for decoctions. You can also get all the necessary advice on the application.

The greatest number of positive reviews received such herbs:

  1. Medunitsya - you need to take one cup of boiling water and one spoon of grass. Next, insist the liquid and take over the next ten days. Flowers plants are useful in the preparation of vegetable salad or can be used as a seasoning.
  2. Tincture with the addition of licorice root - two tablespoons of chopped root pour boiling water and leave to infuse for at least eight hours. On the day you need to take one glass.
  3. Complex of calamus and horsetail - you need to pour two tablespoons of the mixed substance with boiling water and leave for two hours. It is necessary to apply a drink in 15 minutes prior to meal.

Late pregnancy

Another hot topic among women is the question whether it is possible to delay the arrival of menopause with the help of pregnancy. Doctors confirm that carrying a baby has a very positive effect on the health of the mother and even renews the body. But pregnancy is not able to postpone the approaching menopause. Moreover, a woman who has given birth to a woman that is over 40 years old is much more difficult to recover and get her body in good shape.

How to avoid early menopause

Climax - a natural, inevitable process of a woman’s life. Scientists have concluded that menopause is an evolutionary mechanism in order to avoid diseased offspring, since pregnancy, childbirth in adulthood carries serious risks to the health of the mother. The likelihood of genetic diseases in babies born by age mothers during menopause increases tenfold. The risks to the health of the mother are quite high.

The normal age for menopause is 43-50 years. If menopause occurs earlier, then it is customary to call it early. Under the menopause refers to a gradual decrease in ovarian function, a gradual decrease in the level of female hormones

Causes predisposing to early menopause:

  • autoimmune diseases
  • endocrine disruption,
  • chemotherapy,
  • tobacco smoking
  • mental, emotional stress, debilitating stress,
  • genetic addiction,
  • iatrogenic menopause (removal of the ovaries).

These are the most common causes. Some can be avoided, such as smoking. Timely visit the gynecologist, endocrinologist, monitor chronic diseases.

How to delay the onset of menopause? Be sure to monitor the physical, psychological health. The latter has a great influence on the general condition of women. Genetic predisposition affects the maximum. If the mother, grandmother menopause came enough, then the woman is prone to early menopause.

Proper balanced nutrition

Diet implies saturation of the diet with essential vitamins and microelements. It will not be superfluous to resort to pharmacy vitamin complexes. When taking a pill form a woman is insured. Daily calories should be in the limit of 2100. More will be superfluous, because during the period of menopause, metabolic processes are reduced, thereby causing weight gain. It is necessary to focus on such products:

  • fruits, vegetables, enough fiber,
  • soy products (rich in phytoestrogens, dietary fiber),
  • dairy food (additional calcium intake),
  • whole grain (bread, durum wheat macaroni),
  • enough water, drinking control,
  • vegetable fats (olive, flaxseed, hemp oil),
  • lean dietary meat (chicken, beef, veal, turkey),
  • fatty fish (sea, oceanic),
  • extracts of plant origin (angelica, field horsetail).

In eastern countries, female hormones are forbidden to use hormonal drugs. For a long time, there is a perception that all changes in the body need to be adjusted by nutrition. Local ladies focus on avocados, hummus, lentils, and other products containing phytohormones.

There are herbs that can be used:

They can be brewed as tea, drink before bedtime or throughout the day in metered portions. It is better to choose a combination that will be pleasant to the taste. Some of the above herbs also have a slight soothing effect, which is an undeniable advantage.

In addition, you should quit smoking, abuse alcohol. One kilogram of weight must drink forty milliliters of water. To avoid puffiness, you need to monitor salt intake, do not exceed the amount of five grams per day.

The burning issue is the weight gain. In the period of menopause, you need to make more effort to keep yourself in shape. Initially, it is important for the state of health and the body, although aesthetic beauty remains an exciting moment. In addition to subjective sensations, it is recommended to focus on BMI (body mass index), taking into account age.

Active lifestyle and exercise

An obligatory assistant in the question of how to postpone the onset of menopause is the fight against physical inactivity. It is recommended to adhere to an active lifestyle, but you should not get too carried away. The load should be moderate, and not to bring the body to exhaustion.

An excellent option would be physical therapy, walking, swimming, morning exercises, jogging.

Normal physical activity should not be the case. Need to do with pleasure. For not the most disciplined women, you can try to enroll in the dance section, aerobics or fitness. If a person knows that he has a lesson at six o'clock in the evening, then it is easier for him to plan his day, to prepare for this moment.

How can I delay menopause? Moderate exercise rejuvenates the body, increases the level of endorphins, the hormones of happiness. A month of such a rhythm and a positive result will not keep you waiting.

Fighting addiction

How to postpone the onset of menopause? Must be tied up with bad habits. All the inhabitants of the planet have heard about the dangers of smoking, the high risk of developing lung cancer and other cancer pathology.

Menopause can be an excellent reason to quit smoking, abuse alcohol. This will serve as an excellent motivation for full recovery of the body. Climax is better perceived as a new stage of life, and not a loss of femininity.

Scientists at the British Medical University have shown that 20 percent of women have a menopause eight years early. This is due to the negative effect on hormones and female sex hormones. That, undoubtedly, will help to delay the monthly.

Regular visits to the gynecologist

Menstruation is an indicator of women's health, when they begin to fade, then you need to be more attentive. In the reproductive age, it is necessary to visit the gynecologist once a year, and during the period of menopause, it is necessary to undergo examination once every six months. It should begin when the menstrual process comes to an end.

First of all, it is connected with the processes affecting the urogenital system. The risk of oncological pathology increases. Cancer of the uterus and its cervix, benign tumors are serious diseases characteristic of this age period. In addition to the gynecologist, you need to visit an endocrinologist, a mammologist. During the period of menopause, a mammogram is recommended at least once a year.

Adjuvant drug therapy

How to delay menopause and avoid manifestations of menopause? It will help hormone replacement therapy, homeopathic medicines with other drugs.

Femoston contains estradiol and didrogesteron. Successfully used as replacement therapy. Helps delay menopause, menopause, is used as a preventive measure in the fight against osteoporosis.

The drug Klimonorm includes estrogen and progesterone derivatives. Its advantage is the reduction of bad blood cholesterol levels, as well as the increase in triglycerides. Regular intake reduces the risk of colorectal cancer.

Postpone unwanted menopause will help Hormopleks, which includes bound estrogens, auxiliary components. In addition, Premarin, Estoferm well proved to help postpone menopause later.

One can push back the inevitable process with homeopathic preparations. The most popular are:

Each has advantages and disadvantages. For the selection of the most appropriate means is recommended to be based on individual characteristics, portability of components. To delay the appearance of menopause can herbs. Hormonal plasters are popular.


How to delay the onset of menopause? It is necessary to try to adhere to the above recommendations as much as possible. They will not only beneficially affect the body, but will help to correct the symptom of those accompanying the extinction of ovarian function, female hormones.

Through all the advice to transfer menopause will be easier. How to delay the menopause, and is it possible to delay it forever? Unfortunately, menopause is a natural aging process of the body. There is no need to postpone visiting doctors until better times, they will be able to choose an effective, adequate replacement therapy based on individual characteristics.