The composition and principle of operation of Chinese tampons


To date, the market for products for women's health, there are many new medicines, based, inter alia, on innovative technologies. However, an increasing number of women prefer to solve problems with methods based on the use of the healing powers of plants. One of these natural remedies that have been recognized not only in Asia, but also in Russia, the CIS countries and Europe, are Chinese tampons.

Before answering the eternal question: to be or not to be, or rather, to buy or not to buy, let's talk about these products and their unique properties in more detail.

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What are Chinese tampons?

For European consumers, phytoampons from China are a relatively new product, so not all women know what they are. An analogy with the usual hygienic products arises in the head, however, it is not entirely correct.

Chinese medicinal tampons are small-sized balls made of tightly compressed plant materials and placed in fabric bags. For ease of extraction, they have a special suction thread. Each copy is packed in an individual package.

What is the principle of the Chinese tampons?

These products are not intended to absorb menstrual blood. Moreover, it is on the days of menstruation that they are strictly contraindicated. Vaginal ball performs other functions. He, as a powerful sorbent, brings to the outside decay products, dead cells, accumulations of mucus, baked blood clots, pathogens of various infections. The components that make up the product also have healing, regenerating, hormone-regulating, immunostimulating properties. That is, vaginal tampons have not only a local effect, but also heals the entire female body.

When are they applied?

Herbal tampons are indispensable if you are concerned about:

  • chronic candidiasis,
  • endometriosis,
  • erosive changes of the cervix,
  • cystitis,
  • benign neoplasms (fibroids, polyps, cysts),
  • PMS, cycle disorder, discomfort and pain during menstruation,
  • vaginitis of various etiologies,
  • obstruction of the fallopian tubes,
  • vaginal and intestinal dysbiosis,
  • inflammation of the appendages,
  • infertility,
  • prolapse of the uterus (they are used to narrow the vagina).

In addition, women who used medical balls, noted a tendency to lose weight, improve skin condition, lighten age spots, decrease cellulite.


Use of the drug may be limited to:

  • individual intolerance to the components
  • period of pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • virginity
  • taking alcoholic beverages.
  • the arrival of menstruation.

It is forbidden to put herbal balls until the stitches are completely healed after surgery. After an abortion, they can be used no earlier than a month later.
Contraindications relate to the presence of such diseases as diabetes mellitus, bleeding disorders, hypertension in women.

Lou Li Maitan

These are Chinese tampons produced by a fairly popular company. They appeared on the market quite recently, but already managed to secure the approval of many of the fair sex. Their composition contains a large number of herbal ingredients, the complex action of which provides a positive effect on the female body. Gynecological tampons of Lou Li Meitan created by analogy with the already existing on the market means.

TKM Guyfei Bao

The manufacturer positions its product as a means capable of having a positive effect on the woman’s body in several main areas: cleansing the organs of the sexual sphere, general detoxification of the body, victory over infertility, slowing down aging at the cellular level. At its core, medical tampons TKM Guifei Bao are similar to the two previous ones, have similar composition and high efficiency.

Wedge Point

These are the most popular medical tampons from China, which have long gained the trust of their consumers. It was with them that European women began to get acquainted with this type of therapy for gynecological diseases. These Chinese tampons are now recognized by many representatives of the medical environment, because they have repeatedly confirmed the therapeutic effect and absolute safety.. Moreover, women-gynecologists, who have experienced their performance on their own experience, are further advised to buy the Wedge Point phyto-tampons and their patients.

The Wedge Point contains more than 20 types of plant components, the combination of which was chosen for centuries by Chinese healers, which explains the powerful effect they have on the reproductive system, as well as all the organs of the female body. It is important to note that one hundred percent analogue of these tampons are Beauty Life products.

Can women with menopause use this type of therapy?

It is possible and even necessary to use Chinese medical tampons in the period of menopause. After all, menopause involves a gradual "shutdown" of the ovaries, followed by a decrease in the production of the main hormones responsible for regulating most of the vital processes of the female body. Against the background of estrogen deficiency, all organs and systems become vulnerable to the influence of aggressive factors of internal and external influence. Chinese phyto-tampons allow to neutralize the activity of pathogenic microorganisms, promote timely tissue renewal, stimulate blood circulation, preventing stagnation in the pelvic organs. Phytoestrogens contained in their composition, allow to level the hormones, greatly facilitating the entire menopausal period.

Clots and films

The first type of discharge that can cause Chinese tampons - clots or white films. They look unattractive, but their presence is a good sign. This means that your internal female organs are prone to stagnation and are not updated in due time. With the help of a tampon, a collection of dead fragments of the mucous membrane, as well as an excess of accumulated mucus.

Scarlet discharge

Sometimes after the introduction of the first tampons, blood or blood clots can come out. Such discharge scares women the most. But they should be taken calmly. The reason for their occurrence may be the following: sometimes in the uterine cavity, menstrual blood stagnation occurs. Under the action of herbal extracts, it just comes out. This is especially true during the premenopause, when the natural renewal of the mucous membrane of the uterus, which occurs during menstruation, is becoming less and less active.

Sometimes menstrual bleeding becomes more abundant. The reason for this is improved blood supply to the uterus, ovaries, as well as those cleaning processes that are launched during the period of therapy. Be patient, everything will be fine very soon. If doubts cannot be overcome, consult your gynecologist.

In the most advanced cases, worms and various types of worms come out of the uterus, the existence of which women could not even suggest.

Decrease Sector

A feeling of dryness often occurs during treatment. Most often, such a sign appears in the period of menopause, and is explained by a decrease in the production of estrogen in a woman's body. As a rule, a similar symptom disappears after 2-3 procedures. To level the discomfort, before inserting the bead into the vagina, put it in warm boiled water for 2 minutes - this will reduce discomfort when administered.

How Chinese tampons can affect menstruation

Menstruation is a kind of indicator of reproductive health. Focusing on the regularity (or irregularity) of the cycle, the nature of the discharge and the woman’s well-being during this period, one can draw conclusions about her intimate well-being.

The healing effect of herbal extracts strengthens the tissues of the reproductive organs, increases blood flow, heals and restores. Active healing processes can provoke some deviation from the menstrual calendar. Afraid of this is not worth it. When using vaginal balls, the body returns to the natural course of the menstrual cycle, which is characteristic of you personally. Remember that the onset of menstruation is included in direct contraindications for the use of this product.

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Pain after using herbal tampons

Some women note that at the very beginning of the therapy they have a stomach ache, pulls the lower back, there is discomfort in the legs. Paradoxically, such sensations are a sure sign that powerful healing processes are running in the body. They can be explained by increased venous blood flow, as well as the contractile function of the uterus during cleansing.

Sometimes at the beginning of treatment you may have sore and swollen breasts. Discomfort is most often caused by regenerative processes at the hormonal level, and any reforms bring certain inconveniences.

If the painful sensation is delayed, then you should visit the mammologist - most likely, this condition is in no way connected with the treatment process.

Is it true that the use of tampons narrows the vagina?

Indeed, tampons make intimate sensations more vivid, and sex - desirable. What caused this effect? First, they contain components that increase blood flow and positively affect female libido (ginseng, myrrh), and secondly, some components have a narrowing and tightening property of the internal genital organs and vaginal walls (for example, acacia). All this together enhances the sensuality of a woman and the brightness of her experiences during intimacy.

Can there be itching and burning during the treatment?

When you use Chinese vaginal balls, a powerful cleansing of the genital organs occurs. Vaginal itching may be accompanied by detachment of dead fragments of the mucous membrane, aggravated by the effects of pathogenic microorganisms. Gradually, the discomfort should decrease. If this does not happen, it is possible that we are talking about individual intolerance to the components of this type of tampons. You should buy products from another manufacturer and repeat the therapeutic experiment.

Is it true that using Chinese balls can increase the breast?

The use of tampons indirectly can affect breast augmentation. This can contribute to the content of phytoestrogens, responsible, in particular, for the beauty of female forms. Alignment of hormonal background, in principle, can have a positive impact on the state of the mammary glands.

Does the tool in the fight against excess weight?

Of course, the direct effect of tampons is primarily aimed at solving other problems, but due to the fact that they cleanse the body of many pathogens and toxic substances, as well as stimulate metabolism, most women note that during a long course of treatment, their excess weight begins leave.

To get a noticeable effect, it is better to buy at least 4 packs (24 pcs.). This will help remove harmful substances from the body and maximize metabolic processes. In the future, you should probably repeat the course periodically.

How to make sure that the products are not fake?

Indeed, bumping into a fake is very easy. Products that are popular with consumers are attractive to fraudsters. In order not to purchase counterfeit products, buy products only on the websites of official distributors. Other options to protect themselves and their health does not exist.

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