The effectiveness of hormone therapy Duphaston with endometriosis


The real problem for a woman is the diseases that are caused by various hormonal disorders in the body. Their diversity grows every year. One of the options for such ailments in women is endometriosis, which affects the external and internal genital organs, and can also affect the intestines, kidneys and lungs. An effective way to combat it is considered to receive Duphaston.

Duphaston: description and action on the body

Progestin drug Duphaston is available in the form of tablets that are coated. The composition of one tablet contains 10 mg of the active substance - didrogesterone. Additional components include: corn starch, lactose monohydrate, colloidal silicon dioxide, hypromellose, and magnesium stearate.

He is prescribed by doctors when replacement of the female hormone progesterone is required. The tool has a direct impact on the production of this sex hormone in the second stage of the menstrual cycle. As a result of its action on the mucous membranes of the uterine cavity, the growth of the epithelium of a pathological nature stops.

Most women speak positively of the drug and its effectiveness after use. Using Duphaston has no age limit. Another important advantage of the drug is the absence of negative effects on the liver and metabolic processes.

During the course of therapy, the tablets provide:

  • reduction of uterine contractions, which contributes to the bearing of the fetus,
  • pain relief,
  • oppression of prostaglandins,
  • endocrine effect on the ovaries, the overwhelming amount of estrogen hormones,
  • normal functioning of the corpus luteum in the ovary,
  • arresting an increase in muscle tumor
  • reduction in blood excretion during menstruation,
  • inability of cells to be reborn into malignant neoplasms.

Indications for use

Duphaston has a fairly wide range of applications. It can be drunk as for the treatment of diseases associated with hormonal disorders, and to take as a preventive measure in order to maintain pregnancy. In the latter case, its use is assigned in the first months after conception.

Usually, its administration is advisable when it is necessary to restore the normal level of progesterone. Indications for use of the drug are:

  • uterine form of infertility,
  • irregular menstrual cycle
  • endometriosis as a part of complex treatment,
  • endometrial hyperplasia,
  • the presence of cysts on the ovaries,
  • heavy periods, which result in severe blood loss, leading to anemia,

  • ovarian dysfunction,
  • uterine fibroids,
  • detection of benign lesions affecting the female reproductive system,
  • endometrial disease that does not require surgical intervention.

Instructions for use and dosage

For endometriosis or pregnancy planning, there are some common pill regimens. In other cases, they are modified:

  • PMS or cycle violation. Drink the drug from 11 to 25 day cycle of 10 mg twice a day.
  • Dysfunctional bleeding. Reception lasts 5-7 days, twice a day, 10 mg.
  • For oppression of reproductive function. There is a gradual increase in dose. So is the irreversible oppression of the ovaries and endometrial atrophy.

With endometriosis

Endometriosis is a dangerous hormonal disease that is accompanied by:

  • disruption of the menstrual cycle
  • abdominal pain,
  • increased sensitivity of the mammary glands, reaching pain,
  • deterioration of the skin condition.

However, its diagnosis is complicated by the fact that often over a long period of time the illness does not manifest itself in any way. To establish an accurate diagnosis, you need to go through a lot of research and tests. The stage and severity of the disease determines the method of treatment:

  • operation,
  • conservative therapy
  • complex treatment, combining surgery and hormones medication.

In the number of drugs that are used in modern medicine to combat the disease, apply Duphaston. There are several treatment regimens that are addressed when Duphaston is used for endometriosis. The standard course is reduced to taking pills from the 5th to the 25th day of the cycle. At the initial stages of the pathology, it is enough to take 1-2 tablets per day, in more severe cases, the dosage is increased to three pieces per day. The dose is prescribed by a gynecologist, taking into account all the nuances of the course of the disease.

When planning a pregnancy

Another regimen of the drug is associated with pregnancy and its planning. Often a visit to the gynecologist is made only when there is an urgent need, when the symptoms of a gynecological disease cause significant discomfort. However, the exception is the planning stage of pregnancy, when conscious women want to prepare the body. It is in this case that the problem can be diagnosed at an early stage, since usually symptoms are not yet observed.

To restore the balance of hormones in the body before trying to get pregnant, will help to receive Duphaston on the day of ovulation. All cycles are different and often irregular, so relying on your own calculations is not recommended. It is better to pass a special test to determine ovulation, which can be bought at any pharmacy.

If the cycle is all right and it is 28 days, ovulation occurs on the 15-16th day after the first day of the last menstruation. The standard dosage is 2 tablets per day, one each with an interval of 12 hours.

The drug in the planning process of pregnancy is carried out before conception, but gynecologists advise to continue using and after that, up to 20 weeks of carrying the child. This is especially true in the event of a threat of miscarriage. Then the dosage is increased to 40 mg, after which it is reduced to 10 mg every 8 hours. Stop therapy can not be until the signs of threatened abortion.

Contraindications and side effects

Despite the fact that Duphaston effectively helps in the treatment of many diseases and is positioned as a medicine that causes a minimal amount of side effects, it should be taken only as prescribed by the attending physician, who will take into account all the individual characteristics of the female body and the course of the disease, as well as eliminate possible contraindications. There are situations when you can not resort to using the drug:

  • the presence of hypersensitivity to any of the components in the composition of the drug,
  • renal failure, converted to the chronic form,
  • thrombosis and thromboembolism, or predisposition to them,
  • lactation period
  • severe liver disease,
  • submucous myoma,
  • pronounced extragenital endometriosis.

Of the negative reactions that may still occur due to the use of the drug, note:

  • itching, rashes and peeling, talking about an allergy to the drug,
  • urticaria or angioedema as more serious manifestations of allergies,
  • bleeding from the uterus,
  • swelling,
  • headache,
  • the appearance of strong sensitivity, in some cases pain, in the chest.

Analogs of the drug

Identical structural analogues are practically non-existent. One of the main drugs from the progestin group, which is also considered a synthetic substitute for natural progesterone, is Utrogestan. The release form - soft oval capsules of a yellow shade on 100 and 200 mg for oral administration. The main active ingredient is natural micronized progesterone.

Another replacement option is Prajesan. It has a similar effect, its cost is significantly lower than Duphaston. The active ingredient is progesterone. Available in capsule and vaginal gel form.

Feasibility of taking Duphaston

The drug is recommended to be taken in milder forms of endometrial damage. Duphaston, being a synthetic analogue of progesterone, suppresses the production of estrogen, an excessive amount of which can cause endometriosis. In addition, the drug stabilizes hormones and normalizes the menstrual cycle, eliminates the pain associated with menstruation. It is known that endometriosis does not occur if a woman does not have an imbalance of sex hormones.

The disease causes the suppression of ovulation, and ultimately becomes the cause of infertility in the initial stages. If hormonal disorders are expressed slightly, then after the course of treatment with Duphaston, the patient becomes pregnant, which happens quite often. In the later stages of the disease, adhesions occur in the ovaries and fallopian tubes, and the risk of irreversible infertility increases significantly.

Women are prescribed to drink Duphaston with endometriosis, not only for the treatment of infertility, but also to solve problems with gestation. To prevent miscarriage in case of progesterone deficiency, it is recommended to begin therapy in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Reception of Duphaston with endometriosis and endometrial hyperplasia very often gives a good result. The drug inhibits the process of pathological division of endometrial cells, suspending its growth, and gradually the foci of the affected tissue give way to normal. In the later stages, a longer therapy is necessary, and in cases where it does not make sense, the patient is prescribed a surgical treatment.

The positive effect of taking the drug for the treatment of endometriosis lies in its multifaceted effects on the modified tissue. Particularly valuable is Duphaston’s quality as a reduction in the probability of malignant degeneration of the affected tissues. In addition, the beneficial effect of the drug in the presence of heavy discharge of the patient, pain and cramps during menstruation. In the course of treatment, women note a decrease in irritability, nervous excitability, and improvement in the condition of the skin.

The composition of the drug

One tablet of the drug contains 10 mg of the active substance - didrogesterone and additional components: corn starch, lactose monohydrate, colloidal silicon dioxide, hypromellose and magnesium stearate.

By the structure of the molecule didrogesterone is close to progesterone, this also applies to its pharmacological properties. Due to the fact that the substance is not a derivative of testosterone, it does not have the negative effects inherent in androgenic progestogens.

Mode of application

How to take Duphaston with endometriosis? According to the standard scheme, it is necessary to use the drug within six months. The term may be extended if necessary, but this is decided only by the doctor. The dosage depends on the stage of the disease, in the initial stages 10-20 mg per day is enough. In more severe cases, the amount of the drug can be increased to 30 mg per day divided into 3 doses. Therapy is carried out from the 5th to the 25th day of the cycle.

If the patient is prescribed a combined treatment, then it is likely to be long. Similarly, you can be protected from conception until a woman decides to give birth to a child. The drug will help stabilize the hormones. When planning a pregnancy, treatment of endometriosis with didgesterone occurs according to the standard scheme from 14th to 25th day of the cycle. This will create a favorable hormonal background for the upcoming conception.

Habitual miscarriage requires a double dose of 10 mg

From the 20th week of pregnancy, then the dosage is gradually reduced. With a threatening miscarriage, take once 40 mg of Duphaston, then every 8 hours to 10 mg.

The drug is also effective in PMS and cycle disorders. It has a positive effect on the emotional state of the patient and the severity of pain. It is drunk from 11 to 25 days of the cycle twice a day at 10 mg. To stop dysfunctional bleeding, it is recommended to take tablets 5-7 days, twice a day, 10 mg.

Do not stop therapy immediately after the onset of pregnancy. This can cause an embryo development disorder. Treatment of endometriosis Duphaston in the presence of pregnancy should be carried out strictly under medical supervision. In most cases, the drug must be taken before the 20th week of pregnancy. Only then can the maximum effect of treatment be achieved.

Duphaston, taken in the early stages of gestation, creates the necessary hormones that prevent the rejection of the ovum in endometriosis. The drug reduces the contractility of the uterus, due to the inhibition of the production of oxytocin, which also ensures the preservation of pregnancy.

Effect of taking the drug

Does Duphaston help with endometriosis and is the ability to become pregnant while taking the medicine? It is known that one of the factors for the occurrence of endometriosis is a high estrogen content in the patient. Duphaston effectively reduces excess estrogen and stabilizes hormones.

Among the positive effects of the drug:

  • Reducing the likelihood of miscarriage in the first trimester of pregnancy, due to a decrease in uterine contractility.
  • The beneficial effect of dydrogesterone on the endometrium, which suppresses its hyperplasia.
  • Opportunity to easily become pregnant and bear a fetus, while receiving Duphaston, due to the preservation of the normal menstrual cycle.
  • Reducing the intensity of pain during algodimenorrhea or their complete disappearance, caused by the inhibition of the secretion of prostaglandins, which provoke a spasm of blood vessels.
  • Reducing the likelihood of cancer regeneration of damaged tissues.

Duphaston when planning pregnancy for endometriosis allows patients to speed up fertilization, due to the content of didrogesterone, which has a beneficial effect on the processes of implantation and placentation. The lack of progesterone, prevents fertilization, causes difficulties with the attachment of the ovum, and also jeopardizes its further development. Despite the use of Duphaston, its reception should be carried out in dosages prescribed by a specialist. Depending on the characteristics of its use, the drug can both create conditions for pregnancy and prevent its occurrence.

Standard treatment for endometrial pathologies with Duphaston

Taking the drug in case of endometriosis and endometrial hyperplasia allows reducing the amount of estrogen and androgen secreted and increasing the level of progesterone contained in the preparation. This contributes to the normalization of processes in the uterus. The endometrial layer narrows and its growth is inhibited. Stabilization of the condition is manifested in the disappearance of intermenstrual bleeding, reduction of pain before menstruation and lubricating discharge after them.

A woman who does not plan to become pregnant in the near future must know, how to drink duphaston with endometriosis correctly. After all, an illiterate reception can increase the chances of getting pregnant, which in this case is undesirable. If the patient’s sole purpose is to cure endometriosis, then Duphaston should be drunk according to the standard scheme.

The latter provides for the start of taking the drug from the 5th to the 25th day of the menstrual cycle. If the disease is in its initial stages, it is usually given one tablet two or three times a day. With more advanced forms, the doctor may increase the dose.

Patients who begin the course are interested in how much to drink for endometriosis Duphaston. The duration of the course again depends on the stage of the disease. But usually the treatment takes a relatively long time. It may be six months, and even more.

Duphaston reception when planning pregnancy

After making a decision to become a mother, many women undergo a comprehensive examination, as a result of which endometriosis can be found, often proceeding asymptomatically in the early stages. The disease can interfere with pregnancy and even lead to infertility. Therefore, it is imperative that all planners treat it.

It is extremely important to know how to take Duphaston in the presence of endometriosis, if you want to become a mother as soon as possible. For those planning pregnancy, there is a special scheme that helps to establish the hormonal background that is most favorable for conception and normalizes the level of progesterone in the blood. And if the reason is not the onset of fertilization in its deficit, then the drug will be effective.

According to the instructions for use of Duphaston with endometriosis planning moms, the first dose of the drug should be held on the day of ovulation. To determine this point with maximum accuracy, you can do a special test or ultrasound of the ovaries. You shouldn't be guided by your own calculations, because in this way it is easy to make a mistake - everyone has a different cycle, and it can get lost.

With a standard interval between menstruation of 28 days, ovulation occurs approximately on the 15th day from the first day of the previous menstrual period. That is, taking the drug should begin with the third week of the cycle. The usual dose includes two tablets a day, twice a day. Between receptions should be exactly 12 hours.

The answer to the question of how much Duphaston drink in endometriosis women who are planning a pregnancy is very simple - at least before the onset of fertilization.And in most cases up to about 20 weeks of gestation. As a rule, doctors advise to continue reception even when conception has already occurred.

This is explained by the fact that progesterone is responsible not only for fertilization and the attachment of eggs to the uterine wall, but also for its preservation in the genital organ. A hormone deficiency can lead to miscarriage. Admission Duphaston with endometriosis on pregnancy has already come will have the most beneficial effect, reducing the risk as much as possible. After all, the drug contains progesterone, which is so necessary to save the child.

With a serious threat of miscarriage, you must take 40 mg of Duphaston immediately, and then drink 10 mg every 8 hours. And so on until the complete disappearance of warning signs. Then go to the usual pattern.

The use of Duphaston in the complex therapy

Treatment of endometrial hyperplasia with Duphaston will be much more effective if the drug is used during complex therapy. She assumes serial reception of several hormonal means. The scheme is developed by the attending doctor after the woman has completed all necessary examinations. From the test results depends on the dose of drugs and the duration of the course.

The standard regimen involves taking an estrogen-based drug in the first 14 days of the cycle. Over the next two weeks, these medications are canceled, and instead of them Duphaston, two tablets per day. This sequence continues.

How many months do Duphaston drink with endometriosis in combination with estrogen-containing drugs, depends on the results of treatment. Usually the course is long. But it should be remembered that this therapy has a contraceptive effect. Planning a pregnancy, it is not suitable. True, and those who do not want to have children yet, do not completely rely on this method of contraception. He still does not give a 100% guarantee.

Duphaston reception after surgery

In some cases, women with diseases of the reproductive system require surgical treatment. For example, in cystic formations of the ovaries. During rehabilitation after surgery, Duphaston is often prescribed. After all, it contributes to the normalization of hormonal background.

How to take Duphaston in this case, the doctor decides on an individual basis. The scheme depends not only on the state of the woman, but also on her plans. Those who wish to get pregnant as soon as possible will drink the drug according to one instruction, and those who want to postpone it, on the other.

Efficiency of application

Each person, starting treatment with this or that drug, wants to know how effective the remedy is. After all, no one wants to waste time and money. To predict whether Duphaston will help with endometriosis, glandular hyperplasia of the endometrium and other pathologies can be based on the feedback from specialists and patients who have completed the course. In general, they are positive.

Here are the main areas in which the drug acts:

  • impact on the ovaries in order to reduce their production of estrogen and increase - progesterone,
  • inhibition of growth of the endometrium in the uterus,
  • slowing the growth of neoplasms in muscle tissue.

When treating Duphaston with glandular hyperplasia of the endometrium and endometriosis, one can count on a positive result with great confidence. Pathological cell division is suspended, and over time, the lesion foci are replaced by normal tissue. Chances of recovery are especially high if treatment is started early. With advanced forms of hormone therapy can take a long time, and sometimes it alone is not enough - and surgery is required.

But not only with endometriosis is the use of Duphaston. Often it is prescribed and in order to prevent. The drug neutralizes the action of prostaglandins, which violate the uterine circulation, provoke a strong contraction of the muscles of the organ and, as a result, pain. The medicine reduces the amount of menstrual flow. Women taking it become less irritable, see improvement in skin condition. In addition, this tool is an excellent prevention of cancer, because it prevents the degeneration of benign tumors into malignant ones.

No worse than with endometritis, Duphaston has proven itself in the treatment of infertility. Even women who have lived with such a diagnosis for many years and have already lost hope, after undergoing appropriate treatment, often become mothers. If the problem is not so serious, but simply there are hormonal disorders, Duphaston will definitely help. It is irreplaceable even in cases when the fetus is not having a prolonged pregnancy. As a prevention of miscarriage, the drug is drunk in the first half of pregnancy.

Recommendations regarding how long to take the drug for complete recovery, no. Pathology in each case proceeds individually. It all depends on how much progesterone is in the blood and how it is absorbed by the body. Also important is the cause of the disease.

Sometimes the drug must be taken for several years with periodic interruptions, until the threat of relapse disappears. In other cases, one course of therapy is enough. Pathology can pass by itself or after conception.

So, how much to take Duphaston with endometriosis and other health deviations, what the dosage and frequency - depends on the specific situation. To maximize the effectiveness, you need to contact a medical institution, undergo a diagnosis and wait for the recommendations of the doctor. It is impossible to prescribe the drug yourself, as this is fraught with negative consequences.

Side effects

As noted above, Duphaston refers to safe means. It gently and sparingly affects the female body, without having a negative impact on the liver, metabolic and other important processes. Still, side effects are possible. You should learn about them before starting the course.

Taking the drug may cause:

  • increased sensitivity of the mammary glands up to the pain,
  • headaches,
  • puffiness
  • uterine bleeding,
  • hives,
  • Quincke swelling.

The last three complications are highly unlikely. But you need to be ready for everything, and in the presence of alarming symptoms, seek medical help.

Summing up the above, it can be stated that the treatment of endometriosis by Duphaston is characterized by high efficiency. Especially if it was started at an early stage of the disease. The drug normalizes hormones and has a beneficial effect on the reproductive sphere and on the body as a whole. The risk of negative impacts is minimal.

The tool is actively used for miscarriage to prevent miscarriage. It is noteworthy that it can be used to both accelerate the onset of pregnancy and delay it. It all depends on the regimen. About how they drink Duphaston with endometriosis, endometrial hyperplasia and the treatment of infertility, how long the course lasts, we have told. But only a doctor can prescribe a drug and write the scheme. Self-treatment is strongly discouraged.

Author: Alexander Indra, doctor,
specifically for

Mysterious word endometriosis!

In this disease, endometrial cells grow outside the inner layer of the uterus into other organs. The disease often affects the fallopian tubes, ovaries. Endometrial cells enter these organs during menstruation. Some patients develop a cyst. In the presence of an endometriotic cyst, Duphaston reception may not have the desired effect: surgery is necessary in such a situation. The tumor is removed using laparoscopy, after which the patient is prescribed a course of treatment with drugs. With a neglected form of the disease, coagulation of endometriosis foci is done.

Symptoms of the disease

With this pathology, the following characteristics appear:

  • Soreness before menstruation. Treatment for Duphaston's disease helps to eliminate pain.
  • When viewed on a gynecological cell, the doctor notices that the size of the uterus is enlarged.
  • The patient is often observed intermenstrual bleeding.
  • Many patients have unpleasant feelings during sexual contact.
  • In the absence of proper treatment increases the likelihood of serious complications.
  • The duration of menstrual bleeding increases.

Often, a woman with endometriosis appears fibroids. When menopause occurs, the tumor stops growing, decreases in size, and the pathological foci may disappear. The diagnosis is made by a specialist after a gynecological examination. In some cases, make histology.

How does the drug work?

Endometriosis occurs due to an increase in the estrogen content in the body. Duphaston reduces the amount of estrogen in the blood, contributes to the normalization of hormonal levels. The active substance of the drug favorably affects the mucous membrane of the uterus, slows down the growth of endometrial cells. The tool does not affect the patient's menstrual function: the likelihood of pregnancy at the course of medication is preserved. The drug has saved more than one human life: it reduces the risk of miscarriage in the first half of pregnancy.

This results from the fact that at reception the tone of a uterus decreases. When you use the drug disappear pain. The drug improves the circulatory system, strengthens the walls of blood vessels. When using a drug, the likelihood of cancer is reduced, since it does not allow pathological cells to turn into cancer cells. Menstruation becomes less abundant. Duphaston is made in the form of tablets. The cost of the drug is approximately 500 rubles.

The scheme of the drug

Question: how to take Duphaston - it is best to address the treating doctor. Instructions for its use is quite simple. In most cases, the drug is taken twice a day at the same time. The duration of the course of treatment is determined individually. Usually the drug is taken for a long time: from 6 to 9 months.

If a woman is planning a pregnancy in the near future, Duphaston for endometriosis is recommended to drink after ovulation. You can learn about its occurrence by physiological changes in the body. The patient may experience nagging pain in the lower abdomen, some women have an increased amount of vaginal discharge, increased sexual desire. You can pass an ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs, purchase tests for determining ovulation at home. Usually they drink 10 mg of medicine twice a day. In addition to Duphaston, oral contraceptives are also used in the treatment of endometriosis.

How to drink medicine before planning a pregnancy?

In appointing the drug takes into account the physiological features of the patient. In most cases, when planning a pregnancy, one tablet is prescribed from the 11th to the 25th day of the cycle for 6 months. After the long-awaited conception comes, the drug is taken up to 16 weeks. During this period of time, the placenta is formed, and the body's progesterone production improves. If there is a threat of premature termination of pregnancy, Duphaston should be drunk until 20 weeks. With the threat of miscarriage, it is necessary to take 4 tablets of the drug, gradually reduce its dosage.

Important! It is not allowed to stop taking the medicine abruptly - the future mother may start bleeding, the risk of spontaneous abortion increases.

Contraindications to the use of drugs

It can not be used in case of an allergic reaction to the components of the drug. The drug should not be used in violation of the exchange of bilirubin in the body. The drug does not affect the state of the internal organs. But for patients suffering from liver disease, heart disease, diabetes, it is not recommended to use it.

Some patients begin to bleed slightly between menstruation, to eliminate this phenomenon, it is necessary to increase the dose of the drug. Before the start of therapeutic treatment you need to undergo a medical examination. A woman must pass the appropriate tests, make a mammogram.

The drug should not be used in the process of breastfeeding, it penetrates into breast milk.

Duphaston interacts well with other drugs, but it is not recommended to use it simultaneously with drugs containing phenobarbital. They accelerate the process of removing didrogesterone from the body, as a result of which its action decreases.

Side effects of medication

According to the doctors, Duphaston really distinguishes helps with endometriosis. Its maximum concentration in the blood is reached after a couple of hours. But with its use, such side effects may occur:

  • Problems with digestive organs. The patient begins to nausea, there are problems with the stool. Some of the fair sex is impaired liver function.
  • When using the medication, the work of the central nervous system may deteriorate: headaches appear, depression begins.
  • Allergic reactions also occur when using the product.
  • Disorders of the hematopoietic system are quite rare.

In case of accidental overdose of medication, it is necessary to wash the stomach. There is no special antidote. The drug does not affect the speed of the reaction, therefore, it is allowed to drive a car when taking the course medication.

Women engaged in mental work, can not worry: the drug rarely causes drowsiness, does not reduce concentration.

Duphaston earned mostly positive reviews. After all, it helps reduce the symptoms of the disease, eliminates problems with the carrying of the fetus.

Utrozhestan - an analogue of the drug

This medicine is used for endometriosis, threatened abortion, fibrocystic mastopathy. Urozhestan is not allowed to apply with individual sensitivity to its components. The drug can not be used for deep vein thrombosis, incomplete abortion. Utrozhestan is contraindicated in the presence of poor quality tumors of the reproductive organs.

The drug is available in capsules. Usually they are taken orally with a sufficient amount of liquid. At the use of Utrozhestan there can be side effects: the patient becomes drowsy and a little scattered. After a couple of hours, these undesirable phenomena, as a rule, disappear. When using Utrozhestan, the patient also has disturbances in the work of the digestive organs (nausea, vomiting). Some women have allergic reactions. There may be intermenstrual bleeding, after a few months the situation usually returns to normal. In some cases, to avoid side effects, the capsule is inserted into the vagina.

Urozhestan badly interacts with drugs with a diuretic effect, immunosuppressants.

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What is Duphaston

Duphaston is a hormonal drug, which includes a synthetic analogue of progesterone, which performs the following functions:

  • termination of the menstruation cycle in case of successful fertilization,
  • attachment of a fertilized egg to the walls of the reproductive organ,
  • preventing uterine muscle contractions,
  • stimulation of fat accumulation,
  • normalization of blood pressure
  • taking part in the process of tissue formation.

Accordingly, the drug is taken in the planning of pregnancy, from the moment of its occurrence in order to avoid the development of complications and in order to treat infertility. It is used in hormonal therapy duphaston and in the case of the diagnosis of endometriosis.

How to take with endometriosis

При лечении эндометриоза Дюфастоном синтез андрогенов и эстрогенов подавляется, а концентрация прогестерона, который выступает основой медикамента, повышается. Due to this, the processes in the genital organ return to normal, the endometrium shrinks and stops growing, after which the menstrual flow becomes scarce, and the pain syndrome is suppressed.

The instructions for use say that the treatment regimen directly depends on the stage of development of the pathology and the final goal. With a complicated form and the presence of concomitant diseases, the dosage of the drug becomes greater than in the case of initiation of therapy at the stage of occurrence of endometriosis.

Treatment of endometriosis when planning pregnancy

Quite often, the cause of infertility is an abnormal growth of the endometrium. Accordingly, if you wish to become pregnant, the woman first of all needs to get rid of endometriosis. The dosage regimen of the drug will be significantly different. Therapy is aimed at creating a favorable background of hormones, which can be achieved due to the content of progesterone in the composition of the drug.

When planning a pregnancy, treatment begins during the ovulation period. If the interval between regulations is 28 days, then the reception is prescribed on the 15th day from the moment of the arrival of menstruation. Twice a day, the patient drinks two tablets at intervals of 12 hours. The course lasts until conception.

Indications for use

Doctors make the decision to prescribe the drug in the treatment of endometriosis, irregular discharge during critical days, bleeding outside the period of menstruation, pronounced premenstrual syndrome, infertility and insufficient progesterone concentration. In case of a miscarriage threat during pregnancy, Duphaston is also recommended to use, but according to a different scheme.

Reception during pregnancy

Often, experts recommend taking the drug after successful fertilization in order to maintain the normal level of the female sex hormone. The tool while drinking twice a day, maintaining an interval of 12 hours.

If there is a threat of miscarriage, four tablets are drunk once, and then take one every eight hours. Therapy is discontinued after the disappearance of anxiety symptoms and returns to the usual pattern.

The use of Duphaston during menopause

In the period of the onset of menopause, pathology often does not manifest itself in a vivid clinical picture. This is due to the cessation of the functioning of the ovaries and the insufficient amount of the female hormone. Lesions continue to grow.

In such situations, doctors have resorted to the appointment of Duphaston. The drug promotes the neutralization of estrogen and prevents the division of endometrial cells. In addition, the tissues that have grown beyond the reproductive organ become thinner and sometimes disappear altogether. In uterine myoma, which is accompanied by endometriosis, this hormonal agent is also prescribed.

The use of the drug in the complex therapy

In the treatment of endometriosis and infertility, the maximum effect can be achieved in the case of the use of Duphaston in the process of complex treatment. In this case, the woman must take alternately several types of hormonal medications. The scheme is selected after determining the level of progesterone in the blood and the extent of the lesion.

Standard treatment involves a two-week medication based on estrogen. After that, this drug is discontinued, and instead of it, two tablets of Duphaston are drunk per day for 14 days. Keeping this sequence, therapy is continued until complete recovery. As a rule, it affects a long period of time.

It is worth noting that, against the background of medication intake, successful fertilization becomes impossible during treatment. Accordingly, an integrated approach is not used when planning pregnancy.

The effect of taking Duphaston

Among the main actions to which the drug is directed, the following are distinguished:

  • impact on the functional activity of the ovaries in order to suppress the synthesis of estrogen and stimulate the production of progesterone,
  • prevention of endometrial proliferation,
  • inhibition of growth of formations in muscle tissue.

In the treatment of endometriosis, the result is likely to be positive. This is due to the fact that cell division is suspended, and the affected areas are replaced by healthy tissues over time. The maximum effect can be achieved during therapy at an early stage of the disease.

When the pathology form of hormonal treatment is neglected, it is often not enough, and then surgery is necessary.

The drug is also used for prophylactic purposes. The drug helps to neutralize the effects of prostaglandins that impair blood circulation in the genital organ and provoke excessive contraction of uterine muscle tissue. The drug reduces the intensity of menstrual bleeding. Against the background of his admission, the condition of the skin improves and irritability disappears.

The drug is also used as a means of contraception and in the treatment of infertility. If the problem with conception is in violation of the hormonal background, then Duphaston quickly copes with it. During pregnancy, it is prescribed in the event of a threat of miscarriage.

Symptoms of endometriosis

Heterotopies (foci) of endometriosis bleed monthly in accordance with the menstrual cycle. Since the blood does not exit, inflammation of the pathological and surrounding tissues occurs. This causes a sharp pain in the lower abdomen, which can extend to the lower back, rectum, thigh. Lesions gradually form cysts filled with dark liquid that contribute to the formation of adhesions, which can further lead to infertility.

Endometriosis develops on the background of increased levels of estrogen and progesterone deficiency, a hereditary factor, weakening of the immune system, infectious, inflammatory diseases of the organs of the genitourinary system are also possible causes.

Symptoms of the disease appear especially acute in the extragenital form and have a blurred clinical picture with internal lesions of the uterus and ovaries. The main signs of pathology include:

  • painful intercourse,
  • violation of the menstrual cycle,
  • intense pains in the lower abdomen, worse during menstruation,
  • discomfort during urination, defecation,
  • very abundant periods,
  • spotting before and after critical days,
  • intermenstrual bleeding,
  • premenstrual syndrome.

How intensely the symptoms of the disease appear depends on the location of the lesion.

Duphaston for the treatment of endometriosis

One of the effective ways to treat endometriosis is Duphaston. Dydrogesterone (an analogue of progesterone) is present in the composition of this drug, which stops the growth of the endometrium, reduces the activity of estrogens, androgens, corticosteroids. The drug does not violate the process of ovulation, does not cause the appearance of male sexual characteristics, does not affect the metabolism, brain function, blood clotting and its lipid composition.

Indications for use Duphaston:

  • progesterone deficiency,
  • endometriosis,
  • premenstrual syndrome,
  • irregular menstruation,
  • infertility,
  • dysfunctional bleeding,
  • risk of miscarriage.

Duphaston with endometriosis reduces the contractility of the uterus, muscle tone, the risk of spontaneous abortion in early pregnancy. As well as the drug relieves pain, reduces menstrual blood loss, prevents the transformation of pathological cells into cancer.

Hormone replacement therapy in combination with estrogen is indicated for women during menopause, after surgical removal of the uterus to prevent the growth of the endometrium.

Possible side effects:

  • migraine, dizziness,
  • nausea,
  • enlarged liver
  • leg swelling,
  • allergic reactions: itching, erythema, rash.

Side effects are rare and disappear after getting used to the body. In some cases, breakthrough bleeding may develop, the problem is eliminated by increasing the dose of the drug.

Endometriosis treatment methods

Duphaston is contraindicated in chronic liver diseases and in case of individual intolerance to the active substance. During pregnancy, you can take the medicine - it does not adversely affect the development of the fetus, it does not accumulate in the body.

Didrogesteron is able to penetrate into breast milk, so if you need urgent treatment, lactation is stopped.

The treatment of endometriosis Duphaston is carried out according to a scheme that the attending physician selects individually for each patient. The daily dose (10 mg) is divided into 2-3 doses. Drink pills start with the 5th day of the menstrual cycle and end on the 25th day, or spend a continuous course.

As hormone replacement therapy, Duphaston with endometriosis is taken in combination with estrogens at 10 mg / s for 14 days each menstrual cycle. If necessary, the dose can be increased by 2 times. Such treatment is prescribed with caution to women suffering from kidney disease, migraine, diabetes, epilepsy, pathologies of the cardiovascular system.

With infertility caused by progesterone deficiency, the drug is taken from 11 to 25 days of the menstrual cycle for 3-6 months. Drink tablets 2 times a day, 10 mg. The treatment is carried out under the supervision of a physician. It is necessary to periodically do colpocytology to assess the effectiveness of therapy and dose adjustment.

How does endometriosis take duphaston in women at the planning stage of pregnancy? Treatment prescribed to girls who have a history of miscarriage of the child, lesions of the endometrium in the uterus. The daily dosage is 10 mg, it is divided into 2 doses. Drink pills start from 11 to 25 day of the menstrual cycle. Therapy is not stopped even after the onset of pregnancy, but from the 20th week the dose is gradually reduced.

Duphaston in uterine myoma

Myoma is a benign formation that forms from the muscle tissue of the uterus. Most often, the pathology is found in women during menopause or after the onset of menopause. One of the causes of the onset of the disease is endometriosis with progesterone deficiency and high estrogen levels. Around heterotopias in the uterus are formed nodes from smooth muscle cells, which can reach 10 cm in diameter.

In the initial stages, the fibroids are asymptomatic, pain occurs only when the legs are twisted at the base of the node. Characteristic signs are dysfunctional bleeding, violation of the cycle. Large nodes can squeeze the bladder and enlarge the abdomen.

Hormonal therapy Duphaston helps eliminate foci of endometriosis, stop the growth of the tumor, and normalize the hormones of a woman. If there are no symptoms of growth of the endometrium, the drug is not prescribed, since it can accelerate the growth of the node. If pregnancy occurs with myoma, the drug should be taken until 20 weeks until progesterone begins to synthesize the placenta and the threat of miscarriage disappears.

Therapy should be carried out under the constant supervision of a physician, in case of continued growth of the pathology, another method of treatment is selected, possibly, the removal of the uterus or the heal of the node.

Contraindications for receiving Duphaston with uterine myoma:

  • suspected malignant tumor,
  • node size more than 12 weeks
  • submucosal myoma,
  • nodes cause deformation of the uterus,
  • torsion and necrosis of the leg.

In these cases, only surgical intervention is indicated.

Reviews of women about Duphaston

Whether the use of Duphaston helps with endometriosis and whether there is a risk of side effects can be found in the reviews of women taking this drug. In most cases, therapy gives good results, the drug is characterized as the least dangerous.

Valentina, 40 years old

“I learned about endometriosis when examined by a gynecologist. In the clinic turned on the issue of pregnancy planning. I did not notice the expressed symptoms, only the periods were abundant, painful and it was impossible to conceive a child. My doctor prescribed a course for Duphaston. During treatment, she did not experience any particular discomfort, but she got a good result. I managed to get pregnant and make a healthy baby. ”

Svetlana, 30 years old

“With the onset of menopause, problems began, the stomach began to ache terribly, menstruation went for a long time with clots. After examining the doctor, genital endometriosis was diagnosed and Duphaston was prescribed. I had to drink pills for 3 months, during treatment I was nauseated, headache, but tolerable. Now I feel good, the hormonal background has normalized, the ultrasound showed that the uterus is in order. "

“I went to the hospital with a sharp pain in my stomach. After examination revealed endometriosis at an advanced stage. I had to treat the disease for 3 months. Saw Duphaston courses for 14 days. I did not find any side effects, the therapy was successful. Now I am healthy and plan a second child. ”

“During a routine examination, I was diagnosed with myoma and endometriosis. When I heard the diagnosis, I was in a panic! For treatment, the gynecologist prescribed hormone replacement therapy Duphaston. After the course, the lesions in the uterus disappeared, the nodes stopped growing and do not cause discomfort. Now I am constantly seeing a doctor and, I hope, that the operation will not be needed. ”

Victoria, 27 years old

“I drank Duphaston to save pregnancy, there was a threat of miscarriage. I heard different reviews about this drug, but he personally helped me. She took it until the 18th week, there were no side effects, only toxicosis was disturbing. Safely gave birth to a healthy child. "

The effectiveness of the treatment of endometriosis Duphaston is confirmed by both doctors and patients. Unlike other hormonal drugs, didgesterone does not have a large number of side effects, in rare cases causes allergies. It can be taken by pregnant women up to 20 weeks, to save the fetus in case of miscarriage.

Duphaston in the treatment of endometriosis

Such a drug is often used to treat endometriosis and in the presence of hyperplasia. Before starting therapy, the gynecologist prescribes tests for hormones. This is an important measure, because treatment with this drug at a normal level of progesterone can cause a number of problems.

After receiving the results, the doctor evaluates the hormonal background of the woman. If high estrogen values ​​and low progesterone levels are diagnosed, the gynecologist prescribes this drug in the required dosage.

Such a drug, unlike synthetic hormones, does not have an androgenic effect, i.e. does not cause such side effects as acne, weight gain, abnormal liver function and the appearance of edema.

The drug does not affect the rate of platelet aggregation, i.e. does not contribute to changes in blood viscosity, which is important in the presence of varicose veins and other vascular pathologies. Rapidly absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract, the active component affects the state of endometrial tissues, preventing the proliferative action of estrogens.

Didrogesteron does not violate ovulation and even increases the chances of conception. The drug does not affect the menstrual cycle and can be used during pregnancy to reduce the risk of miscarriage. In the treatment of endometrial hyperplasia, the drug selectively affects estrogens, helping to reduce pathological foci.

Comparison with other drugs

If you compare the drug with similar drugs, you can identify a number of advantages of this drug. For the treatment of endometriosis is often used Norkolut. It is based on synthetic gestagen. It affects the proliferation stage by acting on ovulation. The drug inhibits the secretion of prolactin, contributing to the termination of breastfeeding.

Norkolut is inferior to Duphaston, since it has a negative effect on the composition of the blood. With long-term use increases the risk of blood clots. During treatment, there may be a number of undesirable reactions, including bleeding from the genital tract, headache, nausea, vomiting, changes in stool, general poor state of health.

Norkolut can be used as a means of contraception, because suppresses the ovulatory cycle. This is his only advantage over Duphaston.

Another drug that is also often prescribed for the treatment of endometriosis is Byzanna. The active ingredient is dienogest - a derivative of testosterone. In the process of treatment, the production of estrogen by the ovaries is suppressed, as a result of which the foci regress and later atrophy. The drug is used for therapy course of at least 6 months. Positive effect: getting rid of pelvic pain, reducing foci of endometriosis.

Duphaston is considered to be more effective due to the absence of a number of adverse reactions that may occur when taking Vizanna. These are undesirable symptoms such as:

  • increased blood viscosity
  • weight gain
  • mental disorders
  • headache,
  • impaired stool
  • stomach ache,
  • nausea and vomiting,
  • the appearance of acne,
  • excessive body hair growth,
  • shape change
  • hair loss on the head,
  • exacerbation of cystitis
  • pains in the mammary glands,
  • acyclic bleeding,
  • severe swelling.

With long-term use of Vizanna increases the risk of the formation of malignant and benign tumors of the liver. Therefore, most doctors increasingly prefer the drug Duphaston.

Another medication that is used to treat endometrial hyperplastic processes is Utrozhestan. The progestogen, which is part, is considered identical to that produced by the corpus luteum. This drug reduces the aggressive effects of estrogen on the uterine tissue, inhibiting the processes of proliferation. Additionally, the drug stimulates the formation of a healthy layer of the endometrium.

The drug is often prescribed in the first months of pregnancy to prevent miscarriage. It affects the excretion of nitrogen from the body. Despite its composition, it can cause such side effects as:

  • pains in the mammary glands,
  • depression,
  • nausea,
  • diarrhea,
  • stomach ache,
  • acne.

During treatment, drowsiness, changes in libido and allergic reactions may occur. In rare cases, the drug has a negative effect on the pancreas and liver, and can also cause excessive hair growth on the body.

If you compare Duphaston with the listed drugs, then its advantage can be seen after analyzing the indications, actions and side effects.

The drug does not cause such dangerous reactions, it is much better tolerated and can be used as needed without reducing the dosage. The advantages of the drug when compared with the above:

  • does not contribute to excessive hair growth,
  • does not stimulate the appearance of alopecia,
  • does not increase blood viscosity
  • is not a derivative of testosterone,
  • does not contribute to the emergence of acne and increased oily skin,
  • does not increase the risk of malignant tumors.

In addition to these benefits, the drug does not affect body weight. In the first few months, a small number of kilograms may be gained, but this is not critical and occurs in rare cases. Duphaston is considered the safest of the presented, because does not adversely affect the digestive organs.

When taken, the risk of liver tumors and inflammation of the pancreas is minimal. The drug does not increase the concentration of cholesterol in bile, which does not adversely affect the state of the gallbladder.

During therapy with this medication, the risk of depression and mood disorders is minimized. Severe discomfort in the mammary glands does not appear, although at first a slight pain may be present, but this side effect is not dangerous and does not require special treatment.

Treatment of endometriosis Duphaston when planning pregnancy

Taking this medication is advisable when planning conception. If pregnancy comes on the background of drug treatment, then there is nothing wrong with that. Often used for 6 months before the alleged conception. The drug does not adversely affect the fetus, but even contributes to the preservation of pregnancy.

The effectiveness and feasibility of the drug

Duphaston for endometriosis is effective in most cases. The drug helps not only to cure the disease, but also prevents its recurrence. With properly prescribed dosage, any negative symptoms are often absent. Especially effective drug in the initial stages of endometriosis.

In hyperplastic processes, surgery can be avoided, since the drug contributes to the regression of pathology. You can maintain the integrity of the uterus and ovaries.

The use of the drug is advisable when planning pregnancy, which is often difficult in the presence of progressive endometriosis.

The principle of Duphaston

The essence of this drug during pregnancy is reduced to normalization progesterone levels in a woman’s blood. If, due to any reason, the corpus luteum produces an insufficient amount of a hormone during pregnancy, pregnancy may end or worsen due to possible bleeding.

With endometriosis normally the blood leaves the uterus through the genital tract, then in the closed space the endometrioid formations easily increase, creating painful sensations. By increasing the drug level of progesterone or similar substances, a strong proliferation of uterine tissue (endometrium) does not happen and the discomfort disappears.

In cases of disruption of the menstrual cycle pills Duphaston prescribed if there is a shortage of progesterone production and is the shortening of the 2nd phase of the cycle.

Same Duphaston is effective with dysmenorrhea (pain during menstruation) - progesterone in high concentrations relaxing acts on the uterus and the discomfort disappears.

How to take Duphaston with endometriosis:

  1. Consult with a specialist
  2. Read the drug instructions
  3. Take the product as directed by your doctor (this depends on the form and severity of the disease).
  4. In most cases, Duphaston take 10 mg 3 times a day for six months. The maximum period is 9 months. Medication is taken strictly from the 5th to the 25th day of the menstrual cycle.

Reviews of doctors.

To verify the effectiveness of the drug, just go to the women's forum on the Internet and read reviews from real people (a good majority of them are positive). It is also worth paying attention to the recommendations of the doctors, because not without reason doctors consider Duphaston the number one drug in the appointment of treatment of mild endometriosis. The drug has been on the global pharmaceutical market for more than forty years and has been approved by the Ministry of Health of most countries. The cost of the drug at the time of this writing is 664 rubles.

Gynecologists speak about this drug positive and often it is prescribed. At all feedback from doctors very, very good and recommendatory regarding Duphaston, but there are people, especially on the Internet, who write negative reviews. As a rule, the reasons for such a reaction are:

  1. Lack of preliminary examination and identification of the true causes of the disease
  2. Not been studied instructions for use before taking
  3. The drug was not prescribed by a doctor, but was acquired solely on the basis of a description taken from the Internet.

Any drug can carry both benefits and harm, especially when it comes to such delicate things as hormones. Therefore, before you go to the pharmacy for Duphaston consult a gynecologist and get the necessary information from him.

Cause of pathology

The main cause of this disease is progesterone deficiency as one of the most important hormones.

involved in the pregnancy process. Inhibition of the hormone in the body occurs under the influence of a number of factors, and its deficiency leads to the release of estrogens and androgens.

Artificial replacement helps to get rid of endometriosis or other manifestations of progesterone hunger. Therefore, doctors prescribe hormones suffering from endometriosis of the inner pelvic area.

One of the drugs that are effectively used for drug therapy is Duphaston. He received good feedback from specialists who used the remedy for endometriosis. Below we consider how this tool works.

The main directions on which the drug is effective:

  • impact on the ovaries in order to reduce their production of estrogen and increase - progesterone,
  • inhibition of growth of the endometrium in the uterus,
  • slowing the growth of neoplasms in muscle tissue.

Treatment of endometriosis "Duphaston"

It should be noted that much depends on the diagnosis. Therefore, at risk of this disease, it is necessary to undergo an examination when planning a pregnancy. If symptoms are present, your doctor will determine the optimal treatment method.

According to the prescription of the doctors at the initial stage, the treatment schedule is applied from the 5th to the 25th day of the menstrual cycle. At the initial stage, as a rule, you should drink 1 tablet 2-3 times a day. The dosage is increased during the acute stage of the disease. Treatment with hormonal drugs can last more than one month.

In addition to “Duphaston”, such drugs as “Utrogestan” and “Byzanna” are used in drug therapy of pathology. Which of them is better in each specific situation, the attending physician decides.

"Duphaston" with endometriosis as part of complex therapy

Treatment of endometrial hyperplasia is more effective with an integrated approach, involves alternately taking several hormonal agents. As a rule, in the first two weeks of the cycle, estrogen is prescribed, and then alternated with “Duphaston”.

The drug has a number of contraindications and side effects that must be considered. Among them are renal failure, lactation, acute liver disease and other diseases. Allergic reactions to the components of the drug.

Allergy-prone patients are prescribed a special allergen test before starting therapy. Side effects also include headaches, nausea, indigestion and other manifestations.

In general, this drug belongs to the means, the use of which is safe for women and fetuses. Careful attention should be paid to the dosage of the agent, since with an excess of the hormone other pathologies are possible that can harm the embryo.

Prevention of infertility and endometrial pathologies

Of great importance for the health of future mothers has an active lifestyle. Refusal of bad habits long before the beginning of conception, proper nutrition, diets will help to preserve women's health.

During pregnancy, to avoid hormonal disruptions, it is also necessary to keep the body in good shape. For example, sign up for fitness for expectant mothers, where instructors will properly distribute the load.

Does Duphaston help with endometriosis

Duphaston with endometriosis is effective in the timely diagnosis of the disease, while the spread of the endometrium has not reached a large scale.

About how to drink Duphaston women, is written in the instructions to the drug solely for general information. But for the treatment of endometriosis, only a gynecologist can prescribe the dosage, based on the phase and severity of the disease.

Given that the drug can work in different ways (as a means for contraception or, conversely, to accelerate the onset of pregnancy), you should not use the pills uncontrollably. Make an appointment and determine whether the drug treats female disease, can only a doctor after receiving the necessary tests.

In addition to having endometriosis, Duphaston helps, he also:

  • reduces the frequency of uterine contractions,
  • minimizes soreness
  • prevents the development of inflammatory processes,
  • improves blood flow in the uterus,
  • leads to normal menstruation (for which purpose such therapy is prescribed even for young girls whose menstrual cycle is irregular).

Drug use and pregnancy

Unfortunately, today not all women take seriously enough to their health, very often postponing visits to the gynecologist until the moment “it doesn’t happen”.

But at the planning stage of pregnancy, the girls still understand how important it is to undergo a comprehensive examination in order to be confident in the ability to bear and give birth to a healthy baby.

It is sad, but it is during such examinations that the treating gynecologist manages to diagnose endometriosis, especially often in the early stages, when symptoms are not observed and the girl does not even know about the progression of the disease.

According to statistics, endometriosis can prevent a girl from getting pregnant, sometimes even leads to infertility. That is why it is very important to get rid of it as quickly as possible at the planning stage of pregnancy.

Before using Duphaston, a girl who wants to become a mother soon, you need to discuss the method of application and dosage with the gynecologist. Duphaston when planning a pregnancy, which a girl receives according to a properly developed scheme, helps to restore the balance of hormones as soon as possible.

If pregnancy does not occur due to insufficient progesterone levels, Duphaston intake is ineffective.

As stated in the instructions, girls planning to get pregnant, the first time you need to take pills on the day of ovulation. Given that the cycle is different for everyone and can sometimes be irregular, it is not worth relying on your own instincts and calculations.

Today, for the most accurate definition of this day, there are various tests that can be purchased at pharmacies.

If the regularity of menstruation is normal, and the standard interval between the menstrual cycle is 28 days, ovulation approximately comes on the 15th day after 1 day of the last menstruation. Thus, you need to take pills at 3 weeks of menstruation.

The standard dosage of the drug is 2 tablets, they need to be taken twice a day. Please note that the drug should be taken every 12 hours.

During pregnancy planning, the drug should be consumed until the moment of conception, and better after it. Often, reception is continued until the twentieth week of gestation.

Many gynecologists are of the opinion that it is better not to stop using tablets even after conception. In their opinion, progesterone is also responsible for fertilizing the egg, and for attaching it to the inner uterine layer, and for preserving the egg in the organ.

Indeed, in case of insufficient production of the hormone, the probability of miscarriage is high. Taking pills to pregnant women is absolutely not dangerous.

If, after the onset of pregnancy, the probability of miscarriage is high, Duphaston should be taken immediately in a dosage of 40 mg. Then continue to receive 10 mg every 8 hours.

Continue therapy until the symptoms of termination of pregnancy and the risks to the safety of the child disappear completely. Only then can you take the drug according to the standard scheme.

What is endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a gynecological disease, it affects the endometrium, causing pathological spread to other tissues and organs.

The peculiarity of the pathology lies in the fact that the structure of the endometrium consists of cells that are very sensitive to hormones. Penetrating to other organs, these cells retain their features, causing minor bleeding every month.

Given that such bleeding can occur both in the uterus and beyond, inflammation, anemia, and adhesions can develop against this background. All these negative consequences can lead to the most terrible - infertility.

According to medical statistics, endometriosis is diagnosed in 30–50% of women under 40 years of age. In addition, more than 15% of women suffer from this disease in severe form, which is accompanied by various complications.

According to the data, the cause of infertility in 80% of women aged 30–40 years is endometriosis.