Throws into heat during menstruation


Psychologist. Specialist from the website

Vegetative reactions of the nervous system to sharp hormonal fluctuations on the eve of menstruation. You can contact a gynecologist-endocrinologist.

I understand - the reaction to a sharp drop in estrogen, as well as hot flashes during menopause in women of appropriate age. Only you have it briefly with PMS and during menstruation (then estrogen rises again), and they have much longer and regularly.

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What hurts you during your period?

Before pregnancies, the lower abdomen was simply unbearably painful. Saw pills even painkillers. Now it hurts too, but less. But gives in the knees unpleasant. And the brutal pms. Infuriates everyone. I barely restrain myself. At this time, it throws something in the heat in the cold and wild zhor. PMS I have exactly 2 weeks to increase these symptoms. If it suddenly becomes easier, it means that menstruation will begin within 1-2 hours.

I, too, can twist my legs straight, the lower abdomen and perineum hurt a lot, often throws it into heat / cold, plus diarrhea every time, and this is just a drop. The first day is usually a corpse, barely go ... salpadein saves from pain only.

What are the sensations during labor?

Oh ... my water flowed at 01.15 and the contractions started at 3:00, not very strong, as if months had such a pulling feeling, but this happiness was not long. At 05.30-.6.00 hell started ... pipets just ... I didn’t scream in my life because of pain ... it seemed to me that I was broken into small parts alive, this pain I will never forget. (it’s like pain during menstruation only 100000000000 times more painful. It seemed to me so then. And on those around *** ... it was. I begged the doctors for help (I also had an epidural) and as a result my baby was stuck and I was treated. I tolerated this extra 5 hours.

Yes) nausea and something else will have nothing to do after an enema))) I have a very low pain threshold, but I went to give birth in a positive mood and this pain turned out to be tolerable!) I quickly gave birth, after 5 hours, but labor survived everything without an epidural even) so, the main thing is not to cheat yourself!) and still everything is individual, no matter how much you read, do not ask, everything will be different for you!))

Helr. Pain during cd.

If it strengthens, the ambulance is better. There are hemostatic pills, but I do not remember the name, unfortunately .. (

Call soon. So after all horses can move. Anything can happen, you do not know what exactly you have there ...

Better to the hospital for an ultrasound. And from anesthetic spasmalgon, tempalgin, nurofen

miscarriage or menstruation

I am almost in the same situation. I do not know what to do.
In general, I kind of had an anovulatory cycle. Uzistka said that ovulation should not be this month. But it is not exactly. In the end, it takes 3-4 weeks and with a delay of 10 days begin monthly. But they are much smaller and the color is purple. I was surprised, but did not attach much importance. The stomach was not particularly sick. And on the second day in the evening, for no reason at all, the stomach was grabbed very tightly and the pain lasted for 20-30 minutes. I could not even reach the pills. In the end, from severe pain fainted. An ambulance arrived, they took me to the hospital to make an ultrasound and prevent miscarriage. Upon arrival at the hospital, I was examined only on the chair and pulled out a huge clot of me. She asked me 3 times with surprise, "are you sure that there was no ovulation ??" And I say to her, “Well, it seems there wasn’t,” and the doctor who sat next to her and wrote down to her, says, “Well, the girl probably has hormonal dysfunction. We won’t do an ultrasound scan for her,” in short, I went home. As a result, the blood was still three days, but also moderately and purple. I do not know what to think((

But acute piloinuphritis and cystitis are not considered at all by doctors.

Maybe just inflammation.

I don’t say about the fever, I didn’t say or didn’t notice, but the whole day I’m pulling the first day, sometimes a few days before, there are no problems now either before or during pregnancy, or with conception

Oh, that just doesn’t happen to me))) I woke up tonight and as you write, I threw it into a fever)) Conder chopped to the fullest)) so anything can happen: fever and belly pull

Even before the menstruations, I was thrown into a fever and into a pregnant cycle, but at B it is generally something, I have some kind of climate zone right))

Rules of conduct in the cemetery (article from the Internet)

I went to the cemetery being pregnant ... I went this year for a memorial day ... my sister went last year and nothing ... and I ... I was drawn to go to the aunt at the grave, to shake her ... and in speed. May 10, my girl died ... I don’t know if it’s connected or not, but the girl was buried there ... near the aunt she was drawn to

But I have read a lot of useful things in this article: It says that you can not do in the cemetery. I learned about many things from the article for the first time.

My birth. The birth of my beautiful baby.

Well done, I congratulate you on the birth of the princess, health to you.

I have now the way the same belly as you, I think so. Maybe all the same girl)))))

looked at the photo of the prenatal immediately remembered how she gave birth herself as she was tormented all night with contractions but in the end it was Caesorevo

Complete doubling of the sexual apparatus, 2 cervix, 2 uterus, 2 vagina. Vaginal septum. Complete doubling of the uterus.

My name is Ksenia, I am 35 years old.

Brief prehistory: I have never been pregnant. I have sex with 16 years. Naturally not always protected. I deliberately began to try to get pregnant as I was married at 27 years old. Hormonal imbalance (with a preponderance of male hormones) was known to me. Therefore, after checking my health and my husband, we went for artificial insemination. In 2016 was the first (and so far the last) attempt. Unfortunately everything went to no avail. Sadly there was nothing to sit down. Only 1 cell was formed, which was withdrawn. Unfortunately, it was not possible to fertilize her, as she was not fully mature and the division did not occur.

Here! And now the fun part.

2.5 months ago I changed the gynecologist, as the previous one was completely unhappy (for a number of reasons).

Recorded at the reception, due to the regular intermenstrual ointments. It was like this before, but during a visit to the doctor I was dismissed from me, saying that these are your hormones, or stress, or it’s still unknown that ... I decided to insist on a definite answer with a new doctor. Especially since I was advised as a very good specialist.

In a conversation with a doctor, I decided to tell EVERYTHING! And about regular abdominal pains and about too much discharge and the fact that sexual intercourse for me is not a very pleasant process, rather even painful. And sometimes right up to tears and with blood on the sheet. I always thought that these pains are connected with the moral aspect ... psychologically ... so to speak.

She has me on the chair, and inspect the ultrasound.

He looks at the monitor, at me ... and asks, do you know that you have 2 wives? 😨 I answer in shock, no. She showed them to me on the printout ... said that this anomaly is rare and there are many variations of them. I was very surprised that this was not found earlier, and even more so with artificial fertilization. I was naturally shocked myself. She advised me to do laparoscopy in order to determine exactly what shape the anomaly is.

I signed up for the operation. At a preliminary examination, a cyst of 5.5 cm was formed on the left ovary. 😕

5 days ago, the operation was done. The operation lasted 2 times longer than planned. The cyst managed to burst and on the right ovary the adhesions from the old bursting cyst were removed, and the patency of the tubes was checked. Passability was zero. Ie spontaneous pregnancy is absolutely excluded, or even if a miracle happened, it would be ectopic. But the most stunning information for me was that I didn’t just have a forked uterus (two-horned, as my gynecologist suggested), but absolutely 2 genital organs independent of each other. Ie: 2 womb, 2 cervix, 2 mouth, 2 vagina. 😰 The right side is slightly less developed than the left. I then on inspection even in the mirror showed these 2 holes (inputs to the vagina). And I was also surprised how it never worked out with a tampon.

Took (scraping) samples from both queens, send for diagnosis, how developed are the walls of queens. Will they ever be able to keep the embryo, and whether it will be fully equipped with all that is required for development.

My new gynecologist is now trying to "correct" my vision of myself. And he says that, even with my hormones, everything is not so terrible, as I have always been inspired ... I have a regular cycle ... just ovulation occurs much less frequently than a normal woman. Suppose not every month, but maybe 1 time in 3-4 months. So artificial insemination is absolutely possible. Just need to increase the dose of hormones in the next attempt. And be sure to sit down in the left uterus (which is more developed).

So I was angry at the “specialist” from the IVF clinic ... how was it possible not to see this? They must examine the patient before the test ... and if that cell were fertilized. and it would be planted in the wrong womb. 😠

My gynecologist advised me of a good psychologist, because during my entire sex life, apparently amidst pains and constant discomfort and stress, I developed an almost aversion to sex. It was for me as a duty or a means of getting pregnant with such a desirable baby. ... I stopped letting my husband down with time (only if he really had to). And he eventually lost his interest almost. Ie a woman I have not felt for a long time. .

She also advises me to think about the plastic of the vagina. Let's say this from 2 to make one. But she immediately warned that the operation was very complicated, with a very long and painful recovery.

To be honest, I'm afraid. ... yet these are 2 separate organs (muscles), with all the nerve endings, etc. ... they say that often after this operation is even worse. Regarding sex life ... you can stop feeling altogether😒. And that the risk of miscarriage also increases, if you still get pregnant.

Something tells me that you should not go there 😐

Here is a story.

Thanks for attention. I would be glad to comments and thoughts about the above.

And I will naturally keep up to date. For the time being, I am only recovering from the operation and perivarising the information. Here I always felt that something was wrong with me. I did not feel like a full-fledged woman. But it turned out that I was a double woman!

Then I met my future husband. Everything spun, spun and we stopped protecting ourselves. He did not know about my "diagnoses". It took about six months and I find out that I am pregnant! Doctors called it a miracle! The pregnancy was severe, the blood was several times lying on the wall, there was hypertonus. Saw strong pills and periodically lazy in the hospital for droppers. Reported to the deadline. Give birth sent to MONIIAG. There I am safely, SAMA! Bore a daughter. Births were within the normal range of approx. 12 hours. Disclosure really went slowly, but went! Doctors said that the pregnancy in the left horn. OK. It takes 4.5 years and is again ready for the birth of a child. We cease to be protected and after 3 cycles the pregnancy begins. The doctor looked, said that pregnancy in the right horn. OK. I think that here is a little pig, which again did not climb into the left horn, as they say, along the beaten track. Well, that's not the point. Furious, that everything turned out. The second pregnancy was completely different from the first, never had neither tone, nor blood, nor threats. The only thing was tox until 20 weeks, but it is even good, because I have not lost weight)))

The time of birth is near. And since we live 70 km from MONIIAG, then starting from 1.5 months, we had to go there for scheduled inspections almost every week. The doctor examined me, saw that everything was closed, said that for two weeks I didn’t give birth exactly and let me go home. But in your pdr, i.e. at exactly 40 weeks I still begged me to put it in order not to dangle but to wait for the delivery quietly. And since I gave birth to the eldest daughter exactly at 40 weeks in the village, then I was sure that this time it would be the same. How wrong I was.

I will not paint much, but I lay there for 2 weeks. At first they waited for everything to start on its own, without stimulation. A week later, the pill-0 reaction was launched. Doctors were still wondering why there are no signs of approaching the rod-head high, the neck is long and not smooth. After 1.5 weeks they decided to pierce the bubble, because It was already 42 weeks. Pierced bubbles and nothing! Put oxytocin-worse poorly begin to fight. Clean-it stops. For 9 hours of stimulation, the neck did not open up. We decided to do an emergency cesarean. They say that it is possible to give birth to a disabled person for three days. Well done spinalku and drove. We got a son, all is well. I was cut off. Then I already learned that I have a complete doubling of the uterus. And doubling of the neck, only for some reason they were one in another. And this queen is not working! Doctors wondered how you even managed to endure a child! She still turned out to be some kind of twisted. Those. The first pregnancy was in the left uterus and ep, the second was in the right cunt

Thank you for the article!
I am 29 years old.
Monthly I went to 14 years. No pain, but very abundant. Sometimes, after the first lesson in school, she ran home (good, house across the street) to change clothes. At the age of 19, I began to live sexually, there were unpleasant feelings, and sometimes cutting pains with PA. But I went to the gynecologist with another problem: my tampons were leaking. And the tampon itself remained semi-dry. The doctor listened to me, drove me to the chair, and she had enough minutes to see 2 vaginas. It turns out that I inserted the tampon into the deaf vagina, and the open one was calmly bleeding. The doctor put it on a couch, made an ultrasound and issued: 2 womb, 2 cervix. I had a very dense septum in the vagina (mm 2, I could probably feel it very well myself). The doctor set me up for a positive wave, that thousands of cases when women learned about their pathology during childbirth (especially in Soviet times, when there were no good ultrasounds). Less need to bother, I guess. To my question about the EP, I said that the partition can be removed before planning a pregnancy, but still the likelihood of the CS is high.
At 21, I moved from my native city to Novosibirsk, at that time I didn’t have a partner and I decided to take the opportunity: I had to undergo an operation to dissect the septum. Under general anesthesia, an operation was performed. I spent 10 days in the hospital. I was carefully prepared for the operation (although it was not abdominal, but still): tests, enemas, examinations, etc. After surgery, the wound was treated 2 times a day. It was a little painful only when processed. And for the rest - the operation is not terrible and not painful at all. Healing in the mucous occurs very quickly.
And if someone is prevented by a partition now having a full sex life - girls, get rid of her. And the question with the EP will not be so frightening for you.
In my case, there were no lumps after the operation, but now at the receptions at the gynecologist, other doctors tell me that the partition could have been cut deeper, there is a scar. I think my doctor decided not to tempt fate and did not get closer to the uterus, so that "the best is a good doctor."
I have both full uterus and sometimes I dream of simultaneous pregnancies in both uteri. Imagine, this is a completely different kids! Not twins, not twins) I understand the risks of bearing such a pregnancy, but dreaming is not harmful :)
Plan B started 2 months ago. 2 months drink folk and eshku.
I read the comments and I understand that unsuccessful pregnancies with such a pathology - I'm not afraid at all now. No need to think about it. And in the absence of pathologies, every pregnancy can be miscarried. And you can take out a child of 9 months without any abnormalities and give birth to a dead child (as was my friend, an absolutely healthy girl).
I wish you all peace of mind, peace, comfort and boundless love for life and for your partner so that bad thoughts won't creep up on you for a kilometer. everything will be fine!
God forbid, I will soon begin to unsubscribe about my pregnancy)

Why sweating increases during menstruation

Increased sweating during menstruation is one of the manifestations of PMS. There is a lot of talk about him (more often in a derogatory form), but few people know anything concrete about him. Premenstrual syndrome may have more than 150 different symptoms and five pure forms, as well as their combinations. These forms include the following:

  • Edematous. Sweating occurs often with her.
  • Psychovegetative, which is dominated by changes in the psyche, mood swings, anxiety, depression.
  • Cephalgic, with headaches.
  • Crisis, in the form of attacks of all of the above.
  • Atypical form.

Night sweats before menstruation - the result of a violation of water and electrolyte balance. Because of him, you start to sweat night and day. Also, the consequences of its violation include edema, swelling of the mammary glands, the appearance of acne on the skin. The reason for this is a violation of the balance of female hormones, estrogen and progesterone, or the individual characteristics of the body responsible for the change in sensitivity to them.

Before the start of menstruation, progesterone levels fall. A hypothalamus - a part of the brain responsible for thermoregulation - may misinterpret this. He believes that the body is overheated, and sheds excess moisture. If this happens at night, then the woman can even wake up with wet underwear, so much throws into the heat.

Also hormonal jumps are accompanied by an increase in aldosterone levels. It enhances the release of intercellular fluid and the surge in blood pressure. The activity of monoamine oxidase (MAO) also increases, but serotonin, the hormone of happiness, decreases. As a result, depressiveness is added to such a problem as night sweats during menstruation.

Delayed menstruation and sweating

Hormonal disruptions not only cause excessive sweating, but can also cause a cycle delay. In the overwhelming majority of cases, a young physically healthy woman has a cycle delay of more than a week - a sign of pregnancy, but options also occur.

Severe sweating and delayed periods can also develop during pregnancy. Implantation bleeding often develops, which is rather difficult to confuse with menstruation. Normally, menstrual blood does not clot because it is not completely blood, but rather a suspension of blood, particles of the endometrium and mucus. The reasons why there is sweating and delayed menstruation can be very different.

Blood clots that come out during menstruation are bleeding residues from damaged vessels. If they are many, it is better to contact a gynecologist. Perhaps you do not sweating before menstruation, and pregnancy.

Prevention of excessive sweat production

Everything is standard here. To reduce sweat, in the days before menstruation, pay special attention to hygiene and apply cold ice to the liver. Wash yourself with antibacterial soap, more often in the open air. If you are thrown into the pot during a responsible meeting, concentrate on the task, do not catastrophise the physiological reactions.

Do not overheat. Wear clothes made from natural fabrics in which the skin can breathe. Do moderate exercise. Dress so that when sweating appears, you can take off some of your clothes.

What symptoms should cause anxiety and require medical attention?

First of all, if you are concerned not only with night sweats during menstruation. Weight loss, lack of appetite can be signs of such serious problems as hyperthyroidism, AIDS or cancer. With such pathologies, these symptoms occur not only during menstruation, but constantly.

The amount of blood during menstruation is not more than 150 ml. Clots - no more than a few pieces. The appearance of bright red blood or a large number of clots indicates internal bleeding. The reason for guarding is also severe pain, fainting, pallor, dizziness.

A dangerous symptom is a sudden delay, disrupting the regularity of menstruation. This suggests that hormone imbalance has gone too far. Especially if with all of the above you can not get pregnant for a long time.

If you are worried about something, you should not delay with a visit to the gynecologist. Diseases that may be accompanied by these symptoms are easier to treat at an early stage. The gynecologist will need your detailed history, including heredity, bad habits, sexuality, a method of protection and previous diseases that are sexually transmitted. Do not hide the information, it is in your best interest. Believe me, the doctor already in the first year of work sees and hears such that your problems are unlikely to be shocked or embarrassing, and he will help you to cure heavy perspiration.

Preventive measures and drugs

Get rid of bad habits - alcohol and smoking, they increase sweating during menstruation. If you suffer from diabetes or thyroid disease, carefully monitor their compensation. Progesterone activity, the way it binds to cell membranes, depends on the level of glucose in the blood. This does not mean that you need to eat cakes. Better pay attention to the long carbohydrates - cereals, bread, fruit.

Take warm baths, you can with the addition of soothing scents. Practice yoga, meditation, practice conscious breathing and progressive muscle relaxation, which will increase stress resistance. It is extremely important to do these things regularly.

Many drugs can negatively affect hormonal balance. Carefully study the instructions. Do not self-medicate if the doctor prescribes the drug, tell him about your problem and ask if this medicine will aggravate it.

Take mineral and vitamin complexes. They must contain magnesium, calcium, zinc, vitamins D and B6. Iron is also important to compensate for blood loss, but instead of hematogen, it is better to give preference to the plant gland, which legumes are rich in.

Causes of hot flashes

According to statistics, very often this condition is observed in women during menopause. This usually occurs due to a woman’s inadequate production of the hormone estrogen. Hot flashes are usually accompanied by migraines, sleep disorders. Increased irritability, there is increased blood pressure.

Attacks of heat are often observed in women in the second half of pregnancy, as well as during the period of ovulation. They may experience young girls with the onset of puberty. Similar symptoms can be observed in men when their bodies reduce the production of the sex hormone testosterone.

Another common cause is thyroid disease. In particular, in case of hyper- and hypothyroidism, the patient's body feels an overabundance or, on the contrary, a deficiency of hormones produced by the thyroid gland.

Very often, people who suffer from vegetative-vascular dystonia (hypotonic type of pathology) are thrown into heat. In this disease, periodic blood pressure spikes are observed, due to the effects of hormones such as acetylcholine or adrenaline.

Hypertension, stroke. With an increase in blood pressure, it is often felt attacks of heat. If a person has a pre-stroke condition or a stroke, his face becomes purple, and fever is felt.

Often the cause becomes a nervous shock, an experience, a stressful state. Especially if, in addition to this, a person has a strong fear.

Also, this phenomenon occurs from excessive physical exertion or is due to other causes that are associated with impaired functioning of the cardiovascular, endocrine system.

In general, the list of reasons is not limited to this list. There are quite a few of them, therefore, it is unlikely that you will be able to understand them yourself. It will require the help of a doctor.

Throws into heat after sleep

If you are thrown into the heat in the morning, and the day before you have consumed a large amount of alcoholic and fatty foods, you should not be surprised. Intoxication, as a rule, is accompanied by a sensation of fever, nausea, dizziness. Take an aspirin pill or drink one liter of mineral water, cabbage, cucumber pickle, chicken broth. You will feel much better as soon as the decay products of alcohol leave your body.

Feeling unusual heat, which is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, dizziness, general weakness, can be a symptom of a dangerous disease. Call for emergency care to provide emergency patient care.

No less common cause of morning heat is hormonal imbalance or age-related restructuring of the body. See your doctor and test for extradiol, cortisol, progesterone, testosterone, luteinizing hormone, FSH, or follicle-stimulating hormone, prolactin, TSH, T3 and T4.

With diseases of the thyroid gland, you can be thrown into the heat, then into the cold at night, in the morning and in the afternoon. With normal function, all unpleasant symptoms will be a thing of the past.

The most popular reason for which about 40% of the population throws into the heat in the morning is dystonia. The adrenaline leap is accompanied by a sensation of heat, unpleasant sensations in the region of the heart, psychological instability, gloominess and a depressive look at the environment.

Throws into heat during menstruation

In a healthy woman, menstruation should not manifest in any way, except for bleeding. Any additional symptoms, for example, when fevering during menses is a sign of hormonal imbalance.

The same applies to PMS manifestations, when a girl is thrown into a fever before menstruation or soon after ovulation. All this suggests the need to meet with a gynecologist-endocrinologist.

Heat in a patient with VSD

There is another common disease that in most cases accompanies the above condition. It's about vegetative-vascular dystonia, which mostly affects young people. Symptoms of the IRR differ depending on which of the hormones the disease provoked.

A sharp jump in blood pressure, an excited state, aggressiveness, irritability, a sense of excess energy, heat in the chest area occurs due to a strong adrenaline rush. Sometimes a person is thrown into a fever against the background of apathy, a depressed state, a depressive syndrome. In this case, the blame is placed on another hormone - acetylcholine.

Heat Treatment

In the event that the reasons are associated with menopause, the doctor will recommend taking drugs that increase the level of estrogen. This will improve the condition, relieve hot flashes and other unpleasant symptoms.

If this phenomenon is observed during pregnancy, then no treatment is required. After the baby is born, hormonal background stabilizes on its own, tides will stop.

In hypertension, blood pressure should be measured regularly, and when it is raised (lowered), appropriate medications should be taken. This will help avoid unpleasant symptoms in the form of heat.

If the cause is vegetative-vascular dystonia, you need to follow a certain lifestyle that excludes the use of alcohol, and quit smoking. The doctor will recommend to observe a certain diet, excluding a number of foods and beverages.

In addition to the necessary treatment, all patients, without exception, must always be protected from stress, physical and mental overload. As usual, these factors are the sources of many common diseases.

What tests need to pass?

The first step is to pass tests to determine the level of hormones:

  • progesterone,
  • estradiol,
  • testosterone,
  • cortisol
  • prolactin
  • luteinizing hormone
  • follicle-stimulating hormone
  • thyroid hormones (TSH, T3, T4).

Based on the results obtained, doctors may prescribe hormone therapy. For example, during menopause, women need to take hormonal drugs that increase estrogen levels. Against the background of their long-term administration, the condition improves significantly. Pregnant women taking hormonal drugs is prohibited.

People with diabetes in case of vital need to take drugs containing insulin - a hormone produced by the pancreas.

And, of course, all of us, without exception, should think about a healthy lifestyle and proper diet. You must also learn to avoid stressful situations, which, according to doctors, are the main causes of painful conditions. The relaxation methods, walks in the fresh air, breathing exercises and water procedures have a beneficial effect.